Chinchero Ruins Full-Day Tour

Price from: $ 45.00 USD (See: Price List)

Chinchero Ruins Full-Day Tour

Price from: $ 45.00 USD (See: Price List)

Chinchero Ruins Colonial Chapel trips towards the plains of the valley and the Andes of Chinchero. The textiles are a magnificent show. The beauty of the church highlights the colonial architecture near the Inca walls.

Chinchero Ruins Colonial Chapel

Chinchero Inca site was an enclosure and sacred temple. Chinchero has a traditional indigenous fair on the side of Chinchero ruins. The beauty of the church highlights the colonial architecture near the Inca walls. After visiting this magnificent site, we go to the circular ruins of the moray, “the Inca greenhouse,” and the famous salt mines of the village of Maras are the last place to visit. When we return, we will make some stops at different viewpoints to appreciate the beautiful areas of the trip.


Chinchero Ruins Full-Day Tour; Overview

The tour starts at 8:00 am.


  1. Chinchero Peru “The Royal Inca palace of Pachacuteq.”
  2. Raqchi’s viewpoint “Nice viewpoint close to Chinchero town.”
  3. Moray
  4. Salineras viewpoint
  5. Maras Salinas


  • A trip to Peru is never complete without visiting the awe-inspiring ancient ruins.
  • Enjoy exploring the Inca sites of the Chinchero Cusco aboard a van.
  • This itinerary is the best combination of Inca sites to explore in one day.
  • We promote visiting hidden sites of the Incas.


Chinchero Ruins Colonial Chapel Itinerary

At 8:00 am, pick-up at your hotel in Cusco

The Chinchero is a prosperous Inca and Colonial city with beautiful sunrises and fascinating sunsets. The visit explores the area in depth; we start with a visit to the textile center. “Visitors can choose to buy some Inca items to take home.”

The area will have an incredible view of the Andes, the plains, and the Catholic Church of Chinchero. The Church’s construction has vaulted pipes oriented toward the Inca square; the highlight of the Church is the murals.

As the visit continues, we head to the Inca constructions of Chinchero today, known as the Chinchero archaeological group. In Chinchero, we have spring water; the Andean ancestors preferred spring water for its purity; healthy organizes the human body.

Explore the temples that make up the Chinchero area. In Chinchero, we have a platform system; These platforms adapt edible plants from different microclimates. It is vital to control the land for it to grow.

The final sites to visit are the moray and salt mines. Moray was the genetic laboratory of plants.



  • Active itinerary with unique cultural features.
  • Excellent English-speaking tour guide.
  • Private tourist transport.
  • A Professional Driver
  • Local taxes.

Note: The vehicles to use “see the photo in prices.”

Not include

  • CUSCO TOURIST TICKET BTG. This ticket allows entrance to many sites in and around Cusco and costs 130 Peruvian Soles (approx US$45). The entrance ticket is valid for ten days to carry out the tourist circuit of Cusco, Sacred Valley, South Valley, and Moray.
    • PARTIAL TICKETS. Cost S/ 70 Peruvian Soles (approx US$25). You can buy separate tickets if you don’t have the time or inclination to visit all of the attractions on the “General Ticket” listed above.
  • Salinas S/. 10. ($4).
  • Lunch (box lunch).
  • Snack.
  • Tips.


  • Tennis Shoes or hiking boots.
  • Rain poncho (Rainy Season, December to March – even in the dry season).
  • Windbreaker – T-shirts / Sunhat.
  • Sun protection cream (SPF 45 or higher recommended).
  • Water.
  • Camera/film.
  • Cash in local currency to purchase items in the Chinchero textile center.

Travel Facts

There is a calm air that surrounds Chinchero. The small market area, Church, and grassy plain that makes up much of the town lie amidst a circle of tall mountains, including the snowy peak of Salkantay. It feels secure and a bit mystical. There are no large hotels or fancy restaurants. It has retained its simple Andean character better than other towns on the tourist circuit and is my favorite of the tiny valley ruins. At 3,762/12,500 feet, it sits a bit higher than the rest of the valley, so it would be a good idea to acclimate yourself before coming here.

Sightseeing Chinchero

You walk up the hundreds of stone steps from the parking lot until they become too chaotic to climb. Turn left onto another stone path, past some shops and houses, and walk through the stone archway. There you will find the main square. The plaza has several terraces, most of which display Inca masonry skills. One wall, in particular, has ten trapezoidal niches; if you continue walking to the edge of the plain, several hiking trails branch off in different directions.

To the right is the small but attractive 17th-century colonial adobe church constructed on top of an Incan

palace of Tupac Yupanqui. What recently restored it, and you can walk inside if you are quiet. There are a few frescoes worth checking out that adorn the walls and ceiling. The Church is open during the same hours as the site. A small archeology museum opposite the Church holds some elemental Inca relics. The view here is breathtaking. The Incas considered Chinchero the birthplace of the rainbow.

Chinchero Sunday Market

The Sunday Market begins at around 8 am on the main square. It is much less flashy and more traditional than the Pisac market. The selection is much smaller, but the prices are better. Here, the villagers and vendors seem to dress in traditional clothes because that is what they wear. It doesn’t feel like they are doing so to sell you something or get their picture taken. On any day of the week, a handful of locals lay out a blanket full of woven items such as hats, gloves, scarves, and shawls.


Price, Chinchero Ruins Full-Day Tour

Private Tour.

PRICES PER PERSON [USD] 2023 | We run this tour only as a PRIVATE SERVICE / Private Guided Tours 🙂

  • Solo travel is $219. “prices reduce if more people are in your group.”
  • 02 persons $127.
  • 03 persons $93.
  • 04 persons $73.
  • 05 persons $65.
  • 06 persons $56.
  • 07 persons $50.
  • 08 persons + $45.

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