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Choquequirao Trek 4 Days by Lodge

Price from: $ 246.00 USD (See: Price List)

Choquequirao Trek 4 Days by Lodge

Price from: $ 246.00 USD (See: Price List)

Choquequirao 4-Day Trek Lodge Stay – Hike through striking terrains on our 4-day lodge trek to the archaeological site of Choquequirao! Take in breathtaking views and explore hidden gems.

Enjoy the 4-Day Lodge Trek to Choquequirao.

Choquequirao Trek Lodges 4 Days is one of the trekking options to rest on beds with pillows and hot showers on each day of our expedition of the APURÍMAC CANYON to discover the ENIGMATIC RUINS OF CHOQUEQUIRAO. Experiential rural tourism is increasingly interesting to learn about families’ experiences along the road to Choquequirao.

Choquequirao 4-Day Trek Lodge Stay: Experience the best of Peru with an immersive 4-day expedition through Choquequirao by the lodge. You’ll uncover ancient ruins, sleep beneath starlit skies and indulge in breathtaking mountain vistas – all while enjoying cozy lodge accommodations!

Live unexpected EXPERIENCES in the Andes that will never be repeated! Explore unique TOURS & HIKES with deep spiritual meaning. Connect with nature and awaken your senses to a new world, “Including meditation and ritual to Mother Nature with Coca leaves.”


Choquequirao Trek 4 Days by Lodge OVERVIEW

Uniquely explore Peru and embark on an unforgettable 4-day Choquequirao Trek and Lodge Experience. Unravel the mysteries of this mysterious archaeological site, stay in an Andes Lodge, enjoy amazing views, and fall in love with the majestic Andes!

Is the Choquequirao 4-Day Trek Lodge Stay right for me?

An extraordinary experience awaits you on this thrilling 4-day Choquequirao Trek along Peru’s famous Apurimac Canyon Trail, followed by an overnight stay in the lodge.


  • Day 1: Travel from Cusco to Sayhuite – Hiking from Capuliyoc to Chiquisca Lodge
  • Day 2: Chiquisca – Marampata Lodge
  • Day 3: Choquequirao Guided Tour Full-Day – Marampata Lodge
  • Day 4: Marampata – Capuliyoc – Cusco

Choquequirao 4-Day Trek Lodge Stay HIGHLOGHT

  • Discover Choquequirao, an ancient and misunderstood Inca city, with a four-day trek and a unique lodge experience! Epic views included.
  • Adventure is waiting for you there. Explore 4-Day Choquequirao Trek Lodges in all their spectacle.
  • We are direct operators in the adventure of Choquequirao Trek 4 Days by Lodge; you will always be hiking with Kondor Path Tour.
  • Journey to and explore the ruins of Choquequirao from a unique perspective by embarking on this 4-day trek featuring local lodges. Join us!


Choquequirao Trek 4 Days by Lodge ITINERARY 

BRIEFING: For our adventure through the APURIMAC CANYON AND THE ANDES of Choquequirao Trek 4 Days by Lodge, we offer an informative session to the explorers one day before starting the trek. The briefing takes place at the reception of the explorers’ hotel at 06:30 pm.

Take the ultimate adventure and discover one of Peru’s hidden gems with a 4-day trek by the lodge to mystical Choquequirao ruins. Discover archaeological sites, camp under the stars, and take in breathtaking views from magnific mountain lodges!

Day 01: Cusco: Sayhuite – Capuliyoc to Chiquisca Lodge

At 06:00, we travel from the Cusco region to the Apurímac region until we reach the SAYWITE MONOLITH. We explore the Inca ruins of Sayhuite for an average of 30 minutes and then continue the land trip to CAPULIYOC – Cachora.

In Capuliyoc begins the three-and-a-half-hour walk to reach our first lodging in Chiquisca. We descend to the Apurimac canyon along a zigzag pedestrian path. We will find 03 spectacular viewpoints to rest and have magnificent views of different areas of scenic landscapes.

Walk summary

  • Travel by car: From Cusco to Capuliyoc
    • Start time of the land trip from Cusco to Capuliyoc: 06:00
  • At approximately 10:30, we start hiking
  • Hiking distance: 08 km / 4.9 miles
  • Trekking time: 03 hours and a half
  • Difficulty level: Moderate to challenging
  • Lowest elevation: 1,900 meters/6,270 feet
  • Highest elevation: 2,915 meters/9,564 feet
  • Lodge Name: Chiquisca (LOCAL)
  • Meals: Box Lunch and Dinner


  • The equipment you will bring; It is the hiking equipment you will carry every day, so we recommend you take what is necessary.
  • Lodging in Chiquisca is fundamental; they improve over time to be one of the best in the tourist area; It’s great to rest.
  • We will have local hot or lukewarm showers in the hostels with clean towels; they also provide soap.
  • There is WIFI by the hour; the cost is S/10. There is also satellite phone service.
  • IF YOU ARE GOING TO CARRY A LOT OF HEAVY EQUIPMENT, IT IS BETTER TO RENT 01 packhorse with your muleteer for 04 days to carry all the belongings of the visitors.

Day 02: Chiquisca to Marampata Lodge

We leave at 05:30 in the direction of our second lodge located in Marampata. To get to Marampata, we have approximately 1 hour of descending through the zigzag path until we reach the riverbank. We cross the suspension bridge of PLAYA-ROSALINA to ascend crookedly until we reach Santa Rosa and Marampata, “approximately 05 hours of walking from the Apurimac River; to Marampata”.

We have lunch at the Marampata lodge; in the afternoon, we enjoy a spectacular sunset over the Andes with a view of the Apurimac canyon. If the sky is clear at night, we can see shooting stars and the Inca constellation with its milky way.

Summary of Hike between Chiquisca to Marampata

  • Start time of the walk: 05:30
  • Walking distance: 08 km / 4.9 miles
  • Walking time: 06 to 07 hours
  • Difficulty level: Challenging
  • Lowest elevation: 1,475 meters/ 4,839 feet
  • Highest peak: 2,850 meters/ 9,350 feet
  • Lodge Name: Marampata Hostel
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Day 03: Choquequirao Guided Tour Full-Day – Marampata Lodge

Today we have all day to explore the tourist area of ​​Choquequirao. We bring our box lunch to each explorer provided by the Marampata lodge. From MARAMPATA, WE WALK for 01-hour and 40 minutes until we reach the top of the Choquequirao ruins. We have a guided tour of the ruins through the parts that compose them and their surroundings.

Today we have two extra hiking alternatives to continue exploring the spectacular Choquequirao archaeological park: Visit the Llamas sector or the Choquequirao waterfalls. It is essential to mention that Choquequirao is ten times larger than Machu Picchu; 30 percent of the Choquequirao ruins are vegetation-free. Therefore, Choquequirao is quite large and is also considered the divine partner of Machu Picchu.

Now the question of why is the divine couple? A surrounding river surrounds Choquequirao and Machu Picchu; they also have the same microclimate, elevation, mountain range, and endless similarities. Visit it. You will be surprised. In the afternoon, we return to our LOCAL LODGING IN MARAMPATA to take a shower and have a nice last dinner in the community.

Summary of Hike between Chiquisca to Marampata

  • Start time of the walk: 08:30
  • Hiking distance: 07 km / 4.3 miles “the distances do extend according to the visits to Choquequirao”
  • Trekking time: 03 hours
  • Difficulty level: Moderate
  • Lowest elevation: 1,475 meters/ 4,839 feet
  • Highest peak: 2,850 meters/ 9,350 feet
  • Lodge Name: Marampata Hostel
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Day 04: Marampata to Capuliyoc – Cusco


Without breakfast at 04:30, we begin our trek with personal flashlights and calibrated walking sticks to descend the mountain to enter the depths of the APURÍMAC CANYON. Between MARAMPATA towards the Apurímac River, it takes us approximately 03 hours to walk.

We use the PLAYA-ROSALINA suspension bridge to cross the APURIMAC River and ascend the rocky mountain for approximately 1 hour until we reach the “CHIQUISCA” breakfast area.

At 10:00, we start our last section of the hike again, from CHIQUISCA TO CAPULIYOC, “03 hours and a half of hiking” Between 2:00 and 3:30 pm, we finish our hiking adventure through the Apurimac canyon. We have lunch in Capuliyoc, and then we travel back to Cusco.

Thank you for walking through Choquequirao Trek 4 Days by Lodge, thus contributing to the local economies of the different lodges of the trekking tourist circuit.

SUMMARY of the last TRACE to walk between the lodgings of MARAMPARA AND CAPULIYOC

  • Start time of the walk: 04:30
  • Trekking distance: 16 km / 9.9 miles
  • Hiking time: 08 to 09 hours
  • Difficulty level: Challenging
  • Lowest elevation: 1,475 meters/ 4,839 feet
  • Highest elevation: 2,862 meters/ 9,389 feet
  • Meals: Breakfast and Box Lunch


INCLUSION for the Choquequirao Trek 4 Days by Lodge

  • English-speaking bilingual tour guide (local tour guide coming from the city of Cusco who knows the area)
  • The pre-departure briefing at your hotel 1-2 days before your trip is “essential to clarify any doubts or questions.”
  • Pick up from your hotel and transfer to Capuliyoc from Cusco
  • All entrance tickets to the Choquequirao tourist circuit, as well as exit tickets for each LODGE (Local Hostel)
  • 03 nights of basic accommodation within the Choquequirao hiking circuit “there are towels and soaps.”
  • The local families of the hostels prepare local meals: Breakfast (03), lunch (02), and Dinner (03), with options for vegetarians and vegans.
    • 02 Box Lunch (Day 1, 4)
  • First aid kit and emergency oxygen bottle
  • Private transfer service from CAPULIYOC to CUSCO
  • All local taxes

Note: Hikers carry their equipment, so we recommend taking what you need on the hiking trail; the fewer, the better to enjoy our hiking adventure.

Choquequirao 4-Day Trek Lodge Stay NO INCLUSION.

  • Food: Breakfast on day 01 and Dinner on the last day
  • Canvas bags where you can put your personal belongings.
  • Cargo horses are to have personal items of 08 kg / 16 pounds per hiker
  • Tips for the entire crew (muleteers, cook, and guide) everything is well received with all love for the services of Choquequirao Trek 4 Days by Lodge

Travel Guide

FAQs About Choquequirao Trek 4 Days by Lodge

Take a journey to one of Peru’s most remote and untouched lands – Choquequirao! Experience the utmost luxury with this 4-day lodge trek and discover its incredible landscapes.

It is an alternative to walking to the ruins of Choquequirao. It is essential to mention that the families of all the shelters receive training to provide the best lodging and local food services. ON DAY 01, WE LEAVE CUSCO AT 06:00 am, NOT TOO EARLY NOR TOO LATE, to better enjoy our walks inside the Apurimac canyon and climb towards the Andes of Choquequirao in a total of 4 days of adventures.

The Choquequirao trek in Peru is one of the most famous adventures on the trip to Cusco. This trekking route takes four days and covers 62 kilometers in outward and return sections.

The tour is recommended for children over eight years old who enjoy hiking outdoors.

Older adults wishing to do the Choquequirao trek should be physically healthy. It is not recommended if they have heart problems.

Yes, the Choquequirao trek is an accessible route for the public. However, it is advisable to hire a tour agency as it includes everything you need: a Local professional guide, camping, food, entrance fees, etc.

The route is of moderate to great difficulty. It is recommended to be in good physical condition. However, with effort, anyone can complete the hike.

Yes, We offer the 8-day trek that includes visiting the archaeological site of Choquequirao and the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu.

The entrance to Choquequirao costs 60 soles for adults, 30 for university students, and 25 for children. These tickets are already included in the tour.

Don’t forget to bring with you: a sleeping bag, poncho in case of rain, comfortable sports clothes (that can withstand low temperatures), snacks, fruits, batteries, personal utensils, and objects that you think are necessary.

The tour has wide availability. It is recommended to make the purchase weeks in advance. This way, you can better organize the route.

The weather during the trek is warm and temperate, with temperatures ranging from 8ºC. to 24ºC. Maximum. Rains can occur on any day of the year, especially in January, February, and March.

On your own: Choquequirao is reached by Cusco or Abancay; the first destination is the town of Cachora; you ascend on foot to Choquequirao. The hike is one day, and the return is the same way.

Hiring your Choquequirao trek with Kondor Path Tours is the safest and most convenient way because they take care of all the trip’s logistics, and we must enjoy this exciting hike.

Choquequirao is 3,033 meters above sea level (m.a.s.l.).

Choquequirao houses Inca constructions as impressive as Machu Picchu, such as:

  • The Main Plaza,
  • The Colcas,
  • The Inca Cemetery,
  • The Kallankas,
  • The Ushnu,
  • Los Andenes, etc.

Choquequirao is still excavating; it is estimated that, to date, only 30% of the original Inca precinct has been restored.

Because of its geographical position, Choquequirao has a “temperate – warm” climate due to the Apurimac Canyon, alternating with cold temperatures at night; the average annual temperature is 17ºC.

Because Choquequirao has a “warm-temperate” climate, it is unlikely to suffer from altitude sickness or “Soroche.” Still, if this happens, we can drink the Coca Leaves tea, which is highly known for its healing and relaxing properties.

The Choquequirao tour is a unique and unforgettable experience; since it is a challenging, unique, and natural adventure, we will know the ancestral wonders of the Incas, accompanied by the satisfaction of feeling fulfilled at the culmination of this hike. To have an even more pleasant and safe experience, do not forget to contact Waman Adventures, a prestigious company from Cusco that will guide you in every moment of this incredible journey, along with quality and certified professionals that will make your trip the most memorable experience of your life.

It is necessary to acclimatize in the city of Cusco one or two days before starting the hike; for proper acclimatization, it is required to rest as much as possible, eat a little, and drink plenty of fluids.

It is also necessary to be in good physical and mental condition; this is a trek where the level of demand is higher than the Inca Trail or Salkantay.


COST Choquequirao Trek 4 Days by Lodge

Explore Peru’s great outdoors and marvel at stunning landscapes as you enjoy a 4-day Choquequirao Lodge Trek. Immerse yourself with KONDOR PATH TOURS in the beauty of the Andes!

PRICES PER PERSON [USD] 2023. As a private service, we carry out the Choquequirao Hiking Lodges for 04 days and 03 nights.

  • Solo travel is $953.
  • 02 participants $555. “Prices reduce if there are more people in your group.”
  • 03 participants $430.
  • 04 participants $355.
  • 05 participants $320.
  • 06 participants $290.
  • 07 participants $265.
  • 08 participants + $246.

* For the Choquequirao Lodges circuit, per room, 02 people or according to availability.
** Kondor Path Tours operates the Choquequirao Trek Lodges Trail 4 days


HOW TO BOOK Choquequirao Trek 4 Days by Lodge

4-Day Choquequirao Lodge Trek – Go off the beaten path and explore the extraordinary wilderness of Peru! Embark on this four-day Apurimac Canyon lodge trek to Choquequirao for an unforgettable adventure.

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    Step away from your everyday life and climb the majestic Andes with a 4-day lodge trek to Choquequirao! Experience one of Latin America’s most incredible landscapes.

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