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It is common for many travelers to suffer from soroche when visiting a high place. You will not have to worry here; we will inform you of everything, and you can enjoy your adventure to the fullest!

But do you know what altitude sickness is? Let’s start by knowing what it is about! It is a physiological reaction caused by the lack of oxygen in our bodies. 

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You need to know that altitude sickness does not affect everybody, “Called commonly as Soroche.” You may not feel any symptoms at an altitude of 3048 m / 10,000 ft. That is not unusual because, at that altitude, 30% of people never feel any illness (even if they are ill, most feel mild illness). So if you hear that someone didn’t have any problems while in Cuzco, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to acclimatize. “Yes, you have to.” If you are in a tourist group that comes from sea level or in a large family, there is always the possibility that one of the group members is affected by this altitude sickness.

What is Acclimatization!

Acclimatization is when our body tries to adjust; with the lower amount of oxygen available at high altitudes, “it is certainly a slow process.”

You need at least 1 or 3 days, and some in cases even weeks, for this process to work. This term is more appropriate for Mountaineers, as they climb 4572 m / 15,000 ft or more. In Cuzco Peru is at 3505 m / 11,500 ft, and Lake Titicaca is at 3860 m / 12,420 ft. So neither of them is high, compared to the high Andes Mountains, to the mountaineers’ heights below 3657 m / 12,000 ft do not mean much; even for general people, 2438 m – 2743 m / 8000 ft – 9000 ft may people not have any effect. That is why most of the visitors in Peru remain not affected, though they do not go through the acclimatization process.

What are the symptoms?

Visitors from the world, we suppose that we are affected by this sickness (SOROCHE). Now, what will happen? How serious can it be? Or, you are dying to know that, right?

You will find heart-pounding and shortness of breath; sometimes, it can worsen. You may experience headaches, extreme tiredness, insomnia and loss of appetite, or even nausea. This condition does know as Acute Mountain Disease (AMS); in some cases, the situation may be worse than SOROCHE; in your case, your doctor’s advice is that “most diseases are not so bad.”

If you are taking some of our treks and tours, we have the best guides to take care of you; wherever trail you are, we recommend walking as long as symptoms are mild and only a nuisance; ascent can continue at a moderate rate.

Why does altitude Soroche happen?

All this happens because the air is dry and thin. So the thickness you have to breathe at short intervals, and the dryness of air causes dehydration (we recommend you drink a lot of water). Dehydration happens because; you lose a lot of water when you exhale than what you are gaining when you inhale. “So just breathing will dehydrate you.” In the heights of the Andes, you will feel thirsty, and this dehydration will cause headaches “at least 03 liters of water a day to avoid Soroche”.

How to fight against altitude sickness?

Answering the main question is how to fight against Soroche; the following information below is the complementary key to enjoying your holidays at Machupicchu, The Andes, Etc.

  1. – Avoid dehydration

Dear Kondor, visitor takes more water or other fluids. Because dehydration is the leading cause of altitude sickness, try to drink at least 4 quarts of water every day. You may drink Coca tea, an infusion, and the ancient Inca’s knowledge against Soroche. Coca tea is legal to drink in Peru “most touristic business Hotels, Restaurants, Tours, Trains service, offers you a cup of Coca tea.” You should try to avoid alcohol, smoking, caffeine, and coffee if you already feel seek with altitude.

  1. – Food habit

Eat a high carbohydrate diet during your stay at high Andes altitude. Also, we recommend you to chew Coca leaves, that it is a good practice to avoid altitude sickness. Please, visitors, avoid tranquilizers and sleeping pills, which “further decrease your respiratory actions during sleep,” thus increasing illness.

To speed your acclimatization process, you may take Diamox (one kind of medicine, a tablet made in Austria, Europe). It will also reduce the symptoms of Soroche. But be careful, as it may result in increased urination.

  1. – The Coca leaves

The Coca leaf is a better solution than Diamox, and it is readily available in Cuzco, Peru. You have to get a small bag of Coca leaves, which may be sufficient for 3 or 4 days.

  1. – Chew Coca Leaves

Dear Kondor experimenters, here is the key to using these leaves; you have to cut the tiny green leaves in half first, then rip off the stems and stick a wad in your mouth. Some people miss the mixing agent “Inca candy, made of special ashes, called Llipta,” but it tastes like grass and becomes less effective without it. But be careful not to take the mixing compound too much “it Ok to mix with lemon candy.” The first sensation is similar to the numb mouth when you go to your dentist after pulling a tooth. Soon, the whole body will be slightly incredible, and the idea is that your body activity is slowed, which helps counteract the Andes altitude.

The Coca and Cocaine!

These coca leaves are not addictive to anyone, and chewing the leaves or drinking coca leaves has no narcotic effect. Although these same leaves do use in producing a drug called Cocaine, they have to go through a very complex scientific process to turn the Coca leaves into the drug (a complicated drug to explain the whole process). It is legal to buy a Coca product in Cuzco, Peru, but illegal in most neighboring countries. The coca leaf for consumers will test positive for Cocaine quickly, but there is no problem while you are in Peru. There is nothing to worry about, but you should leave all the coca leaves in Peru (or wherever it does make) before leaving the country in Peru to avoid any inconvenience.

Diamox – helpful!

A Diamox tablet (acetazolamide chemical) is beneficial to prevent altitude sickness. You need to take two 250 mg pills a day and start it; one day before you go to Cuzco, or Treks around Cuzco, Puno, Arequipa region. Then you need to take Diamox for three days, even if you start to feel very Ok.

It does not recommend to use Diamox “it has many side effects such as taste alteration, anorexia, urinary frequency, and nausea” We recommend natural acclimatization and drinking a lot of water.

Height of Cities in Cuzco and Peru

  • Lima city 508 m / 1550 ft
  • Cuzco city 3350 m / 10,990 ft
    • Urubamba 2880 m / 9,448 ft
    • Ollantaytambo village 2851 m / 9,353 ft
    • Machupicchu Pueblo 2065 m / 6,774 ft
    • Machupicchu Park 2400 m / 7,874 ft
    • The Classic Inca Trek and most of the hike/trek around Cuzco región 4200 m / 13,779 ft
  • Puno city 3860 m / 12,420 ft
  • Lake Titicaca 3860 m / 12,420 ft
  • Arequipa city 2380 m / 7740 ft “Acclimatization in Cuzco Peru”

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