Sunrise at tres cruces Paucartambo

Price from: $ 166.00 USD (See: Price List)

Sunrise at tres cruces Paucartambo

Price from: $ 166.00 USD (See: Price List)

The most beautiful sunrise in the world is at Tres Cruces Lookout in Paucartambo, Cusco. June & July, the unique climatic conditions at this spot June & July create a stunning optical illusion. You can see a stable sun in the middle.

Tres Cruces sunrise 2 Days, 01 Night Camping (Cusco Peru)

The most beautiful sunrise in the world is at Tres Cruces Lookout in Paucartambo, Cusco. Each June and July, the unique climatic conditions at this spot create a stunning optical illusion. You can see a stable sun in the middle and move from one side to the other. If you squint, the suns look like three crosses. A few hours before dawn, the starry sky of Paucartambo lights up Tres Cruces Lookout. This mystical show takes place at the start around 4:30 a.m. during winter, particularly in June and July. Recommended date to visit DAWN AT THE PAUCARTAMBO VIEWPOINT is between June 20 and July 20, 2022


Sunrise at tres cruces Paucartambo Overview

At the top of Paucartambo, you have the three most impressive sunrises from the Mirador de Tres Cruces, Cusco, Peru.

A few hours before sunrise, the starry sky of Paucartambo illuminates the Mirador Tres Cruces. Before the Start of this stunning performance, following the tradition since the pre-Spanish era, the payment of the land ceremony was to pay tribute to nature and the close connection with people. The Andean priests praised the most crucial god Sun and Mother Earth, the god of fertility. This ritual is considered reciprocal in the Andean world, and people thank the gods for their gifts and good luck. In ancient traditions, the offerings include coca leaves, corn, wheat, quinoa, kiwi, candies, fruits, precious metals, and various natural elements. When the Andean priest held a ceremony at dawn, musicians played a local melody during the ceremony.

When the sun rises from the Tres Cruces Observation Deck in Paucartambo, “white light” occurs, caused by the sunrise on the horizon. The light traverses the humid sky, distorting the image and presenting the effect of three suns as if each sun jumped from side to side. This mysterious spectacle occurs at sunrise, around 4:30 in winter, especially in June and July.

Tres Cruces view

It is one of the three places in the world where you can see the winter solstice in Paucartambo Province, Manu National Park. Here, your eyes will witness an incredible sunrise with various colors, shapes, and lights.

In Paucartambo Province (Manu National Park Gate). Here, your eyes will witness an incredible sunrise which we can observe from above. Also, we can see the dawn and the vast jungle of Manu National Park from the natural balcony of Akhanacu. Local and foreign visitors visit this place to admire the highest mountain range between Nevada (Ausangate), the Andean valley, and the Paucartambo River. On the left, we can see a vast mountain called Antisuyo Mountain.

Location of Mirador Tres Cruces

The Mirador Tres Cruces or Acjanaco does establish within the Manu National Park, approximately an hour and a half from the town of Paucartambo. Tres Cruces does find more than 100 Kilometers southeast of the city of Cusco, about 5 hours from the city. However, the trip from Cusco to Paucartambo takes approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes to 03 hours.


Detailed Sunrise Itinerary at Three Crosses Paucartambo from Cusco

The meeting point is at your hotel (CUSCO) at 08:30 to start the trip from Cusco to the Mirador de Tres Cruces Acjanaco.

DAY 1: Explore your trip and activities:

  • 10:30 Hike through the spectacular Chullpas of Ninamarca “Pre-Inca and Inca funerary tombs built in the Andes of Paucartambo, arid and icy zone.”
  • 11:30 a 12:30 Visit to the colonial town of Paucartambo, a “Traditional town known as the folkloric town of the Cusco Region dedicated to the Virgen del Carmen.”
  • 14:00 Brief stop to take photos at the Adjanaco Pass and take another secondary dirt road to reach the TRES CRUCES viewpoint.
  • 15:00 Arrival at the Mirador de Tres Cruces de Adjanaco
  • 15:00 – 15: 40 Set up tents for each explorer and the kitchen-dining tent “group work”
  • 16:30 Afternoon tea time “popcorn, cookies, coffee, chocolate, coca leaf mate, etc.”
  • 17:50 Appreciate the sunset between the Andes of Cusco and the Adjanacu Jungle “spectacular nature worthy of being observed and an excellent time to take pictures.” EVERY VISITOR MUST BRING A FLASHLIGHT.
  • 18:30 Dinner time.
  • 19:30 Time to go to sleep to get up early the next day. EACH VISITOR MUST BRING THEIR SLEEPING BAG “if you don’t have a sleeping bag, rent it in the main square of Cusco.”

DAY 2: AM Experience observing the three suns in Adjanaco AND Return to Cusco

  • 04:10 Time to wake up with a natural Coca tea “the cook will touch your tent to deliver your hot tea.”
  • 04:25 The whole group waits for the first ray of the sun to appear on the horizon
  • 04:30 – 05:30 Enjoy the magic of nature with the spectacular sunrises of the Amazon Peru that advances towards the Andes
  • 05:30 to 06:00 Time to pack all personal things from the camping area
  • 06:30 Time for a great breakfast
  • 08:00 Start of the return trip to the city of Cusco, “the travel time is approximately 04 hours and a half” We provide 01 box lunch prepared by our cook.
  • 13:00 Approximate arrival time in the city of Cusco

After all the activities, we will drop you off at your hotel.

Helpful information within Manu National Park

  1. Respect the park warden’s instructions.
  2. Do not pull out flowers or catch any animal.
  3. Walk on the established routes.
  4. Do not litter, and keep the park clean.
  5. Do not start a campfire to avoid potential wildfire.
  6. Manu National Park Entry fees.

Acjanaco Sector – Tres Cruces

Tres Cruces Lookout: We can see the rising of the Sun and Manu National Park’s vast jungle from Akhanacu’s natural balcony.


Includes the best Sunrise in Tres Cruces Paucartambo Cusco Peru 02 days / 01 night

  • Active itinerary with unique cultural features
  • Private & personalized tours
  • Excellent English-speaking tour guide.
  • Private tourist transport with fuel + professional driver (H-1) + professional chauffeur for transfers.
  • Ninamarca and Adjanaco Mirador Tres Cruces entrance fee
  • Camping equipment.
    • Tent: 02 people in each.
    • One inflatable sleeping pad.
    • One Kitchen tent.
    • One cook.
    • Meals: 01 breakfast, 01 afternoon tea, 02 lunches (box lunch), 01 dinner
  • Oxygen tank & First aid kit
  • Local taxes.

Is it not included?

  • All accommodation HOTELS in and around CUSCO for the excursions
  • Spending money – allow approximately US$ 35-50 per day to cover meals, snacks, drinks, limited souvenirs, laundry, tips, and extras.
  • Meals that do No describe in the service.
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages or Snacks
  • Phone calls / Radio calls or messages
  • Tipping – an entirely personal gesture (guide & driver)


  • Wear warm clothes for low temperatures “Complete thermal clothing.”
  • Headlamp to light up at night and early morning
  • 01 sleeping bag up to 15 degrees below zero is “the best because it’s cold.” Suppose you don’t bring a sleeping bag with you! You can rent it in the center of Cusco or around the main square.
  • Rain gear
  • Special shoes for trekking.
  • Sunblock and caps to protect from ultraviolet rays
  • Bottle of water to avoid dehydration and snacks like fruit o cookies.

Travel Facts

Read all frequently asked questions about the Tres Cruces Paucartambo sunrise tour.

The viewpoint of 03 Golden Crosses – Sunrise

Located in Paucartambo, Province of Cusco in Peru, the history, and location of Paucartambo, tourist attractions, Folklore, and dances of Paucartambo in the festivity of the Virgen del Carmen along with its customs and traditions. The route to Mirador de Tres Cruces starts from Paucartambo and continues to the Manu National Park. In the highest part of this road, at more than 4,000 meters of altitude, you can access the Tres Cruces viewpoint from the Acjanaco pass through a detour, from where you can appreciate the incredible sunrise with a clear view of the low jungle.

What is the other name of the sunrise in Tres Cruces Paucartambo?

Tres Cruces is called the “Balcony of the East” and is one of the only two places where you can see this spectacle of lights and colors of all ranges. The use of warm clothing does recommend due to the low temperatures. Additionally, in the Amazon of southern Peru, we observe green beauty in all its immensity during the day. It is possible to see places like Patria and areas near Pilcopata and Pantiacolla.

When is the best season to visit Tres Cruces Paucartambo sunrise?

The most recommended season to visit this place is between May, June, and July, especially suggesting full moon nights and dates close to the Virgen del Carmen festivities celebrated from July 15 to 18.

How is the trip to the sunrise in Tres Cruces Paucartambo from Cusco?

The trip to Paucartambo from Cusco lasts approximately 03 hours.

Travel from Paucartambo to Mirador de Acjanaco. There is no regular transport to go to the Mirador 03 Cruces. You have to rent a car or van depending on the number of people in the group (ask for the bus terminal). The trip lasts approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes. The journey from Paucartambo has to start at 1:30 am to avoid setbacks because the solar show begins at 04 in the morning; It is the most beautiful sight seen in the history of every human being in every generation!


Explorers wake up in Tres Cruces Paucartambo 02 days / 1 Night

PRICES PER PERSON [USD] 2023 | We run this trip only as a PRIVATE SERVICE / Private Guided Tours 🙂

  • Solo travel is $574. “prices reduce if more people are in your group.”
  • 02 participants $399.
  • 03 participants $284.
  • 04 participants $230
  • 05 participants $215.
  • 06 participants $192.
  • 07 participants $177.
  • 08 participants + $166.

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