EXCLUSIVE Sacred Valley ATV Tour

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EXCLUSIVE Sacred Valley ATV Tour

OVERVIEW Astonishing Maras Salt Mines ATV tour Short itinerary of the Sacred Valley ATV Tour of Maras Moray tourist circuit The meeting point at your hotel is at 07:40; CUSCO, we come to pick you up at your hotel “we can also start the tour from other places.” In the morning, 100% Outdoor Activity 08:20 […]

Maras ATV and Moray tour, including all tickets

The Sacred Valley ATV tour is one of the best experiences in the Andes of Peru through the plains and slopes of Maras Moray. There are several tourist circuits offered by the Cusco region, in which we begin the experience from CRUZPATA, heading towards Moray along trails and dirt roads. The Salineras de Maras ATV tour takes 01 hour to go and another hour to return to the base of the Maras ATVs.

How is the Maras Moray ATV tourist circuit? We start with a visit to the ruins of Chinchero WALKING and then head towards the RAQCHI VIEWPOINT, continuing the trip to the CRUZ PATA ATV base to create the Sacred Valley ATV circuit on the Maras Moray route. At the end of the experience, WE VISIT THE SALINAS VIEWPOINT and THE WALK OF THE SAME Salt Mines of Maras without the ATVs for safety.


OVERVIEW Astonishing Maras Salt Mines ATV tour

Short itinerary of the Sacred Valley ATV Tour of Maras Moray tourist circuit

The meeting point at your hotel is at 07:40; CUSCO, we come to pick you up at your hotel “we can also start the tour from other places.”

In the morning, 100% Outdoor Activity

  • 08:20 Learn about the unveiling of the artisanal textiles of Chinchero. Local culture shows the Inca ancestral knowledge.
  • 09:20 Visit walking to the Inca site of the ruins of Chinchero
  • 10:15 Stop at the natural viewpoint of RAQCHI “beautiful panoramic views of the valley and the Andes of Wayllabamba.”
  • Between 10:30 a.m. to 10:40 a.m. is a practical time to drive and maneuver the ATVs before leaving for the Andes ATVs
  • 11:00 Start of the ATV tour to MORAY
  • 11:45 Arrival to Moray “EXPLORE Inca Site of Moray” 25 MINUTES OF VISIT
  • Noon starts the return to the ATV base
  • At 12:40, arrival time at the Cruzpata ATV base

In the afternoon

13:00, we continue the tour in our private vehicle to explore the following sites:

  1. Panoramic view of the Salineras salt mines in all their splendor from the top of the mountain
  2. Visit the Salt Mines of Salineras de Maras, walking to the vicinity of the mines to observe the processing of natural Inca salt.

Meals: Box Lunch.

Return to Cusco via Chinchero and Cachimayo – Poroy
After the sightseeing experience, we will drop you off at your hotel.

NOTE: It is essential to know that the route is dusty, so we recommend you bring extra clothes to change into after the ATV experience in the Andes or at least a windbreaker and some goggles that cover your eyes from the dust. The route to follow is along trails and dirt roads and sometimes alongside the usual vehicle’s roadways, so you must stay on the right side of the entire circuit. THERE ARE MORE INSTRUCTIONS IN THE NEXT CHAPTER OF THE ITINERARY; We invite you to read it.

Highlights of the Cusco ATV tour

  • We have everything ready for you! The best ATV package through Moray Maras in our circuits through the Andes.
  • We welcome beginning adults, children, and even seasoned Pro Riders.
  • So, book as little as five days in advance and enjoy the Maras ATVs experience!



The off-road vehicle; is a Honda ATV TRX 250, powerful outdoor adventure equipment. We carry out the Sacred Valley ATV tourist circuit from Cruzpata to Moray, having impressive panoramic views. The high plateau of Moray Maras is known as the balcony of the Sacred Valley for having beautiful views of the Andes Mountain range with its eternal snow-capped mountains plus valleys and ravines.

We start the trip from the city of Cusco at 07:40 towards the northwest via POROY to reach CHINCHERO. The vehicle leaves us in one of the TEXTILE CENTERS OF CHINCHERO to visit it and learn a little about the Inca culture; organized families from different areas of Chinchero; They offer us a fresh coca leaf mate to adapt to the altitude.

The Chincherinas families organically explain the elaboration of textiles. We continue the visit with the ruins of Chinchero, where several Inca walls of excellent texture can be seen joined together as a polishing system. Chinchero is the royal house of the ninth Inca ruler and a plant experimentation site. We return to our vehicle to go to the RAQCHI viewpoint to have unique views of the Sacred Valley and then continue the trip to the CRUZ PATA ATV BASE.


The tour experience takes about 45 minutes to drive the ATVs from CRUZPATA to MORAY, and back to the BASE is the same travel time. The last visit is the Salineras of Maras; We do it in our vehicle because it is FORBIDDEN TO DRIVE ATVs in the Salineras area. After all, there are cliffs, so it is off-limits for the safety of every visitor.

Didactic explanation of off-road machines

  • The ATVs are Honda TRX 250, robust for all-terrain and difficulty of the Sacred Valley, Maras, Moray, the Huaypo Lagoon, etc.
  • You have a small throttle lever on the right-hand side rudder that works by pressing your thumb; there is also the handbrake.
  • On the handle on the left side, the button changes from the first to the fifth do show.
  • We have a small practice circuit for driving ATVs before starting the tour of the Andes. The trail has holes, slopes, etc., to adapt to the Maras Moray ATV tourist circuit.
  1. While riding the ATV, you must wear a safety helmet.
  2. Please do not put your leg(s) on top of the ATV while it is in motion.
  3. Do not perform risky maneuvers when driving Quads.
  4. Stay on the right side of the trail or dirt road at all times.
  5. Do not operate your machine with one hand!
  6. Do not take photos or videos while driving. If you are going to take pictures or film videos, you have to bring an adapter to put your GoPro on your chest, helmet, or hooks to place them somewhere on the ATV.
  7. Slow down on ALL CURVES and turn slowly through curves.
  8. There are hills between ups and downs in different tour sections, so keep an eye on the trail and follow the directions of your local ATV guide and tour guide.
  9. Do not accelerate too much or try to run; adventure is about enjoying the outdoors without accidents.

NOTE: We carry out this and other actions for the safety of each visitor to the Maras Moray ATVs tourist circuit. If there is an accident, we have our private vehicle at the ATV BASE. We immediately call the car to assist the explorer or go directly to the hospital, depending on the severity of the case. Avoid any accident; It is better to drive defensively and thus enjoy the Cusco ATV tour and have a unique experience in the Peruvian Andes.



  • Active itinerary with unique cultural features
  • Private & personalized tours
  • Excellent English-speaking tour guide from CUSCO
  • Private tourist transport with fuel + professional driver
  • Partial entrance ticket to Moray and Chinchero
  • Entrance ticket to the Inca salt mines
  • ATV
    • 01 resident ATV guide; the one who drives the ATV convoy during the tourist circuit
    • Personal ATVs (Honda TRX 250)
    • Safety equipment, 01 helmet per participant
  • 01 box lunch
  • First aid kit & Oxygen
  • Local taxes.


  • Breakfast & dinner.
  • It is advisable to take 02 small bottles of 700 milliliters to the expedition.
  • Other services do not describe in the tour itinerary
  • Food that does not write in the itinerary.
  • Tipping – an entirely personal gesture (guide & driver)

Do we suggest bringing it?

  • Proper Riding Gear
  • Light windbreaker jacket or to avoid something in the dust
  • Dust goggles that fully cover the eyes
  • Bottled water 01 to 02 liters per person
  • snacks
  • GoPro camera or similar
  • Sunscreen to prevent the sun’s rays

Travel Facts

Travel facts ATV Tour Sacred Valley


Cost Tour Sacred Valley ATVs; Private service

PRICES PER PERSON [USD] 2022. We carry out the Cusco ATV tour adventure circuit through the Andes between Maras to Moray only as a private service.

  • Solo travel $. “Prices reduce if there are more people in your group.”
  • 02 participants $.
  • 03 participants $.
  • 04 participants $.
  • 05 participants $.
  • 06 participants $.
  • 07 participants $.
  • 08 participants + $.

* Price based on 02 people sharing one tent.
* Kondor Path Tours operates the BEST Maras Salt Mines ATV tour 😊

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