Cusco Spiritual Journeys

In Cusco, you will not only find Inca and tourist sites; there is a wide range of experiences you can enjoy in Cusco; with these activities, you can reconnect with the Pachamama or mother earth.

Discover great mysteries the Incas left behind and shared with very few people; what can we share these secrets with our specialized guides?

With these experiences, we offer you a direct connection with the ancient APUS of the Incas.

Great Spiritual Sessions in Cusco

Private Ayahuasca Retreats Cusco

Duration: 2-3 Hours
Price: from $ .00
Private Ayahuasca Retreat Cusco, shamanism, traditional medicine & of the indigenous worldview, each ceremony with the A

Wachuma Ceremony Cusco 1 Day

Duration: 2-3 Hours
Price: from $ .00
Wachuma is an Andean plant in the Cusco Andes that has the power to attract a better knowledge of the human being. Icaru

Pilgrimages to Awakening Ways of Consciousness 13 Day

Duration: 13-Days
Price: from $ 1355.00
The Andes pilgrimage trip to awaken the human conscience; participate in the spiritual explorations of the Andes of Cusc

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