Sacred Valley Tours and Cusco Tours and Day Trips

  • Cusco By Horse vs by Bike

    Cycling This is a popular one-day trip that passes beautiful Andean lakes and countryside and the sites of Maras and Moray. Moray has four circular terraces set into the earth like an artificial crater, while Maras is one of the most important salt mines in the region. If you don’t have much time and want […]

  • Hike Ccorca Canyon Tecsecocha 01-Day

    Ccorca is the union of the Royal Inca Trail, the nature of the Andes mountain, views of Cusco, and a walk through the rocks where one of the oldest cave paintings of the Cusco man dates back 2,000 years before Christ.

  • Waqrapukara Trek Full Day Tour

    Beautiful tour through the Apurimac canyon, this new full-day trek starts from Cusco to reach Waqrapukara ruins. The trail is truly a magnificent experience. Waqrapukara Trek – Waqra is a “horn” Pukara is equivalent to the force.

  • Q’eswachaka Inca Rope bridge tour: Full Day Tour

    Visit the last Inca bridge near Cusco. This great Qeswachaka tour full day takes you from Cuzco to Q’eswachaka to live the experience with the Andean people. Qeswachaka Tour Last Rope Bridge – a tradition that resists modernity in Peru.

  • Inkilltambo Trail Rumiwasi Half-Day

    The archaeological site of Inkilltambo is located on the outskirts of Cusco. To reach it can be accessed by three Inca Trail that departs from different parts of Cusco. On this expedition, also visit Rumi Wasi and Qolqanpata.

  • Humantay Lake Full Day Tour

    This Humantay lake tour is a full-day trip from Soraypampa in Cusco to the stunning lagoon with its turquoise waters. Enjoy this trek of the Salkantay route. Peru Humantay does locate in the Vilcabamba mountain range.

  • Sacsayhuaman Megalithic Tour

    Megalithic constructions do find throughout the Inca territory; one of the best examples is on the plain of Sacsayhuaman and its surroundings. Exploring these ruins requires a day to walk in each section.

  • Super Sacred Valley Full-Day Tour

    The tourist circuit of the Super Sacred Valley Full-Day Tour in the region of Cusco – Peru, is the perfect choice to enjoy exploring various Inca sites and unique scenic views of the Andes. Travel over Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Moray, Salinas, & Chinchero.

  • Full-Day Moray Private Tour

    There are four platform systems that we found in Moray. Plants from different parts of Peru were adapted, such as the jungle, the coast, and the mountains. When finding four platforms, it indicates that it is the sacred number.

  • Full-Day Moonstone Tour

    Live the excursion of the Killarumiyoq Quillarumiyoc, a temple of the moon in the north of Cusco. Observe the creation of a crescent in the megalithic rock carved by the ancient Incas.

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