Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu 5 Days

Price from: $ 413.00 USD (See: Price List)

Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu 5 Days

Price from: $ 413.00 USD (See: Price List)

The interesting Salkantay Trek 05 days 04 nights to reach Machu Picchu Inca citadel. This magnificent hiking route is in Cusco, Peru, within the Andes Mountains of Vilcabamba, Mollepata, Soraypampa, Challhua, and Santa Teresa.

Salkantay Trek 05 days 04 nights with the best operating company.

Alternative hiking Trail to Machu Picchu. Three-hour drive west of Cusco is Mollepata and Soraypampa, the starting point for the Salkantay Trek Peru. The hiking trail leads to the high Andes, jungles of the Santa Teresa Valley. Soraypampa (3,923 meters/12,870 feet) starts this adventure, passing Salkantay Pass, Chaullay of Collpapampa, and the meeting between Totora Chalan rivers, forming the Santa Teresa River.

After arriving in La Playa Sahuayaco, you can choose to go to the hydroelectric power station via the Patallacta ruins or to the village of Santa Teresa. Salkantay’s 05-day hike is an incredible trekking experience through the Andes, jungle, and Machu Picchu. Join us and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime! 🙂


Salkantay Trek 5 days 4 nights to Machu Picchu Overview

Is this Salkantay mountain trip right for me? AT A GLANCE

Day-01: Cusco – Humantay Lagoon – Soray Pampa
Day-02: Soraypampa – Salkantay-Pass – Challhuay
Day-03: Challway – La Playa – Lucmabamba
Day-04: Lucmabamba – Llactapata – Aguas Calientes
Day-05: Machu Picchu Guided Tour – Return to Cusco


  • Enjoy a hike through the Andes and the jungle of Machupicchu with its spectacular views during the walk.
  • Salkantay trail is the best alternative trekking in Peru, selected by several hikers.


Salkantay Hike 5 days & 4 Nights Complete Itinerary


Day 1: Travel from Cusco to Soraypampa – First hike through Lake Humantay and camp in Salkantay Pampa

We start the vehicular trip from the city of Cusco, heading northwest via Izcuchaca, Limatambo, and Mollepata. In Mollepata, there is a 30-minute stop for breakfast at one of the local restaurants, “optional, breakfast not included.” We continue along the dirt road until we reach the Soraypampa area.

In Soraypampa, we meet our muleteers and pack horses. We start the walk in the first section of the mountain until we reach the top of the turquoise lagoon of Humantay “we have incredible views of the Andes mountain range with its snowy peaks and groups of cattle.” We descend the same path until we reach Soraypampa to continue on the second section of the hike on the other side of the mountain until we reach our camp.

At dusk and night, we will see the Salkantay snow-capped mountain with its mountains; If the sky is clear, we can observe the Milky Way and recognize the Andean constellation, but already the starry night is beautiful looking for some shooting stars.

Additional note; It’s pretty cold tonight! It does recommend bundling up with thermal clothing and bringing an excellent sleeping bag.

Salkantay Trek First Day Hike Summary

  • At 05:30 am, pick up from your hotel [CUSCO].
  • Private transfer to the trailhead.
  • Accommodation: Salkantay Pampa
  • Salkantay trek distance: 09 km/5.5 miles
  • Estimated duration: 04 1/2 or 05 hours
  • Salkantay trek elevation: 4,154 meters / 13,625 feet.
  • Salkantay trek difficulty: Moderate to Challenging
  • Meals: Lunch, Dinner.

Day 2: Conquer the Salkantay pass with breathtaking views of the Andes – Camp in the jungle of Challhuay or Collpapampa

Upon waking up, our mountain cook brings us a cup of Coca tea to have the strength and conquer the highest point of the entire trek, the Salkantay pass. Before starting the walk, we have two trails that go to two different walking circuits; On the right, we have the connection route to the classic Inca Trail. The Salkantay way to Machu Picchu via hydroelectric power station is left.

Our team of workers and explorers on foot go the Salkantay route to the left. To get to the pass, we have 03 hours “mountain regulation of the Salkantay path; every hiker has to be next to the mountain when the horses or donkeys approach, both going up and down because it could push us; that is why they are always there next to the peak. ”

Before reaching the Salkantay pass, we already have impressive views of the glacier. In the Salcantay pass, a sign marks the height “classic photo of the whole group.” After resting, we begin the descent of 05 hours until we reach our camp in Collpapampa, “two hours through the Andes and another 03 hours inside the cloud forest”.

It is imperative to fit both walking shoes and poles because, along the hiking trail, we come across an incredible amount of stones of all sizes but with stunning panoramic views every half hour. Outdoor adventure time like hiking is healthy for our body and mind.

Summary of activities

  • Start of hiking: 05:30
  • Salkantay trek distance: 22km /13.67 miles.
  • Estimated duration: 07-08 hours hike
  • Salkantay pass elevation: 4,638 m / 15,213 feet
  • Difficulty: Moderate/Challenging.
  • Accommodation: Challhuay – Collpapampa  2,870m/ 9,414 ft.
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

Day 3: Hike through the cloud forest of La Playa Sawayaco and Camp Lucmabamba

Entering through the primary forest or jungle eyebrow, we observe tropical fruit plantations such as the passion fruit “granadilla,” organic red coffee, banana trees, and wild berries such as the strawberry of the Andes, etc.

In the course of the walk, we will have the presence of the Aobamba river all the time, which is the union of the Salkantay, Challhuay, and Totora snow-capped mountains; the color mix of the white river with the lush green vegetation makes the walk pleasant. Before arriving at the community of Wiñaypoco, we have a beautiful waterfall with its rustic bridge built of wood. There are several streams during the walk until we reach the tip of the Loreta highway – La Playa Sahuayaco. The last stretch of the walk is following the dirt track until we reach our Lucmabamba camp located on the Llactapata Inca Trail.

A summary of Chapter Three

  1. Hiking Distance: 16km /09.9 miles.
  2. Duration: 05 hrs.
  3. Difficulty: Moderate.
  4. Accommodation: Lucmabamba  2,870m/ 9,414 ft.
  5. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

Optional: Travel to Santa Teresa.

  • At 4:00 pm, we head to the thermal baths to enjoy 03 hours of relaxation, “additional cost.”

Day 4: Explore the Inca Trail of Lucmabamba with a glimpse of Machu Picchu – Overnight in Aguas Calientes

We start our hiking activity early to avoid the sun, which is vital because it does locate in the jungle. Humidity in a large percentage makes us sweat a lot; that’s why we walk outdoors as much as possible. Two hours are hiking to get to the Llactapata pass. The Lucmabamba Inca trail does very well preserved; in the distance, you can see the valley and the town of Santa Teresa. Once at the top, we rest in the natural shade of the jungle “the area has several trees with dense vegetation.”

We descend for about twenty minutes to find the first views of Machu Picchu from a distance; When we arrive at the Llactapata ruins, you will see the mountains of Machu Picchu, Huayna Picchu, and part of the classic Inca trail on the peaks of the Aobamba valley. We continue our walk descending until we reach the suspension bridge of the Aobamba valley “the descent is quite steep; bring your poles.”

In the afternoon, we walk from the Inti Watana hydroelectric train station, located on the railway at kilometer 119, to Aguas Calientes, following the train tracks “02 and a half hours.” We spend the night in a two-star hotel in Machupicchu Pueblo.

A summary of Chapter Four

  • Trekking around the sub-tropical and rainforest
  • Trekking Distance: 16 km/9.92 miles
  • Estimated duration: seven-hour hike
  • Hiking from Lucmabamba to Llactapata – Hidroeléctrica – Aguas Calientes
  • Salkantay adventure difficulty: Challenging –  Moderate – Easy
  • Aguas-Calientes overnight: Hotel**
  • Meals: Breakfast and Lunch “Hidroelectrica”

Day 5: During the morning, guided visit to Machu Picchu for 02 hours – In the afternoon, return to Cusco by train and car

Adventures through the Andes from Salkantay, containing various microclimates, scenic landscapes, and different hiking terrains, make for a unique vacation to de-stress and get out of the routine. We start the activities with the pick-up service at your hotel and then go to the bus station that will transfer us to the Inca citadel “30 minutes of travel”.

At the Machupicchu control, we present our electronic tickets placed on the cell phones of the walkers; We start the guided tour by going up to the watchman’s house to have fantastic panoramic views of the entire Inca citadel. At the end of visiting and exploring the seventh wonder of the world, we board the shared bus service to Aguas Calientes and then travel by train to the city of Cusco. In the town of Ollantaytambo, the private vehicle awaits us to continue the trip to Cusco; in total, there are 03 hours and 10 minutes of travel.


  • Meals: Breakfast (hotel).
  • 01 bus service from Aguas Caliente to Machu Picchu “only uphill”
  • AM Machu-Picchu: Guided tour through the stone citadel exploring the sacred temples.
    • Two hours guided tour.
  • PM train return to Cusco.
Train service information: [Inbound Journey]
  • Train company: PERU RAIL
  • Service: MAPI – POROY (03 hours and 50 minutes of trains ride).
  • Class: EXPEDITION 34
  • Departure: 15:20
  • At Station: 14:50 – Otherwise, you may not be allowed to board.
  • Poroy arrival: 19:05
  • Cusco arrival by transport: 19:35
When you get to the POROY train station, Be met at the train arrivals area. Just look for a KONDOR PATH TOURS sign with your name on it.” Group name: Arturito and Citripio (C-3PO) 🙂 
CUSCO HOTEL: By customers.


Our Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu 05 days 04 nights includes

  • Salkantay Trek private service
  • Private transport and professional driver (to the starting point of Salkantay Trek Peru)
  • Pre-Departure Briefing at your Cusco hotel 01 or 02 days before your trek
  • English-speaking official tourist guide (local one from Cusco – Peru)
  • Horses or mules and indigenous horse riders to carry camping equipment: client tents, dining and cooking tents, table, stools, cooking gear, stove, gas container, cutlery, plates, food, and fresh vegetable
    • Personal items to carry 07 kg/15.4 lb. “hikers.”
  • 03 nights camping equipment. Spacious tents/Sleeping mat.
  • Four-person tent for every two people
  • Duffle bag for your gear
  • 01 cook from the Sacred Valley or Cusco
    • Excellent meals (04 Breakfasts, 04 Lunches, 03 Dinners)
    • Food includes pancakes, omelets, soups, fresh fruit, avocado, pasta, chicken, fish, meat, and rice, which are rich in carbohydrates and suitable for trekking. (Vegetarian, vegan or special diet meals upon request)
    • Tea time before dinner (tea, coffee, cocoa, biscuits, popcorn)
    • Boiled water provided from 2nd day (for drinking)
    • Wake up to coca tea in your tent on day 02-03-04
    • Buckets of hot water for washing in your tent every day
  • Oxygen Tank & First aid kit
  • Train service by PERURAIL
    • Inbound JourneyMAPI to POROYClass: EXPEDITION 34 at 15:20 
  • 01 night in a Hotel 02 star in Aguas Calientes. Sierra Andina Group (El Presidente) does base on sharing a room, either double or matrimonial. Brand rooms all include private bathrooms with hot showers and Wi-Fi.
  • Machu Picchu entrance fee [At 08:00].
  • 01 bus transfer to Machu Picchu (uphill)
  • 02 hours guided tour for exploring Machu Picchu with your guide “No free time in Machu Picchu after the guided tour – new regulation applied on 2022.”
  • Private transfer “Kondor Path vehicle” from POROY to Cusco [We drop you off at your hotel
  • All local taxes

05 days 04 nights Salkantay Trek Peru Does Not Include

  • Cusco Hotel or Airbnb.
  • Breakfast on day-01, dinner on day-04, Lunch on day-05
  • Water for each day of the walk, minimum 02 liters per day, or depending on the amount of water drunk on long walks, “there are rustic stores in different parts of the walk and several natural streams.”
  • Energy snacks will be handy as chocolate bars dried fruits.
  • Tips.

What to bring for the Salkantay Trek 05 days 04 nights

  • Appropriate day packs (to carry your belongings).
  • Original passport.
  • Lighter trekking shoes (with good ankle support)
  • Sleeping bag! If you did not bring your sleeping bag from your country of origin, you could rent it for 04 days in the center of Cusco by the main square; there are several rental sites. It recommends 01 small, practical sleeping bag that supports -10°C below zero | -5°F. 🙂
  • 02 pairs of trekking pants “not jeans”-
  • 01 warm / winter jacket (Thermals: wool socks/ gloves/scarf and woolen hat for cold nights).
  • Two pairs of underwear, three pairs of socks
  • Two t-shirts, two long sleeve shirts
  • Iron tablets and pills for altitude sickness.
  • Sun protection cream (SPF 45 or higher recommended).
  • A headlamp to navigate camp in the evenings and pre-dawn mornings with spare batteries
  • Bandages or moleskin
  • Flip flops to change into at night – your toes will thank you!
  • Plastic bags for dirty and wet clothes
  • Something to read in the evenings
  • Extra money.

Travel Facts

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Salkantay trek vs. Inca trail: Choose the Salkantay Trail Peru.


Cost, price of Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu 05 days 04 nights

PRICES PER PERSON [USD] 2022. We carry out this trekking circuit along the Salkantay Trek trail only as a private service at affordable prices.

  • 02 participants $722. “prices reduce if there are more people in your group.”
  • 03 participants $591.
  • 04 participants $504.
  • 05 participants $482.
  • 06 participants $453.
  • 07 participants $437.
  • 08 participants + $413

* Price based on 02 people sharing one tent.

Item Upgrade

🙂 There are several optional upgrades to add or improve according to your requirements for your next outdoor hiking vacation in the Andes. Here is an updated price list:

  • Vistadome train (MAPI – POROY) Inbound Journey: $40 per person
  • Hiram Bhimgam train (return train MAPI – POROY) Inbound Journey $482 per person
  • Personal tent +$35 – (for a solo traveler for 03 nights)
  • Huayna Picchu: +$75 per person
  • Montaña: +$75 per person
  • Single Room: +$30 (2-star hotel)
  • Casa Andina Standard Machu Picchu 3-star hotel: +$40 shared PER person (+$110 for a single)
  • El MaPi Hotel byInkaterra 3-star hotel: +$70 shared PER person (+$170 for a single)
  • Book on your own: -$30 pp

Discounts 🙂

Applies for the following services

To Machu Picchu

  • College students pay $20 per person
  • Children from 03 to 17 years old $20 per person

For train service in PERU RAIL

  • Children from 03 to 11 years old $25 per person.


  • Due to the new regulation, the entrance to the citadel of Machu Picchu, keep in mind that from January 01, 2022, the tickets have a specific entry time: From 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, and 14:00.
  • Tickets can only be used once a day from the chosen time.

Regulation of Machupicchu

  • Huayna Picchu, it is necessary to buy a new ticket for Machupicchu plus Huayna Picchu.
    • The 1st. group of explorers enters at 07:00.
    • The 2nd. group of visitors enters at 10:00.
  • Travelers can re-enter Machupicchu for the second time with a new ticket to Machupicchu.
  • The new regulation is; Tour guides can only enter Machupicchu 3 times a day.
  • The archaeological site is open from 06:00 am to 17:20


  • Use hiking poles to help on the route.
  • Do you want the first glimpse of Machu Picchu?
    • The Patallacta viewpoint is the best visual contact
  • There are two itineraries to visit Machupicchu in 2022
    • AM visit between 06:00 a.m. at 12:00 a.m.
    • PM visit between 12:00 noon to 05:20 pm.

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