Short Inca Trail 2 Days

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This 2-day Inca trail is used by those who don`t want to endure the whole hike. It starts at Km 104, where a footbridge gives access to the ruins of Chachabamba, and the trail ascends to the main track at Wiñay-Wayna. Halfway up is a good view of the ruins of Choquesuysuy.

Short Inca Trail – The best Machu Picchu 2 day hike

The Short Inca Trail hike is used by those who don`t want to endure the classic Inca Trail. The one-day Inca trail to Machu Picchu starts at Km 104, where a footbridge gives access to the ruins of Chachabamba, and the trail ascends to the main track at Wiñay-Wayna. Halfway up is a good view of the ruins of Choquesuysuy. The first part is a steady, continuous three-hour ascent (take water), and the trail is narrow and exposed in parts. About 15 minutes before, Wiñay-Wayna is a waterfall. From Wiñaywayna, the one-day Inca Trail hike contours around through the cliff-hanging cloud forest and is very thin in places, so watch your step. It takes about two hours to reach Intipunku, or “gate of the sun,” the penultimate site on the trail. You`ll get your first view of Machu Picchu ruins from here. The descent from Intipunku to Machu Picchu takes almost an hour. Backpacks are not allowed into the ruins, and immediately upon arrival, park guards ask you to check your back at the lower entrance gate. Hikers spend the night in a hotel in Aguas Calientes and have an unforgettable dinner. On the second day, the Machu Picchu sunrise will bring you joy. The Mountains surround the Inca Trail, and the original dense vegetation is an unusual ecological variety. Welcome to the 1-day Inca Trail hike from km 104 to Machu Picchu!


The best Short Inca Trail tour in 2 days

Is this trip right for me? AT A GLANCE

Day 1: Cusco to Ollantaytambo, & train to Km. 104

Would you like to travel to the Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu?

One day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Description.

  • Pick up from your Hotel at 05:10 am private transport to Ollantaytambo Train Station (two hours of travel).
  • Train to Km 104
  • One-day Inca trail permit.
  • Explore three Inca sites along the Short Inca Trail:
    • Chachabamba small Inca site.
    • Wiñaywayna Inca site.
    • Inti Punku Inca site “Enjoy the views on the way to Mapi.”
  • Short inca trail distance: 11 km / 6.14 miles.
  • Trailhead elevation: KM 104 2,000 meters / 6,550 feet Altitude of the 2 day Inca trail
  • Highest point elevation: Inti Punku (the Sun Gate – Inti Punku) 2,720 meters /8,920 feet.
  • Hiking hours: 6-hour walk
  • 02-day Inca trail hike difficulty: Moderate-easy.
  • Meals: one box lunch hikers and tour guide.
  • First glimpse of Machu Picchu.
  • One bus ticket
  • One night hotel in a three STAR hotel in Aguas Calientes “hotel ***, or El Presidente hotel **.”

Day 2: Machu Picchu

  • At 05:00 am, Buffet breakfast at the hotel.
  • Bus service from the town of Aguas Calientes to the Inca site.
  • At 7:30 a.m., The guided 2-hour tour begins to explore the Inca citadel.
    • The tour guide begins the tour of the Inca guardhouse and ends at the temple of the condor.
  • Climb to Huayna Picchu (Optional not included– book in advance with us).
  • At 12:30 noon, take the bus to Aguas Calientes village.
  • From 13:00 to 14:00, take lunch at a local restaurant “recommended Indio Feliz; book in advance.”
  • PM: Train return to Ollantaytambo and Cusco.


Why you will love this experience.

  • Walk the legendary path of the Incas, winding through the spectacular scenery of the Peruvian Andes.
  • Enjoy a one-day Inca trail hike & the Gate of the Sun “Inti Punku” is one of the most fantastic attractions in the world. The Camino Sagrado is a one-day trek, giving you an unforgettable experience. You can enter Machu Picchu directly from the trail.



Day 1: Cusco – 1-day Inca trail hike from km 104 to Machu Picchu

We have several Inca sites to explore; like the ruins of Chachabamba, Wiñay-Wayna, Intipunku, and Machu Picchu. The combination of the Andes and the jungle is unique in the area.

Short Inca trail difficulty: Challenged – Moderate and Easy

Day 2: The Short Inca trail and 02-hour Guided Tour

The guided tour lasts for 02 hours, exploring all the parts that make up this magnificent Inca citadel.

Regulations in the Inca Trail 

  • Travelers can re-enter Machupicchu for the second time with a new ticket
  • Huayna Picchu, it is necessary to buy a new key for Machupicchu plus Huayna Picchu
    • The first group of visitors enters at 7:00 a.m.
    • The second group of visitors enters at 10:00 a.m.
  • Prices for 2021 are subject to the provisions of the Inca Trail network “INC Peru and Sernanp.”
  • The start date of the Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is the start date of the activities; there are no changes to dates, and the spaces are not transferable.
  • The Historical Sanctuary is home to 450 species of birds, and please do not feed them.
  • The new regulation; Tour guides can only enter the archaeological group 3 times a day.

Recommendation to our clients about the Machu Picchu 2 day hike

  • For groups of 9 to 16 people, there are two professional guides.
  • There is no water service on the adventure trail; Bring extra water, like three small bottles of 700 milliliters.
  • Bus service.
    • The activities of AGUAS CALIENTES – MAPI begin at 5:00 a.m.


Includes for best Short Inca Trail 2 days


  • Pick up from your Hotel at 05:10 am. Private transport to Ollantaytambo Train Station (the trip lasts 02 hours).
  • Customers train – Expedition 81, 83, 33 (The starting point of hiking).
  • Tour Guide train – A train ticket from OLLANTA one way, the guide travels on the same train as the visitors.
  • English-speaking tour guide.
  • Entrance fees for the 2-day trek and Machu Picchu Sanctuary.
  • Admission document to by SERNANP “National Service of Natural Protected Areas.”
  • Oxygen bottle.
  • First aid kit.
  • 01 bus ticket Machu Picchu to Aguas Calientes village on day 01.
  • 01-night hotel three stars in the town of Aguas Calientes “Andina Luxury hotel.”
  • Meals (1 box lunch “customers carry their lunch box,” 1 buffet breakfast).
  • Round trip bus ticket
  • 02 hour guided tour of Machu Picchu
  • Train return (Exp. 74, 34) to Ollantaytambo and private transport to Cusco.
  • All local taxes.

Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu EXCLUSION

  • Hotel or Airbnb.
  • Breakfast and Dinner on the 1st day, Lunch on the 2nd day, drinks, snacks, or water.
  • Huayna Picchu entrance.
  • Half Porter to carry 7 kg / 15 lb. of personal items $ 120.
  • Full Porter to carry 14 kg / 30 lb. of personal items $ 160.
  • Upgrade Vistadome train by Peru Rail $75.
  • Upgrade The 360° train by Inca Rail $75.
  • Phone calls/Radio calls or messages
  • Insurance of any kind.
  • Tips: guides, drivers, porters

01-day hike, Trekking equipment list/travel checklist

  1. Original passport!
  2. You only need to carry a small day backpack.
  3. Water to drink on a hike (2 liters).
  4. Trekking shoes.
  5. Waterproof jacket.
  6. Comfortable trousers/Sun hat or cap “essential.”
  7. Sun protection cream.
  8. Personal medication
  9. Basic toiletries.
  10. Camera and film.
  11. Cash in local currency to purchase items.
  12. Optional items to Bring: Bandages or moleskin/Sandals.

Travel Facts

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Two-day Short Inca Trail Length?

Short Inca Trail Distance: 11 km / 6.14 miles. Five hours of walking “3 hours of ascent and two hours of semi-plane and descent”.


Short Inca trail Cost PER PERSON 2021 – 2022 [USD].

*Based on DOUBLE room accommodation.

  • Solo travel $750.
  • Two clients $550.
  • Three people $510.
  • Four tourists $470.
  • Five visitors $467.
  • Six travelers $447.
  • Seven explorers + $444.

* The company operates the 2 day Short Inca Trail hike.
** Student discounts $ 20 off per person.

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