Choquequirao + Short Inca Trail & Machu Picchu – 7 Days Trek

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The adventure of the Choquequirao Inca complex to Machu Picchu is through the Yanama. We visit two great wonders of Cusco. On this excursion, we add the Inka Trail through km 104 to access Machu Picchu.

Choquequirao trek to Machu Picchu

Choquequirao vs Machu picchu; Explore the two megalithic constructions in a single expedition. They are looking for Inca vestiges of the Inca Trails, sacred temples in the remote places of the Andes, and the deepest canyon of Cusco. Choquequirao to Machu Picchu is equally beautiful and truly impressive as Machu Picchu. Today the explorers of the world can embark on this challenging but incredibly rewarding trek to Machu Picchu through a rugged but very scenic Andean terrain Choquequirao trek to Machu Picchu IS FOR Hikers WITH EXPERIENCE!


Choquequirao trek to Machu Picchu 7 Days / 6 Nights, Overview

D-1: Cusco – Capulilloc – Santa Rosa
D-2: Santa Rosa – Choquequirao – INC
D-3: Choquequirao – Rio Blanco – Maizal
D-4: Maizal – Yanama – Lucmabamba
D-5: Lucmabamba – Hydro – Aguas Calientes
D-6: Inka Trail – Inti Punku
D-7: Machu Picchu

Trek Choquequirao Machu Picchu Highlights:

  • Discover the second lost city of the Incas.
  • We were trekking through the deepest canyon of Peru, the Apurimac.
  • Variation in landscapes thanks to the altitude ranges.
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Day 1, Hike Choquequirao to Machu Picchu

Descent into the Apurimac canyon. We stopped by the small settlement of Santa Rosa 1 and set up camp for the night.

  • Private transfer to the trailhead “Capulilloc.”
  • Explore the Sayhuite monolith Inca site.
  • Adventure distance: 12 km – 7.4 miles
  • Expedition time: 6 hours.
  • Accommodation: Santa Rosa
  • Difficulty: Challenging.

Day 2

We set up a Kondor base camp just short of the Choquequirao.

  • Walking distance: 14 km – 8.7 miles
  • Hiking time: 7 hours.
  • Accommodation: Choquequirao INC
  • Difficulty: Challenging.

Day 3

Up to the small campsite of Maizal.

  • Hiking distance: 18 km – 11.2 miles
  • Trekking time: 8 hours.
  • Accommodation: Maizal
  • Difficulty: Challenging.

Day 4

From San Juan Pass, we descend to the Yanama Andean community.

At Yanama, we use a local transportation ride to Lucmabamba-Santa-Tereza. We will enjoy the gorgeous views of snow-capped mountains and the high Andes jungle along the way.

  • Trek distance: 13 km/9.68 miles “Maizal-Yanama”
  • Hiking time: 4 hours.
  • Highest point: San Juan Pass 4,200 m/12,779 ft.
  • Local car: Yanama – Collpapampa – Lucmabamba.
  • Campsite elevation: Lucmabamba 3,522 m/11,555 ft.
  • Difficulty: Moderate – Challenging.

Day 5

Aguas Calientes morning bus to MACHU PICCHU.

  • Trekking into the tropical and the cloud forest jungle
  • Walk on the original Inca Trail to Llactapata
  • Visit Llactapata Incan ruins and take the first glimpse of Machu Picchu
  • PM board the train service to Machu Picchu Pueblo
  • Accommodation: Aguas Calientes “3-star hotel.”
  • Hiking Distance: 11 km/6.8 miles
  • Hiking time: 5 hours.
  • Highest point: Llactapata PASS 3000 meters/9,842 feet.
  • Difficulty: Easy/Moderate to Challenging

Day 6

Express Inka Trail to MP. 05 hours of hiking via Inti Punku Sun Gate.

Day 7

  • Early breakfast at your hotel
  • Bus or hiking up to Machu Picchu (by bus 25 minutes, by foot 1.5 hours).
  • Guided visit to Machu Picchu for two hours.
  • Train return to Cusco.
    • Train times: 2:55 PM, 4:45 PM, or 6:45 PM depending on availability at Peru Rail/Inca rail


Choquequirao to Machu Picchu Includes

  • Trek briefing with your guide
  • Professional guide.
  • All entrance tickets to the attractions (Saywite, Choquequirao, and Machu Picchu)
  • Private transport and professional driver (round trip transfer from the hotel to the starting point of the trek)
  • 01 train ticket service from Hydro to Machu Picchu Pueblo
  • 01 train ticket service from Machu Picchu Pueblo to Ollantaytambo Village (Expedition Tourist Train)
  • 02 bus tickets from Aguas Calientes Village to Machu Picchu.
  • Choquequirao + Machu Picchu geruided tour.
  • Spacious tent/Sleeping mat.
  • Horses or mules and indigenous horse riders carry camping equipment.
  • Personal items to carry: 10 kg/22 lb.
  • We provide a duffle for personal items.
  • 04 Night camping
  • 02 night in a Hostel in Aguas Calientes. Sierra Andina group (Andina, Presidente, Continental, or Machu Picchu). SIA brand rooms all include private bathrooms with hot showers and Wi-Fi.
  • One cook and assistants
  • Excellent meals: 06 Breakfasts, 06 Lunches, 05 Dinners (Vegetarian, vegan or special diet meals upon request)
  • Boiled water provided from the 2nd day (for drinking)
  • Wake up to coca tea in your tent
  • Buckets of hot water for washing in your tent every day
  • Biodegradable soap and hand cleansing gel
  • Oxygen Tank & First aid kit
  • All local taxes

Trek choquequirao Machu Picchu Not Included

  • Tips: Guide, Cook, Horseman.
  • Breakfast on Day 1, Dinner on Day 6, Lunch on Day 7
  • Waynapicchu.
  • Montaña Machupicchu.
  • $ 150. Single Tent.

Choquequirao Trek to Machu Picchu Bring

  • A daypack to carry your personal belongings.
  • Original passport with the migration Peru card (for Trains, Machu Picchu Park, and Hotels)
  • Lighter trekking boots.
  • 05 pairs of trekking pants.
  • 01 rain jacket: The first night, the temperature can be as low as – 5 degrees Celsius/23 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • 01 warm/winter jacket (Thermals: wool socks/gloves scarf and woolen hat for cold nights).
  • 04 t-shirts.
  • 01 good sleeping bag.
  • Sun protection cream (SPF 45 or higher recommended).
  • Bug spray with 30% DEET.
  • Water (Only for the first day of the hike).
  • Camera and film.
  • A headlamp to navigate camp in the evenings and pre-dawn mornings with spare batteries
  • Bandages or moleskin
  • Flip flops. Your toes will thank you!
  • Plastic bags for dirty and wet clothes
  • Something to read in the evenings.
  • Extra money for drinks, tips for cooks, equestrians, guides. ($150-200)

Travel Facts


The lost citadel of Choquequirao does locate at 3,035 meters above sea level, and at the lowest point of the trek, you will be at 1,461 meters above sea level. The climate is similar to Cusco’s, so it is advisable to acclimatize to the altitude before the hike. Who should note that the road to Choquequirao is warm due to the Apurimac Canyon?


Of course, you can. That is why we offer you an exclusive tour package so that you can visit the ruins of Choquequirao as well as the citadel of Machu Picchu.

We assure you that this trek will last 08 days of pure connection with all that the Andean landscape offers you from the heights, the ultimate adventure for those addicted to altitude, with a love for history. Join us for this excursion to the mountaintop of Choquequirao, free of tourist crowds, before continuing to Santa Teresa, the back door to Machu Picchu. With guided tours, you will gain a greater appreciation of the Inca Empire and feel like you are traveling back in time.


What did not complete the project was to build a cable car connecting Cachora to Marampata due to the frequent presence of landslides, and this plan was lost little by little.

Having the cable car would benefit the tourist activity. Still, we would also lose the hike, which is very significant because the route is enjoyable and full of landscapes, flora, and fauna to discover.


There is 43.8 km separating the archaeological site “Choquequirao” from the citadel of Machu Picchu.

We also offer you an exclusive package for this trek: the “Choquequirao Trek 7 days”.

This adventure is definitely for those who are addicted to heights. The route is one of the most complex in Peru; it is full of winding paths, unique panoramic views, deep valleys, a great variety of plants (orchids, small forests), animals in their habitat, etc.

The Choquequirao to Machupicchu trek is unforgettable – INTUPA CUSCO is an agency specializing in this adventure.


Choquequirao is located in the Andes Mountains of Cusco, Peru, and belongs to the province of La Convención, in the district of Santa Teresa.

What is Choquequirao?

Choquequirao is an Inca archaeological site with similar characteristics to Machu Picchu. Its name means ‘Cradle of Gold.’ Because it resembles the ‘Inca City,’ it is known as the ‘Sacred Sister of Machu Picchu.’

Where is Choquequirao in Peru?

Choquequirao is in the Andes Mountains of Cusco, Peru. It belongs to the province of La Convención, in the district of Santa Teresa.

How to get to Choquequirao?

Reach Choquequirao via Cusco or Abancay. From Cachora Marampata, you ascend on foot to Choquequirao. The hike is for 02 days. The return is the same way.

How high is Choquequirao?

Choquequirao is 3,033 meters above sea level (m.a.s.l.).

What to see in Choquequirao?

Choquequirao houses Inca constructions as impressive as Machu Picchu, such as the Main Plaza, the Colcas, the Inca Cemetery, the Kallankas, the Ushnu, the Andenes, etc.

Choquequirao is still in the process of excavation. It does estimate that to date, only 30% of the original Inca precinct has denoted restored.

Who built Choquequirao?

According to research done at Choquequirao, it does estimate that what built the Inca site around 1536.

Due to its similarity to Machu Picchu, it does believe that the Inca Pachacutec founded the site. His son Tupac Inca Yupanqui would be the one who ordered the construction of Choquequirao.

What is the climate like in Choquequirao?

The Choquequirao archaeological site has a temperate climate. The hike to this place has hot weather due to the proximity of the so-called ‘Apurimac Canyon.’

How to hike to Choquequirao?

Who can do the hike to Choquequirao with an organized tour or on your own? In both cases, you need to hike from Cachora to the archaeological site.

How to buy tickets to Choquequirao?

Choquequirao tours are purchased online or at the Historic Center of Cusco. If you travel yourself, you must buy the entrance tickets when you arrive at the archaeological site.

How much does the tour to Choquequirao cost?

The prices of the tours to Choquequirao vary according to the tour agency and the number of people.

Prices vary from US$500 to US$350 per person.

What does a tour to Choquequirao include?

The Choquequirao tour includes the following:

Camping equipment.

  • Two days of meals.
  • A bus trip from Cusco to Cachora.
  • Entrance tickets to Choquequirao.
  • Tour guide service.
  • Luggage carrying service on horseback.
  • Trekking poles (sticks).


Choquequirao, Inka Trail, Machu Picchu 7 Days


  • Yolo $2,370.
  • 02 clients $1,465.
  • 03 people $1,215.
  • 04 tourists $1,040.
  • 05 visitors $995.
  • 06 travelers $930.
  • 07 explorers + $899.

* Kondor Path Tours operates the Choquequirao vs Machu Picchu.
** Student discounts $ 35 off per person.

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Choquequirao, Inka Trail, Machu Picchu 7 Days


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