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Cusco Andean Wedding Ceremony (Kasaracuy)

Price from: $ 192.00 USD (See: Price List)

Cusco Andean Wedding Ceremony (Kasaracuy)

Price from: $ 192.00 USD (See: Price List)

Celebrate your big day in an unforgettable setting! Travel to Cusco and experience a unique Andean wedding ceremony that will create lasting memories.

Cusco, Andean Wedding Full-Day

Inside a traditional Andean wedding ceremony – SAWACHIKUY

Andean Marriage in the Andes of Peru, celebrate your wedding in the traditional Inca style, revaluing the deep traditions of the Pongobamba community of the Huayna’s de Pumapata Chinchero association, Cusco, Peru, South America. When exploring Peru, we visit Machu Picchu, the Rainbow Mountain, the Inca Trail, or other tourist circuits, and why not give A SURPRISE ANDEAN MARRIAGE TO YOUR BELOVED, YOUR SOUL TEAM?

An Inca priest celebrates marriage with the union to mother nature. Today, we marry or remarry symbolically with the welcome to the celebrations of LOVE. Return to your country of origin, married in the lands of the Incas, on your next vacation to Machu Picchu.

The Inca Marriage Ceremony is a fascinating and unique tradition passed down through generations of indigenous people in South America. This ancient ceremony celebrates love and commitment and is significant in the Inca culture. Learn more about the history and meaning behind this beautiful tradition.


Overview Andean Cusco Wedding

Plan your perfect Andean Wedding Ceremony Cusco in Peru! Learn more about the traditional customs and celebrations related to a timeless Andean wedding celebration.


We consecrated your marriage to Mother Earth in a special ceremony conducted by an Andean priest and associates from the Huaynas de Pumapata of Pongobamba Chinchero.

The Andean wedding is a living cultural manifestation of Pongobamba Chinchero. The Cusco Andean wedding begins with a ritual use of incense and flower essences to spiritually cleanse the couple, symbolizing the beginning of a new life.

Then, we begin with the offering to Mother Nature as a sign of gratitude for her daily blessings, including the joy of reuniting the beloved couple.

In the Andean wedding of Pongobamba Chinchero, several elements make up the offering, such as seeds, sweets, flowers, colored wool, and other representative aspects of the Andean world. Also, as offerings, we use the Chicha drink (Chicha is the elaboration and fermentation of corn from the Sacred Valley, the elixir drink of the Incas).

An Andean priest performs prayers and petitions to the tutelary spirits of the Andes in honor of the couple celebrating their union. Couples actively participate in the ceremony; if close relatives are present, they pray for the couple’s welfare and their offspring. If relatives and godparents are absent, the community will be your relatives and godparents at the Andean wedding.


Departure from Cusco at 08:30

Travel time from Cusco to Pongobamba Chinchero: 01 hour

  • At 09:30 reception, the bride and groom will get married to the rhythm of typical music – Presentation between the members of Huaynas de Pumapata Chinchero and the visitors.
  • A 10-minute walk to the viewpoint of the Piuray lagoon is “time to appreciate the panorama and take pictures.”
  • We serve organic coca infusion to the taste of the Andes.
  • Presentation and explanation of the Kasarakuy – Sawachikuy begins with the bride’s dress, then the groom in the traditional way typical of the Pongobamba Chinchero community.
  • Wedding walk to the Andean altar on the Piuray lagoon’s shores.
  • The Andean priest’s marriage ceremony on the Piuray Lagoon’s shores will thank mother earth for performing the act of marriage. The set of the Andean marriage of Pongobamba Chinchero in nature, the lake, an arch of plants. The bride and groom have the altar of Andean looms placed on the ground to not step on the floor because they are not yet married. The priest proceeds to place the following items on the bride and groom:
    • floral crowns
    • Rings “woven in alpaca wool.”
    • Toast of the newlyweds with the Chicha drink in the company of the godparents and “community” relatives.
  • Traditional wedding dance with ancestral music representative of the area and congratulations from all the guests.
  • Return to the communal hall of Huaynas de Pumapata Chinchero in Pongobamba Chinchero with a wedding hike carrying the Achihua in the company of all those present. “Achihua is a representative plant of the area.”

PACHAMANCA – Pachamanca, a typical Peruvian dish

At 11:30, the Pachamanca activities begin; Pachamanca cooking takes about 02 hours.

The workers of Huaynas de Pumapata Chinchero in Pongobamba at 11:30 have already heated the stones with fire to start the rite of cooking inside the earth with the hot stones. They start by putting the different meats, legumes, grains, etc. They cover it with blankets and soil at the end so that the heat does not escape to cook the Pachamanca to celebrate the Andean wedding. After 02 hours, the Pachamanca will be ready and cooked “at 13:30” we begin to dig carefully and take out the Pachamanca to serve in the communal hall.

  • Presentation and demonstration of Andean textiles and techniques from shearing to obtaining beautiful material art pieces. Optional to buy Andean souvenirs to support Andean communities’ development through experiential tourism actively.

Farewell to the beat of the music of Pongobamba Chinchero.


Included Cusco Wedding Experience

  • Private service with unique activities
  • Tourist guide for interpreting from the Quechua language to English
  • Tourist transport with gasoline and driver
  • Andean outdoor wedding activities
    • Personalized and permanent attention during all activities
    • Disinfected typical traditional costume “after the ceremony it is returned to the community.”
    • Ceremony with an Andean Master Priest
    • For the ceremony, rings of alpaca wool are woven.
    • Surprise gift after the Andean marriage delivered by the community of Pongobamba
    • Varied assistants for Andean wedding activities and Pachamanca preparation
  • Lunch: Pachamanca Inca delicacy
  • First aid kit and oxygen balloon.
  • Local taxes.

Cusco is the perfect destination for an adventure-filled Inca Wedding Ceremony with traditional rituals and beauty. Join us for an extraordinary celebration!

Not Included Cusco Wedding Experience

  • $130 rent. Operator + Sony Alpha a6400 cameras and GoPro Hero 9 for videos “photos and videos do deliver on a USB at the hotel reception in the evening.” We are amateurs in non-professional photos and videos; we do our best.
  • Breakfast and Dinner.
  • Bottled water, 1 liter per person, is recommended.
  • Souvenir made in an organic manual way by the community of Huaynas de Pumapata de Pongobamba, Chinchero.
  • Tips at the discretion of the tour guide and driver of the vehicle


Pricing Andean Wedding Cusco

Cusco is the perfect destination for an adventure-filled Andean wedding ceremony with traditional rituals and beauty. Join us for an extraordinary celebration!

COST PER PERSON [USD] 2023 | Andean Wedding in private service.

  • 02 participants $295.
  • 03 participants $245.
  • 04 participants $230.
  • 05 participants $213.
  • 06 participants $200.
  • 07 participants $195.
  • 08 participants + $192

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