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Taquile Island Tour (by speedboat)
Price from: $ 132.00 USD (See: Pricing)
Taquile Island Tour (by speedboat)
Tour Type
Nature & Wildlife Tours
Taquile Island Tour (by speedboat)
Maximun Altitude
4,100m (13,451 ft.)
Taquile Island Tour (by speedboat)
Physical Level
Taquile Island Tour (by speedboat)
Recommended Season
March to December

Taquile Island Tour (by speedboat)

Price from: $ 132.00 USD (See: Pricing)

Take a walk through Taquile Island in Lake Titicaca to enjoy the breezes of the highest navigable lake in the world, issued by the Guinness World Record.

Taquile island Lake Titicaca – Puno to Taquile Island

Taquile Island Tour Guided visit to the splendid floating islands of the Uros and the solid island of Taquile by speedboat to have more time to visit the floating townlets and the island of the weavers of Taquile.

Taquile Island Tour Full Day has its charm when visiting indigenous peoples with their customs and traditions, even more so when navigating the blue waters of Lake Titicaca, the highest inhabited and navigable lake in the world.

Lake Titicaca Day Tour to the magnificent vacations around the Uros and Taquile Islands Tour complement the guided tours with speedboat trips to shorten the travel time and have more time on the islands to take the visits with ease.

If you want a unique and unforgettable day trip from Puno, Peru, consider visiting Taquile Island on Lake Titicaca. This beautiful island is known for its stunning views, traditional textiles, and friendly locals. Here’s what you can expect on your journey to Taquile Island.

Table of Contents


Taquile Island Tour Overview

Experience the beauty and culture of Taquile Island on Lake Titicaca with our guided tour. Taquile Island is known for its stunning landscapes, traditional textiles, and unique community-based tourism model. Our excursion includes a boat ride to the island, a guided hike through the terraced hillsides, a visit to a local textile cooperative, and a traditional lunch with a local family. Immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of this beautiful island. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich culture of the Andes.

Quick Itinerary

We start the pickup service at 08:00 to go to the port of Lake Titicaca and commence the guided excursion from Puno to Taquile Island Tour.

Activities and visits to do on the Lake Titicaca Day Tour to Taquile


  • Boat ride around the floating islands of the Uros towards the Taquile islands.
  • Decode the daily activities of the islanders, such as the construction of floating islands, food, and the building of floating homes on Lake Titicaca.


  • Upon reaching the island of Taquile, slowly ascend the cobbled path to adapt to the elevations of the island until you get to the only main square of Taquile.
  • Enjoy an excellent guided tour of the traditional customs of Taquile, especially on the spinning techniques carried out purely by men: “take home souvenirs based on textiles to boost the local economy.”
  • Visit the Taquile Textile Museum to observe the different ancestral textiles that show various colors embodied in the material.
  • Enjoy free time to walk around the Taquile Plaza or look for incredible panoramic views between the island and Lake Titicaca.
  • Enjoy a delicious lunch based on fried trout harvested from the northern end of Taquile Island. For vegetarians, we have an egg omelet, “If there is a food restriction, write us”; the waiters and cooks are the local Taquile islanders; the restaurant service system is rotating for the best performance of community work.
  • We conclude the visit to Taquile Island with the island’s descent following another path to head towards the other port; the panoramic views are magnificent towards the horizon.
Taquile Island Puno Peru, Highlights
  • A vacation trip to Peru is never complete without visiting the stunning Taquile Island in Puno.
  • The islanders offer experiential tourism to visitors looking for a better traditional experience.
  • The island of Taquile on Lake Titicaca is one of UNESCO’s Oral, Immaterial, and Intangible Masterpieces of Humanity.


Itinerary on Taquile Island Tour, Peru


Taquile Island Tour from Puno in Peru

Lake Titicaca One Day Tour – At 8 in the morning, our workers (tour guide and vehicle driver) go to the hotel for visitors to pick them up and carry out the transfer service to the port of Puno. In the port of Puno, our private boat awaits us to start the journey to the islands of Uros and Taquile.

On the 1-day Taquile excursion, explore the Taquile Islands by sailing on the waters of Lake Titicaca; we travel in a speedboat to quickly reach each destination to visit to have more time in the guided excursions.

Concerning the Puno to Taquile Tour
  • The tours are in the English language.
  • The city of Puno has a principal port near the main square.
  • Speedboat tours help save time by exploring each place calmly.
  • Our tour guide (s) and the boat drivers have experience navigating the highest navigable lake in Puno – Latin America.
  • On the way to Taquile, we will stop on the floating islands to walk around its islands.
  • Feel free to climb the boat’s roof to have the best views.
  • Things to do in the expedition:
    • Take several photos.
    • Drinking coca tea helps prevent altitude sickness.
    • It’s great to walk on the Uros islands step by step.
    • Enjoy your free time in the Taquile Plaza.
  • Taquile has the best price for textiles manufactured by Andean men.
  • On Taquile, there are no hotel services and only Homestay accommodations.


Physical Level

3, Demanding

Walking Distance

A light walks

Hiking Time

15 to 35 minutes

Starting Altitude

Puno City: 3,827m (12,555 ft)

Minimun Altitude

Puno City: 3,827m (12,555 ft)

Highest Altitude

Taquile: 3,827m (12,555 ft)


Included in our Taquile Island Tour Full Day

  • Active itinerary with outstanding cultural features.
  • Private service.
  • 01 English-speaking tour guide (the local one.)
  • Private tourist transport
    • Transfers from Puno City to Puno Port (back and forth.)
  • Speedboat transportation on Lake Titicaca
  • Entrance tickets to the islands of Taquile and Lake Titicaca
  • Lunch: Organic fried trout
  • All Local Taxes.

Lake Titicaca Day Tour NOT INCLUDED

  • Hotel service or Airbnb in Puno
  • Breakfast or Dinner
  • Spending money – allow approximately US$ 45-70 per day to cover meals, snacks, drinks, limited souvenirs, laundry, tips, and extras.
  • Transportation service to Colca Canyon, La Paz Bolivia, Arequipa, or Lima.
  • Tips for support staff such as the tour guide and drivers, “tips are discretionary and voluntary according to the service.”

What to Bring for your Best Taquile Island Lake Titicaca

  • A good daypack: Eagle Creek Afar Backpack or an appropriate pack to carry your personal belongings!
  • Light clothes and warm clothes because it can be hot during the day and very cold at sunrise and sunset.
  • Wear comfortable trekking shoes because you must walk on the islands; the trails are cobbled country roads with ups and downs.
  • Cash in Peruvian currency for personal purchases
  • Some snacks instead of your breakfast and afternoon tea
  • Reusable container for your water – A couple of 700-milliliter bottles of water
  • Motion sickness medication for the boat trip
  • Bring some meds! Iron tablets and pills for altitude sickness.
  • A raincoat or a poncho if you go in the rainy season

Travel Guide

Taquile Island is a small island located on Lake Titicaca in Peru, With a unique culture and textile art.

The best way to visit Taquile Island is by taking a tour, either a group tour or a private tour.

Our Taquile Island tour includes transportation to and from Puno, a boat ride to the island, a guided tour, and lunch.

Our Taquile Island private tour is a full-day tour lasting approximately 10 hours.

The altitude of Taquile Island is approximately 3,800 meters (12,500 feet) above sea level.

The highlights of the Taquile Island tour include visiting the island’s central plaza, exploring the local textile workshops, and enjoying stunning views of Lake Titicaca.

Yes, you can buy handmade textiles and other souvenirs on Taquile Island.

We recommend wearing comfortable shoes and warm clothing, as the island can be chilly.

We can accommodate most dietary restrictions, but please inform us beforehand.

Yes, there is a bathroom on the boat to Taquile Island.

Swimming in Lake Titicaca is not recommended due to the water’s cold temperature.

Yes, the Taquile Island tour is suitable for children. We recommend bringing warm clothing for them.

  • Yes
  • You can bring your food on the Taquile Islands tour, but we also provide lunch.

Yes, you can take photos on the Taquile Islands Tour.

The Taquile Island tour is not wheelchair accessible due to the island’s hilly terrain.

  • Yes
  • You can hike on Taquile Island, but we recommend taking it easy due to the altitude.

Taquile Island has a rich history, dating back to pre-Incan times. The Incas later inhabited it, and then the Spanish.

Yes, there is a tour guide on the Taquile Islands tour.

Yes, it is possible to spend the night on Taquile Island.

The weather on Taquile Island can be chilly and windy, even in the summer months.

You can book a Taquile Island tour with Kondor Path Tours by emailing info@kondorpathtours.com or visiting our website.

The Taquile Island Tour usually lasts around 6-7 hours.

The best time of the year to visit Taquile Island is during the dry season, from May to October.

  • Yes
  • There are opportunities to swim in Lake Titicaca during the Taquile Island Tour.

It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing and shoes, as well as a hat and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun.

Yes, there are many souvenir shops on Taquile Island where you can buy locally-made handicrafts.

It is recommended to bring your snacks and drinks, as there are limited options available on the island.

The altitude of Taquile Island ranges from 3,800 to 4,000 meters above sea level.

Yes, traditional performances on Taquile Island often showcase local music and dance.

Yes, the Taquile Island Tour is suitable for children of all ages. However, ensuring they are well-prepared for the high altitude is crucial.

Kondor Path Tours offers customizable Taquile Island Tour itineraries to fit your preferences and interests. Contact info@kondorpathtours.com to discuss your options.

Essential information about the Lake Titicaca One Day Tour

  • Distance to travel by speedboat on Lake Titicaca:
    • Trip from Puno’s port to the Uros’s floating islands: 14 km / 9 miles, 15 minutes of navigation.
    • Continue the trip from the Uros towards the island of Taquile: 22 km / 13, 6 miles, 1 hour, and 15 minutes of navigation.
    • The return trip between the island of Taquile to the port of Puno: 36 km / 22 miles, 01 hour and 10 minutes of navigation
  • Elevations in the excursion of Taquile Island in Lake Titicaca
    • Puno 3,827 meters / 12,555 feet.
    • Uros Island 3,810 meters / 12,500 feet.
    • Taquile Island 4,100 meters / 13,451 feet.

LATAM – South America Peru – Puno Tourist Destination 2023. Enjoy this lovely vacation.

Pricing & BOOK NOW!

Lake Titicaca One Day Tour COST by speedboat!

Season 2023 – 2024

Number of persons Price per person
1 $ 735.00 USD
2 $ 402.00 USD
3 $ 275.00 USD
4 $ 214.00 USD
5 $ 190.00 USD
6 $ 163.00 USD
7 $ 144.00 USD
8 $ 132.00 USD

Our 1-day excursion service to Taquile Island and the surroundings of Lake Titicaca is in private service for your group of explorers! We do not add other groups to your vacation group.

If the client requires a semi-private trip with a shared boat, we have affordable prices; write to the email

Additionally, data about the Uros and Taquile Islands Tour.
  • The city of Puno is the capital of the state of Puno and Lake Titicaca.
  • In Peru, tourist services, people speak the English language.
  • The textiles manufactured by the islanders are of excellent manufacture at reasonable prices.
  • The nearest airport to Puno is Juliaca, a 01-hour drive.
  • From Puno, you can explore the incredible Colca Canyon, Arequipa, La Paz, Bolivia, and other places of interest.
  • The flight time to Lima Juliaca takes 1 hour and 33 minutes.
  • Peru is a popular holiday destination. “Yes.”



Taquile Island Lake Titicaca – Outstanding guided tour of a sector of Lake Titicaca exploring the enchanting islands of Uros and Taquile in southwestern Peru.

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Kristi V
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Anthony O
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Great memories for our family We went for a tour to the rainbow mountain, service was excellent and then we decided to go for another tour on the next day to the sacred valley, it was also excellent. Our guide was Fredy and our driver was Juan Carlos, two excellent people, honest and respectful. I recommend them. Gracias por todo, lo pasamos increíble.
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Ido I
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