Sacred Valley Tour Enigma

Price from: $ 45.00 USD (See: Price List)

Sacred Valley Tour Enigma

Price from: $ 45.00 USD (See: Price List)

Get away from the crowds and discover the fascinating hidden history of the Choquequilla temple ruins tour! Follow our expert guides and explore Peru’s ancient Incan citadel.

Enigmatic Ñaupa Iglesia Day Tour

Sacred Valley Tour Enigma – Explore incredible and inexplicable Inca constructions that surround the Valley of the Incas. The Ñaupa Iglesia or Choquequilla Inca site contains an interdimensional portal that connects with the extraterrestrial world and a cosmic energy source.

Explore the mysterious and serene Sacred Valley with an enigmatic tour. Discover impressive ruins, vibrant culture, and breathtaking nature on this enthralling journey! Start of the excursion from Cusco, Urubamba, and Ollantaytambo, The KONDOR PATH TOURS team organizes the best-guided excursions.

Live unexpected EXPERIENCES in the Andes that will never be repeated! Explore unique TOURS & HIKES with deep spiritual meaning. Connect with nature and awaken your senses to a new world, "Including meditation and ritual to Mother Nature with Coca leaves."


Sacred Valley Tour Enigma Overview

Venture to Peru and discover some of the mysterious secrets of its past with this guided tour of Ñaupa Iglesia Temple Ruins. Uncover hidden stories!

Meeting point at your hotel at 8:00


  1. Choquequilla or ÑAUPA Iglesia Ruins 2800 meters/9,186 feet., “you only have to walk 20 minutes.”
  2. Qellorakay ruins “views of Inca houses hanging on the rock of Cerro Pinkuylluna.”
  3. Temple of the Sun in Ollantaytambo.
  4. Chinchero ruins:
    • Great Cavern “altars and temples.”
    • Pachamama Brain.
    • Condor half wing.

Ñaupa Iglesia Day Tour Highlights

  • Discover the wonder of Ñaupa Iglesia Temple Ruins with an experienced local guide. Travel back in time and uncover exciting stories on this highly-rated archaeological tour!
  • Relive Peru’s ancient history with a guided Sacred Valley Tour Enigma tour. From pre-Inca civilizations to the Spanish conquest, learn about it all!
  • Unravel the secrets of the Sacred Valley with a tour that embodies all the mysterious air of its ancient sites! Discover the Enigmatic Valley with us today.


Sacred Valley Tour Enigma Itinerary

8:00 am pick-up at your hotel in Cuzco.

We travel northwest of Cusco towards the Valley of Pomatales to visit the fascinating ruins of Ñaupa Iglesia. To get to Ñaupa Iglesia, better known as Choquequilla, we have to walk about 18 minutes up the hillside of Ñaupa Iglesia to reach the incredible Inca constructions.

Continue to the Andenes de Quellorakay to observe the hanging houses built on the cliffs of the Ollantaytambo mountain. We will visit the archaeological park of Ollantaytambo in all its splendor to start the return trip to Cusco along the Chinchero road.

If travelers spend the night at the Urubamba, Yanahuara, or Ollantaytambo hotels, write to us so that we can pick them up and drop them off at their respective hotels, or if they are going to connect to the town of Machu Picchu. Final note: We can change the order of the excursion to cover all the places of interest of the Ruins of Ñaupa Iglesia tourist circuit.


Unlocking the Profound History of Sacred Valley on an Enigmatic Tour | Sacred Valleys’s Secret World Revealed on an Enigmatic Tour

Explore the following sites:

1- RUINS OF CHOQUEQUILLA OR ÑAUPA CHURCH: CEREMONIAL CENTER of Ñaupa Iglesia or Choqella, which means “the old temple where gold shines,” an ancestral ceremonial-religious site and the enigmatic temple of the Incas, is unique due to its construction, details, and location. Ñaupa Iglesia was used in Inca times to perform rituals on earth, the cosmos, and parallel worlds.

After going up the path and in the middle of the platforms of Ñaupa Iglesia, you enter a trapezoidal-shaped mountain cave, where the main temple and a set of rocky windows stand out. The main temple is of volcanic rock’s natural formation, which covers a 36 m2 trapezoidal. There is a basalt rock carved with ornamental motifs with the stepped double jamb sign plus an Inca Cross, an Inca symbol representing the Andean worldview.

MYSTICAL PLACE OF RITUALS – The temple of Ñaupa Iglesia Choqella is impressive, ideal for meditation, recharging positive active energy for contact with the cosmos, etc.

We also explore the following Inca sites


Useful data:

  1. Naupa Iglesia or Choquequilla Location: Pachar valley
  2. Distance to travel: 1.20 hours
  3. Activity: Light walk & exploring Inca Sites


Sacred Valley Tour Enigma INCLUSION

  • Active itinerary with enigmatic cultural singularities
  • Excellent tour guide fluent in English
  • Private tourist transport from Cusco
  • All transfer services to and from the hotel
  • Portable oxygen balloon plus a vehicular emergency kit
  • 24-hour technical assistance during the service with Kondor Path Tours
  • All local Peruvian taxes

Note: The vehicles to use “see the photo in prices.”


  • CUSCO TOURIST TICKET BTG. This ticket allows entrance to many sites in and around Cusco and costs 130 Peruvian Soles (approx US$45). The entrance ticket is valid for ten days to carry out the tourist circuit of Cusco, Sacred Valley, South Valley, and Moray.
    • PARTIAL TICKETS. Cost S/ 70 Peruvian Soles (approx US$25). You can buy separate tickets if you don’t have the time or inclination to visit all the attractions on the “General Ticket” listed above.
  • Lunch (box lunch).
  • Snack.
  • Tips at discretion: A tour guide and driver.

Bring for the Sacred Valley Tour Enigma

  • Good shoes or hiking boots.
  • Small backpack to carry your belongings
  • Camera or cell phone for great photos and videos
  • Comfortable and light clothing.
  • Plastic raincoat or poncho
  • Water and snacks
  • Sun protection cream (SPF 45 or higher recommended)
  • Money for the tourist ticket and the entrance to the Inca sites

Travel Facts

Facts Sacred Valley Tour Enigma

Get a unique look into Peruvian history with a tour of the Ñaupa Iglesia Temple Ruins. Let an experienced guide show you around and explore the ancient architecture of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Sacred Valley Tour Enigma Full Day COST

Get a glimpse into the past at Ñaupa Iglesia Temple Ruins! This tour provides an interactive experience of time travel and history in the Peruvian Andes.

Private Tour.
*We do not add other people to your group.


  • Solo travel is $219. “prices reduce if more people are in your group.”
  • 02 persons $127.
  • 03 persons $93.
  • 04 persons $73.
  • 05 persons $65.
  • 06 persons $56.
  • 07 persons $50.
  • 08 persons + $45.

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Ñaupa Iglesia Day Tour – Explore ancient Inca history with us! The Choquequilla temple ruins tour is a unique chance to wander through undiscovered archaeological sites and learn about the incredible history of Peru.

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