Cutimbo Inca ruins tour

Price from: $ 74.00 USD (See: Price List)

Cutimbo Inca ruins tour

Price from: $ 74.00 USD (See: Price List)

The Chullpa of Cutimbo has located 18 km from the city of Puno. The funerary towers are square, built on top of a hill that dominates the highlands. To reach the top, we walk about 20 minutes.

Sillustani and Cutimbo Inca ruin tours are the perfect visits to understand the thoughts of millenary and ancestral times. In Cutimbo and Sillustani, we find round and square constructions; each is perfectly assembled among them, “being the perfection of the knowledge of the great Andean masters who lived in this part of the planet” explores each construction on their next trip to Peru. OPEN


Tour in Sillustani & Cutimbo Inca Ruins Overview

We will pick you up from your hotel at 9:00, and we will start the tour to Cutimbo.

Archaeological Sites to explore:

  1. Archeological site Chullpas of Sillustani
  2. Archeological site Chullpas of Cutimbo

Sillustani & Cutimbo Inca ruins tour, full-day info:

  • Travel distance: PUNO – SILLUSTANI 34 km / 21.1 miles.
  • Car distance: PUNO – CUTIMBO 22 km / 13.6 miles.
  • Altitude of Cutimbo: 4,023 meters / 13,198 feet.
  • Elevation of Sillustani: 3,900 meters / 12,795 feet.

Inca ruins in cutimbo Highlights | Why you will love this experience.

  • Explore the Andes taking pictures of landscapes and photos of ancient Inca ruins.
  • In a single day, visit the famous Chullpas of Sillustani and Cutimbo, exploring the metropolis of Lake Titicaca.
  • Free time stroll through Chullpas.
  • The images and photos of the Inca mausoleums are beautiful at sunset.
  • South America – Lake Titicaca – the best holidays 2021 – 2022.


Detailed Itinerary in Cutimbo Inca ruins tour half day

We will visit two important sites on this tour Cutimbo Inca ruins & Sillustani. To get to the top of Sillustani, where all the most incredible towers are, we have to walk 25 minutes on the right side of the trail.

Cutimbo Chullpas are square and gigantic. To get to Cutimbo, it takes 30 minutes walk.

Additional Information about this Cutimbo archaeological site

  • INC: The National Institute of Culture declared the Cutimbo Inca site a National Cultural Heritage of Peru.
  • Our excursions are in the English language.
  • Kondor vehicles used in the adventure have a periodic technical review and have a tourist operation license.
  • Great photographic images of the Andes with the ruins of Colla / Inca are incredible.
  • The Hatun Colla community has been the guardian of the enigmatic Chullpas Humayo.
  • The community of Cutimbo is responsible for preserving the complex for the development of its community.


Out tour in Cutimbo half-day tour included

  • Active itinerary.
  • English speaking tour guide.
  • Transportation with air conditioning.
  • Entrance fee to the archaeological sites of Sillustani and Cutimbo.
  • Box lunch.
  • All Local Taxes.

Sillustani & Cutimbo Inca Ruins tour does not include

  • Spending money – allow approximately US$ 35-50 per day to cover meals, snacks, drinks, limited souvenirs, laundry, tips, and any extras.
  • Meals.
  • Tips.

What to bring for Cutimbo Inca ruins tour.

  • A good daypack: Eagle Creek Afar Backpack or an appropriate pack to carry your personal belongings!
  • One rain jacket “even if we are in the dry season” Rainy Season runs from December through April.
  • One warm/winter jacket/gloves, scarf – IMPORTANT “Changing weather all the time.”
  • Bring some meds! Iron tablets and pills for altitude sickness.
  • Sun protection cream (SPF 45 or higher recommended).
  • Re-usable container to your water.
  • Extra money.


Tour Cutimbo Inca Ruins Prices [USD]

PRICES PER PERSON [USD] 2022 | We run this tour only as a Private Service

  • Solo travel $212. “prices reduce if more people are in your group.”
  • 02 customers 145.
  • 03 customers $110.
  • 04 customers $97.
  • 05 customers $86.
  • 06 customers $79.
  • 07 customers to + $74.

Additional data

  • The official language of Peru – Puno, is Spanish.
  • Peru – In tourist services, people speak the English language.
  • Our tour guides have a license issued by the university to lead organized groups.
  • Kondor Path Tours contact e-mail: –
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Cutimbo Inca Ruins

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