Chucuito Temple of Fertility Tour

Price from: $ 83.00 USD (See: Price List)

Chucuito Temple of Fertility Tour

Price from: $ 83.00 USD (See: Price List)

Tour Temple of Fertility Peru – Journey with KONDOR PATH TOURS to Puno, Southern Peru, the land of ancient ruins and mysterious artifacts. Explore the Temple of Fertility and uncover its many mysteries!

Top secret, Chucuito Temple of Fertility Tour

Head to Puno and visit the historic Chucuito Ruins, where you can learn about sacred rituals and discover the wonders of this ancient structure. Immerse into a journey discovering the early history behind the Temple of Fertility, located in the Puno plains region of Peru! Discover facts and explore the spiritual meaning.

Explore the incredible ruins of Chucuito dedicated to the Inca phallus and complement the guided tour with the Aramu Muro area. Visit of 3 hours and a half; Usually, we organize the excursion in the morning or at any convenient time for your group; write to us.

Live unexpected EXPERIENCES in the Andes that will never be repeated! Explore unique TOURS & HIKES with deep spiritual meaning. Connect with nature and awaken your senses to a new world, "Including meditation and ritual to Mother Nature with Coca leaves."


Chucuito Inca Uyo Tour Overview

Discover one of Peru’s best-kept secrets – the mysterious Temple of Fertility. Uncover its unique features and explore its rich heritage – a must-see for any traveler or history enthusiast!

Tour departure time: 9:00 a.m.


  • Chucuito Temple of Fertility: Observe 86 stone phalluses.
  • Chucuito main square
  • Aramu Muru Area

Travel distance between Puno and Chucuito: 18 km
Travel route: South of Puno and the shores of Titicaca

Ψ NOTE We can combine this tourist circuit of Chucuito with the half-day tour of SILLUSTANI or the excursion of THE FLOATING ISLANDS OF THE UROS! Please write us to send you a new quote.

Tour Temple of Fertility Peru Highlights

Why you will love this experience

  • Explore the ancient engineering marvel of the Temple of Fertility in Peru. Learn about its intricate construction, stunning artwork, and historical significance to the local people. Please take a look at our TripAdvisor link.
  • Step into a world of forgotten cultures by exploring Peru’s Sacred Temple of Fertility. Discover the incredible beliefs and discoveries that lay within its walls!


Chucuito Inca Uyo Tour Itinerary

At 09:00, the tour guide and the vehicle driver go to the hotel where the clients are staying to pick them up and start the trip to the incredible temple of the Inca phallus in Chucuito. We have a short walk through the small main square of Chucuito, the viewpoint of Chucuito towards Lake Titicaca, and the main temple of fertility. Complement the guided visit to Chucuito with the sector of Aramu Muru – The interstellar door of the gods.


Archaeologists and anthropologists have studied the Chucuito Fertility Temple for over 50 years. Therefore, recently, the holy stone has been mined and cut.

In total, there are 86 phallic stones in the fertility temple. According to legend, the tour guides from Puno often mention that women trying to get pregnant climb the mushroom rocks – also being able to get pregnant with triplets.

Chucuito Additional Information

Explore the hidden depths of the mysterious Temple of Fertility in Puno! Know about its strange past and understand how it still thrives today.

  • All our tours are in the English language.
  • The Incas built a temple dedicated to the Andean phallus – Chucuito.
  • Tiahuanaco culture influenced the architecture of the Incas and Collas on this side of the territory.
  • In the Plaza of Chucuito, the Spanish colonial church did build on Inca foundations.
  • Chucuito town, there are no hotel services!


Chucuito Inca Uyo Tour INCLUSION

  • English-speaking tour guide.
  • Roundtrip transportation by coach with air conditioning around the excursions of Puno.
  • Entrance tickets to the Chucuito ruins.
  • First aid kit and portable medicated oxygen bottle
  • All Local Taxes.


  • Hotels in Puno.
  • Meals.
    • Spending money – allow approximately US$ 35-50 per day to cover meals, snacks, drinks, limited souvenirs, laundry, tips, and extras.
  • Taquile and Amantani.
  • Tips: Tour Guide and Driver.

Tour Temple of Fertility Peru Bring

  • A good daypack: Eagle Creek Afar Backpack or an appropriate pack to carry your personal belongings!
  • 01 rain jacket
  • One warm/winter jacket/gloves, scarf – IMPORTANT “Changing weather all the time.”
  • Bring some meds! Iron tablets and pills for altitude sickness.
  • Sun protection cream (SPF 45 or higher recommended).
  • Re-usable container for your water.
  • Extra money.


Chucuito Inca Uyo Tour Half-Day COST

Follow the mysterious path to uncovering the secrets of The Sacred Temple of Fertility near Lake Titicaca—great history, including its influences from the Incas and other civilizations.

PRICES PER PERSON [USD] 2023 | We run this tour only as a Private Service

  • Solo travel is $288. “prices reduce if there are more people in your group.”
  • 02 participants $182.
  • 03 participants $133.
  • 04 participants $116.
  • 05 participants $102.
  • 06 participants $91.
  • 07 participants to + $83.

Additional data

  • The official language of Peru – Puno, is Spanish.
  • Peru – In tourist services, people speak the English language.
  • Tiwanaku is an old metropolis located in Bolivia – La Paz extends towards the Peruvian territory in the plains of Puno.
  • From Puno, travel by car to Copacabana, Chivay, Colca, Uyuni, Cutimbo Chullpas, Lampa, La Paz Bolivia, Cusco, and Arequipa.
  • Kondor Path e-mail: –

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Tour Temple of Fertility Peru – Journey back in time to discover the secrets of the Sacred Temple of Fertility in Puno – Peru. Marvel at this ancient marvel and understand its rich cultural significance.

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    Chucuito Temple of Fertility Tour

    Chucuito Temple of Fertility Tour

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