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Palcoyo Mountain Tour

Price from: $ 86.00 USD (See: Price List)

Palcoyo Mountain Tour

Price from: $ 86.00 USD (See: Price List)

Uncover hidden beauty at the legendary Palccoyo Alternative Rainbow Mountain with a tour guide! Go on an unforgettable journey and see the mountain’s many jaw-dropping colors.

Epic Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain Tour Full Day

Rainbow Mountain Palccoyo Tour from Cusco – The trail from Palcoyo is leisurely shorter and primarily semi-flat, with incredible panoramic views of the Andes and the colorful mountains. Enjoy the gentle walk from Palccoyo in the magnificent landscape near the Ausangate glacier. Spend a great day exploring the Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain Tour Full Day southwest of Cusco.

Explore the fascinating geological features of the outcrop of irregular rocks in a valley of rocks in front of the formation of 3 rainbow mountains of Palccoyo. Discover this new attraction in the Peruvian Andes and admire the unique landscape of the Ausangate Mountain.

Experience Peru entirely differently on a guided Rainbow Mountain Private Tour! Enjoy stunning views, adventure, and cultural immersion.

Exploring Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain, nestled in the highlands of Peru: Take an adventure to one of Peru’s most awe-inspiring natural wonders – Soar above the clouds and take in stunning views of the Andes Mountains. Journey through the stunning landscape and experience unique tours with local guides.


Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain Tour Full Day – Overview

Ready for an adventure? Follow us to Palccoyo Alternative Rainbow Mountain in Peru for one of life’s most colorful and fulfilling experiences. Tour guides await!

Is Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain right for me?


  • Pick-Up Locations: Any Cusco Hotel.
  • DOOR-TO-DOOR PICK-UP AND RETURN: We will pick you up and leave you directly at the reception of your Cusco hotel.
  • Departing time Rainbow Mountain Private Tour from Cusco: at 5:30
  • Travel time from Cusco to Palccoyo: 3 and a half hours travel by vehicle.
  • The elevation at the beginning of the light walk is 4,800 meters / 15,780 feet.
  • Walking distance: 2.5km / 1.2 miles – The same return mileage.
  • Rainbow trek Palcoyo duration: This walk lasts 25 minutes.
  • Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain Altitude: 4,900 m / 16,076 ft.
  • Tour difficulty: The walk-in to Palcoyo is relatively short and smooth to reach the marked points of view.
  • To preserve box lunch, we use coolers.
  • Time of return to Cusco: Between 16:30 to 17:30

Meet your experienced tour guide and explore Private Tour Rainbow Mountain: one of Peru’s most popular destinations and home to stunning multicolored landscapes. Come marvel at this remarkable phenomenon!

Rainbow Mountain Private Tour Highlights

Why you will love this experience.

  • Traversing the rugged terrain of Palccoyo Alternative Rainbow Mountain, explore its incredible high-altitude landscapes in a guided tour filled with vibrant colors and views.
  • To explore, the virgin Andes glacier mountain is off the beaten track. Enjoy a spectacular Palccoyo trek in Peru.
  • Immerse yourself with Kondor Path Tours in the natural beauty of Peru’s Rainbow Mountain Palccoyo Tour– stunning views and majestic hues await you on this one-day tour!


Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain Tour Full Day – Detailed Itinerary

Experience a truly magical Private Tour Rainbow Mountain excursion, with epic views and vibrant colors that will leave you speechless. Explore one of Peru’s hidden gems today!

At 5:30 am. The tour guide and the vehicle driver go to the clients’ hotel to start the trip to the southwest of Cusco; the travel time is 3 hours and a half. Upon reaching the town of Combapata, we begin the ascent towards the Andes, following a dirt road until we get to the beginning of the walk.

The Palccoyo hike is light; it takes about 25 minutes to reach the three viewpoints and observe three rainbow mountains with incredible views of the Andes and mountain ranges. Each Rainbow Mountain of Palccoyo is spectacularly multicolored; one more than another stands out on the trek to the top of the third rainbow mountain.

There is the option of going to the valley of rocks after the hiking circuit of the rainbow mountain of Palccoyo; At the top of the Valley of the Stones, you have a beautiful view of the three rainbow mountains in all their splendor, so it is recommended for the most adventurous to go up to the Valley of the Rocks in Palccoyo.

Palccoyo Alternative Rainbow Mountain Notes
  1. The most exciting excursion is through Palccoyo, one of the innovative tourist attractions south of Cusco. Scenic beauty awaits us in this adventure.
  2. The walk is moderate to easy, observing four colored hills. Enjoy this magic of the Andes with Kondor Path Tours.
  3. Private Tour Rainbow Mountain has the best pictures and looks closely at the alpacas and llamas.
  4. Remember to go in warm clothes, windbreaks, and hiking shoes. Ideally, the backpack that you carry is light.
  5. You can already see one of the colorful mountains from the parking lot. The hiking includes a gentle walk around Rainbow Mountain and the Rocky Mountains after enjoying the beautiful scenery and taking amazing photos. Explore alternative rainbow mountain tours to Palccoyo. After taking pictures and videos, going to the stone forest area is an option.


Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain Tour Full Day Inclusion

  • Spectacular activities towards the stunning Rainbow Mountain of Palccoyo in Peru.
  • English-speaking guide
  • Roundtrip transportation by coach with air conditioning around the excursions of Palccoyo
  • Entrance ticket to the circuit of Palccoyo, Cusco.
  • Meals: Box lunch.
  • A first aid kit plus a portable oxygen cylinder.
  • All local Peruvian taxes

Note: The vehicles to use “see the photo in prices.”

Palcoyo Mountain Tour not includes

  • Cusco Hotel or Airbnb.
  • Breakfast: You can arrange it with your hotel in Cusco so that they provide you with a breakfast box to take away or, failing that, take snacks with you.
  • Water: Indispensable at least 2 liters of water or, failing that, carry two 700-milliliter bottles to stay hydrated on the hike to Rainbow Mountain in Palccoyo.
  • Tip at discretion for the team of workers “tour guide and driver.”

What to bring to Rainbow Mountain Private Tour

  • An excellent daypack to carry your personal belongings!
  • One rain jacket: Always wear rain gear even in the dry season between May and December, but in the Andes, some drizzle could fall in those months. The rainy season is between January to mid-April; bring full rain gear.
  • A warm jacket, winter gloves, and scarf – IMPORTANT “Weather in the Andes is changeable all the time, and being prepared is much better.”
  • Bring your first aid kit according to the personal health of each visitor.
    • Iron tablets and pills for altitude sickness.
  • Sun protection cream (SPF 55 or higher is recommended). The solar radiation in the Andes is quite intense, so it is essential to bring excellent sunscreen.
  • Reusable bottles for your water, let’s keep the tourist circuit of the rainbow mountain of Palccoyo in Peru green and clean.
  • Extra money.

Travel Guide

Read all frequently asked questions about Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain Tour Full Day.

Travel By vehicle.

  • Paved road: Cusco to Checacupe – Combapata, 2 hours and 40-minute trip – Distance 107.78 km / 66.97 miles.
  • Dirt road: Combapata to Palccoyo, 50-minute trip – Distance 31.00 km / 19.82 miles

The two places are beautiful for their natural tourist attractions. Between Palcoyo vs. Vinicunca, what would be the adventure of the lightest? The most leisurely excursion is from Palccoyo, just 25 minutes on foot.

Palccoyo cold floor (Palccoyo rainbow mountain altitude: 4,000 to 5,000 m/ 13,123 to 16,404 ft.). The weather is cold, with high atmospheric dryness and thermal variations.

  1. Autumn: from March 22 to June 21. There are sunny days, with some rainy days.
  2. Winter: from June 22 to September 22. Great days and some snow.
  3. Spring: from September 23 to December 21. Some rainy days.
  4. Summer: from December 22 to March 21. The rains officially begin in the Andes.

Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain is a colorful mountain range located in the Cusco region of Peru.

The best way to reach Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain is by taking a guided tour with a reputable tour operator like Kondor Path Tours.

The Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain tour takes a full day, typically starting early in the morning and returning to Cusco in the evening.

The Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain tour includes transportation, a professional guide, entrance fees, and lunch.

You should bring warm clothing, comfortable hiking shoes, sunscreen, a hat, a camera, and a water bottle.

The hike to Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain is considered easy to moderate, suitable for most people with a basic level of fitness.

It is possible to visit Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain on your own, but it is highly recommended to take a guided tour for safety reasons.

The altitude of Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain is around 4,900 meters (16,000 feet) above sea level.

The weather at Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain is typically cold and dry, with temperatures ranging from -5°C to 10°C.

There are restrooms available at the entrance to Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain.

Yes, it is possible to ride a horse to Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain, but it must be arranged in advance with your tour operator.

The best time of year to visit Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain is during the dry season, from April to October.

The cancellation policy for the Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain tour varies depending on the tour operator. Contact Kondor Path Tours for their cancellation policy.

Yes, the Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain tour is suitable for children, but it is important to consider their ability to handle the altitude and the hike.

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own food on the Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain tour, but lunch is provided by Kondor Path Tours.

The maximum group size for the Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain tour varies depending on the tour operator. Contact Kondor Path Tours for their group size policy.

The minimum group size for the Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain tour varies depending on the tour operator. Contact Kondor Path Tours for their minimum group size policy.

The ability to change your tour date for the Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain tour depends on the tour operator’s policy. Contact Kondor Path Tours for their tour date change policy.

Palcoyo Mountain Day Hike

Palcoyo Mountain Day Hike


Rainbow Mountain Private Tour Cost

PRICES PER PERSON [USD] 2023 | We run this trip only as a private service.


  • Solo travel is $289. “prices reduce if more people are in your group.”
  • 02 participants $179.
  • 03 participants $142.
  • 04 participants $118.
  • 05 participants $110.
  • 06 participants $100.
  • 07 participants $93.
  • 08 participants + $86.

Discover the beauty of Rainbow Mountain Palccoyo Tour on an unforgettable guided tour! Join us for breathtaking views, fun activities, and a unique experience.



Join this unforgettable Private Tour Rainbow Mountain tour, where you can marvel at its breathtaking landscapes and spectacular colors! Book your experience now for a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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    Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain

    Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain

    Kristi V
    Kristi V
    Alittle bit of everything We had a last minute change of plans when it came to our tour. We were supposed to visit the rainbow mountain but with the recent protesting we called to see if we could change last minute and they were very accommodating. Odon and Fernando were amazing! They took us to see multiple attractions and made us feel very at home. And kudos to Renee for the amazing driving. I would highly recommend using this company for a tour. We will definitely use them if we ever come back!
    Anthony O
    Anthony O
    Atv Tour Odin and Fernando were great as well as our driver Rene. Very informative about the city of Cusco. Enjoyed our tour with this company and these individuals who took us around. Great time! Highly recommend!!!
    Family vacation Kondor path tours arranged a couple of private tours on our last vacation in Peru. Our first tour was the Rainbow Mountains and the next day we did the sacred Valley Tour.The administrative services were excellent, we met at our hotel the day before our tours and our head guide, Fredy, explained everything perfectly, including what to wear and bring for each tour. On the tour days, our guides (Fredy and Juan Carlos) and driver (Juan Carlos) were great! very knowledgeable, considerate about our party, always helpful and ready to answer questions and meet the expectations (completely different expectations because we had different ages in our party (from 11 to 69 years)) of each party member.The rainbow mountain is awesome and is is really helpful to go with a guide that knows about the area, but also about hiking!!!
    Excellent guide who stays with you for the entire day The Vinicunca one-day horse tour was fantastic. The friendly and informative Freddy guided us for the entire bus ride and mountain trek. He knew where to stand to get the best photos and made everything fun and accommodating. The horse ride up made it much easier to enjoy the final hike. Lunch was large and tasty. Door to door service.
    Awesome Service and Tours Fernando and Patricia were SUPER responsive - usually responded to emails within 10 minutes!!. The arrangements they made for Cusco, Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley, and surrounding areas were awesome.They were waiting for us at the airport and did everything we asked them. Our guide for the four days was Herberth and driver was Juan Carlos. Both were SUPER SUPER great. Juan Carlos was such an amazingly pleasant driver with cute stories. He also was a very safe driver. Herberth was very knowledgable and helpful. Took us all over the places with details about the history and details. We had friends who were not able to climb much and they accommodated us all.On the day we had planned to do rainbow mountain we did not feel great and emailed Fernando at 5am and he responded within 5 minutes with other options for us to do that day. Overall, if you are going to Peru and want to visit the historic sites, you SHOULD go with these people. They are SUPERB!!
    Great memories for our family We went for a tour to the rainbow mountain, service was excellent and then we decided to go for another tour on the next day to the sacred valley, it was also excellent. Our guide was Fredy and our driver was Juan Carlos, two excellent people, honest and respectful. I recommend them. Gracias por todo, lo pasamos increíble.
    Rainbow Trek and Horseback Riding A group of 7 of us did a One Day Rainbow Trek and Horseback Riding. Freddy was our guide and he was prompt and with us every moment of the journey. They were so accommodating to move the debrief meeting the night before because we had a food tour that evening. Freddy had so much energy, knowledge, and excitement to share with us about his native homeland. In addition, he made sure that we were well taken care of when one of us was actually sick from the altitude. It was such an amazing experience and Freddy made sure we got the best of it. Thank you! Highly recommend Kondor Path Tours.
    Ido I
    Ido I
    MachuPicchu trek We had an amazing experience with the one day trek and the day after visit to the MachuPicchu site with Hober Guia, this guide is very knowledgeable of the history and culture, patient and kind and took care of all of our needs. The tour was arranged perfectly taking care of all small details. Very much recommend!
    Maras Moray hike We recently did this hike with Bonnet. She was a highly experienced guide. V good English. Judged our ability well and made for a great day out.
    MachuPicchu and Rainbow Moutain We worked with Kondor Path for two tours, of Machu Picchu and Rainbow Mountain. Everything they did was well organized, well documented, well communicated. The two guides and the driver were great, very friendly and knowledgeable. All were bilingual (English and Spanish). At Rainbow Mountain we rode horses to the base of the really steep part of the mountain (this saved some 7 km of hiking). But that last part was quite difficult! I'm glad I had prepared and gotten conditioned.

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