Pisac Hike Full Day

Price from: $ 75.00 USD (See: Price List)

Pisac Hike Full Day

Price from: $ 75.00 USD (See: Price List)

Pisac Market Hike Pisac Ruins – Ready for a memorable journey? Take the challenging hike to Pisac Ruins, Peru, for an awe-inspiring adventure! Explore the ruins and enjoy breathtaking views along the way.

Pisac Ruins Hike, A day trek in the Sacred Valley

Pisac Hike Full Day –  Explore the Pisac Inca Trail towards the Pisac ruins on a spectacular mountain hike from the ruins to the Colonial city of Pisac. The guided excursion finds incredible panoramic views, such as ancient Inca constructions.

Escape to the beauty of nature and explore Peru’s Pisac Ruins on foot. Get ready for an exclusive hiking adventure that will take you off the beaten track, discovering hidden gems!

Live unexpected EXPERIENCES in the Andes that will never be repeated! Explore unique TOURS & HIKES with deep spiritual meaning. Connect with nature and awaken your senses to a new world, "Including meditation and ritual to Mother Nature with Coca leaves."


Pisac Hike Full-Day Overview

Explore Peru’s ancient Inca ruins while hiking to the stunning Pisac Ruins. Climb your way up and be rewarded with remarkable views of this historical world wonder!

Is the Pisac Tour right for me?

Experience the beauty of nature and ancient ruins. Come together on your next adventure and hike to the Pisac Ruins in Peru. From stunning views to important historical sites, it has everything!


  • Pick-up location: Hotels in Cusco, Cusco airport, etc.; let us know
  • Pick-up time from the hotel and start of the trip to the ruins of Pisac: 9:00 am
  • Travel time from Cusco to Pisac: 50 minutes
  • Distance to walk along the path from the ruins of Pisac to Pisac Colonial: 7 Km/ 4.3 Miles.
  • Approximate walking time: 4.5 hours “between the walk and the guided visit to the different Inca ruins of Pisac”
  • Maximum Altitude: Pisac Ruins Highlands 3400 meters (11,145 feet)
  • Activities: Light hike on the Inca trails of Pisac, archaeological research, and scenic adventures
  • Type of Service: Personalized Private Tours for the best enjoyment of your vacation in Peru
  • Time of return to Cusco: 17:00 Approximately

Note: If travelers require a drop-off anywhere in the Sacred Valley, such as Calca, Yucay, Urubamba, Yanahuara, or Ollantaytambo, we will gladly add the service so you can continue exploring the southern Peruvian Andes.

Pisac Tour Highlights

Why you will love this Pisac Hike Experience

  • Explore an underrated gem of Peru – the Pisac ruins! Uncover an ancient Inca fortress in the Sacred Valley and enjoy a hiking adventure with stunning views.
  • Unlock the secrets of Peru and explore mysterious trails through the Pisac ruins. Discover ancient history while having an unforgettable hiking adventure!


Detailed Itinerary of Pisac Hike Full Day

Take an incredible journey and experience Peru’s lively culture as you hike to the Pisac Ruins! Enjoy the stunning sights at the end of your trail adventure overlooking this spectacular area.


At 9:00 am, we have the pick-up service from clients’ hotels to begin the journey by vehicle to the Sacred Valley via the Corao Valley. We briefly stop at the spectacular viewpoint of Taray to admire a panoramic view of the Sacred Valley, the Urubamba River, the Andes mountain range, and the majestic Sahuasuray and Pitisiray glaciers.

We continue the tour to make two car stops in other parts of Pisac Colonial and Cuyo Chico to have different photographic views of the surroundings of the Pisac ruins. We start hiking from the top of Pisac ruins and slowly descend Mountain Pisac. We follow the Inca paths of Pisac to discover the incredible ancestral Inca constructions.

Incredible panoramic views complete the guided tour through the trails of the Pisac ruins offered by the tourist area. The ruins of Pisac are known as an urban Inca center for displaying many Inca watchtowers on different sides of Pisac Mountain. Arriving in the colonial town of Pisac, we will have plenty of time to walk around the artists’ shops to take home souvenirs or beautiful pictures.

Sites to explore on the Pisac ruins hike

Pisac Tour

  1. The ruins of Pisac – The most attractive tourist attraction of the Pisac Inca. It has Inca archaeological remains as important as Machu Picchu and the Temple of the Sun.
  2. Acchapata group of platforms – It comprises 40 Inca platforms that form an inverted triangle; you will see the smallest Inca platform when you ascend.
  3. Towers or Pucaras – More than 20 towers are in Pisac’s mountains. Some are attached to the Mountain. The others are compact mass lifts.
  4. Intiwatana neighborhood – It is the central neighborhood. It houses finely built temples and palaces. Its precincts are more significant compared to other areas. Here you will see the “Intiwatana or Inca sundial.”
  5. Tianayuc Neighborhood – Tianayuc translates to “That has a seat.” It is a kind of sofa for two people made of stone, with backrest and elbow pads with an impressive view of the valley.
  6. Kalla Q’asa neighborhood – Here, you will see rooms, towers, and a 3-meter-long tunnel that crosses one of the Inca Trails of Pisac. This neighborhood is built next to impressive ravines.
  7. Pisaq’a Neighborhood – This neighborhood has a semicircular shape, in harmony with the Mountain’s circumference; here, you can see more than 20 enclosures built in fantastic symmetrical order.
  8. Qanchis Raqay neighborhood is a kind of checkpoint guarding the northeastern side of Pisac.
  9. The town of Pisac – The town of Pisac is surrounded by beautiful Andes mountains. There you can enjoy nature as well as its square and colonial church.
  10. The Pisac Market – The traditional market of Pisac is a significant commercial place for handicrafts.


Full Day Pisac Hike INCLUSION

  • Guided activities for outdoor walks in Pisac ruins
  • Tour guide service for the guided visit to the Ruins of Pisac
  • Roundtrip private transportation to and from Cusco
  • Chauffeur service for transfer services
  • Entrance tickets to the ruins of Pisac – Partial Ticket of the Sacred Valley
  • First aid kit for any eventuality
  • All local taxes.

Pisac Tour 1 Day NO INCLUSION

  • Box Lunch: Kondor Path Tours organizes Box Lunch for the day trip. Please write us to add this service (USD$ 20. per person)
  • Transfer service to other sites in the Sacred Valley other than Cusco.
  • Tips for the tour guide and driver of the vehicle according to the service and at the discretion of the clients

Bring to the Pisac Ruins Hike

  • A good day pack to carry your personal belongings
  • An excellent light walking shoe with ankle support because we have several steps and uneven trails in the Pisac walking circuit.
  • Trekking pants or any comfortable pants for adventure in the Andes.
  • Hat or cap.
  • Sun protection cream because in the Andes, the solar temperature is high between April and December; the solar radiation is felt a lot.
  • Water: At least 3 liters is excellent to cover the entire walk from Pisac. There are no shops inside the archaeological park of Pisac!
  • Snacks: It is essential to bring some mountain snacks to have more energy and enjoy the adventures of the Andes much more.
  • Extra money in Peruvian currency in American dollars; local stores use dollars and bank cards to buy souvenirs.

Travel Facts

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Don’t miss out on a truly unique, majestic experience with this hiking trip to the incredible Pisac Ruins Hike in Peru. Experience breathtaking beauty, untouched nature, and deep culture!

pisac ruins hike map

Pisac ruins hike map.


Pisac Hike 1 Day COST

Take an incredible journey and experience Peru’s lively culture as you hike to the Pisac Ruins! Enjoy the stunning sights at the end of your trail adventure overlooking this spectacular area.



  • Solo travel is $220.
  • 02 persons $138.
  • 03 persons $120.
  • 04 persons $101.
  • 05 persons $94.
  • 06 persons $87.
  • 07 persons $82.
  • 07 persons + $75.

* Kondor Path Tours operates the Pisac Valley Trail route.

RESPONSIBLE Pisac Market Hike Pisac Ruins OPERATOR, We search and promote the hidden Pisac Inca Trail.

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Pisac Tour – Explore an incredible adventure to explore the magnificent Pisac Ruins! Hike through beautiful landscapes while uncovering an ancient experience that will reveal ancient wonders.

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