Uros Islands Tour

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The floating island of the Uros is an excursion that lasts approximately 3 hours. From the port of Puno by boat, it takes about 18 minutes to step on the islands. The families offer souvenirs made of Totora reed.

Uros Island Tour

Uros islands lake Titicaca is fascinating how groups of inhabitants decided to inhabit and create their own spaces to live to preserve their knowledge and culture since the Inca era. When stepping on the island, it is like stepping on a mattress full of water. Each step we take reminds us of the ingenuity of the Inca descendants and their knowledge of the adaptations to Mother Nature. Take a ride in one of the Viking boats; excuse me, Inca boats. OPEN


Uros Island Tour Overview

We pick you up from your hotel at 9:00, and we start the tour “or other schedules.”  The Lake Titicaca Uros floating island occupies a small corner of the highest navigable lake in the World!

Sites to explore: A local English-speaking guide will teach you about the culture of Uros.


Why you will love this journey.

  • Visit the manufactured Uros Puno floating islands made entirely out of totora reed.
  • Enjoy and travel, exploring the living culture of the Titicaca people.
  • Uros is a perfect place for a travel experience. Enjoy your free time riding the waves of Titicaca.


Detailed Itinerary of our Puno Uros islands tour

The tour starts at 9:00 am to go to the floating islands

The floating islands: Currently, there are 125 handmade islands, between two and four local families live on their islands. The giant bulrush sedge material, the rafts are the primary means of transport within their community.

  • Discover the daily activities of the floating islands.
  • Travel distance: PUNO – UROS ISLANDS 14 km / 9 miles 25 minutes of navigation.
  • Altitude of Uros Island: 3810 meters / 12,500 ft
  • What are the Uros islands made of? Totora.
Additional information about this floating island Half Day
  • The expeditions are the English language. Our local guides speak English / Spanish Languages.
  • Feel free to climb on top of the boat to have the best pictures.
  • The boat drivers have experience navigating Lake Titicaca with licenses issued by the Peruvian government.
    • Customers have a place to sit inside the boat.
  • The main activities of the islanders are fishing, the sale of souvenirs, agriculture, and trade.
  • The whole tour is 3 hours.
  • Things to do
    • Take several pictures from the boat to the islands
    • Would you please take photos of the islanders and their families
    • Visit the tiny houses of the islanders
    • Take home Uros souvenir (optional)
    • Coca tea helps prevent altitude sickness
    • Let’s learn the customs of the islanders
  • Things not to do
    • Do not jump on the island; you can sink!
    • Do not swim in Lake Titicaca
  • There are no hotels on the floating islands.
    • The families offer homestay for explorers looking for the ultimate traditional experience.


This Uros Island Tour Includes

  • Active itinerary.
  • Tour in private service.
  • English speaking tour guide.
  • Round Trip Transportation by coach with air conditioning “Transfers from Puno city to Puno Port.”
  • Semi-fast boat on Lake Titicaca.
  • Entrance fee to Uros Island.
  • All Local Taxes.
Not Included in our half-day trip to the Floating Islands
  • Boat ride through Totora for 15 minutes near Uros Island.
  • Tips.
  • Taquile, La Paz – Bolivia, Lima.
  • Uros island stay.
What to bring for our Uros island homestay half-day
  1. A good daypack: Eagle Creek Afar Backpack or an appropriate pack to carry your personal belongings!
  2. One rain jacket “even if we are in the dry season” Rainy Season runs December through April.
  3. One warm/winter jacket/gloves, scarf – IMPORTANT “Changing weather all the time.”
  4. Bring some meds! Iron tablets and pills for altitude sickness.
  5. Sun protection cream (SPF 45 or higher recommended).
  6. Re-usable container to your water.
  7. Spending money – allow approximately US$ 35-50 per day to cover meals, snacks, drinks, limited souvenirs, laundry, tips, and any extras.

Price List

Uros Peru Floating Islands Half-Day Prices [USD]

PRICES PER PERSON [USD] 2022 | We run this tour only as a Private Service

  • Solo travel $120. “prices reduce if there are more people in your group.”
  • 02 participants $85.
  • 03 participants $67.
  • 04 participants $58.
  • 05 participants $50.
  • 06 participants $44.
  • 07 participants $38.
  • 08 participants to + $36.

Additional data

  1. The best trips, local food, and culture guides are in Puno, Peru.
  2. The official language of Uros is Aymara and Spanish.
  3. Our tourist services are in English; all our tour guides have official cards to drive organized groups.
  4. The perfect place to get the best panoramic views is from the top of the boat.
  5. You can explore La Paz – Bolivia, Lima, Taquile stay from the city of Puno.

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