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Cusco City Tour – Half Day

Price from: $ 28.00 USD (See: Price List)

Cusco City Tour – Half Day

Price from: $ 28.00 USD (See: Price List)

Private Cusco City Tour – Immerse yourself with KONDOR PATH TOURS in Cusco’s diverse culture and beautiful sights with this memorable half day city tour. Learn more about the fascinating history while having a great time!

The Best Private Cusco City Tour, Differently!

Cusco Half Day City Tour – Explore the impressive four Inca ruins on the outskirts of Cusco, “Sacsayhuaman, Qenqo, Puca Pucara, and Tambomachay,” in a unique visit to the incredible scenic landscapes of the Andes. Ideal tourist circuit to start exploring Cusco or acclimatize to the Andes.

Discover the majestic city of Cusco Half Day Tour and its history on an unforgettable tour – led by experienced local guides! Get ready to explore what this ancient Inca capital has to offer.

Cusco Ruins Tour (The City) – Experience Cusco’s rich history and culture on a half-day ruins tour! Wander through colonial Incan sites, learn about legendary Inca leaders, and uncover the secrets of an ancient civilization as you explore the city’s most famous archeological sites.


Cusco Half Day City Tour Overview

Discover the fascinating history of Cusco with our expert city tour guides! Explore Peru’s former capital and learn about its culture, architecture, and local attractions.

Is the Private Cusco City Tour right for me?

Uncover Cusco’s secrets with this fantastic city tour! Learn about its age-old culture, exciting sites, and historical attractions in just half a day.

AT A GLANCE – Why you will love this experience.

  • Tour Location: The City of Cusco in southern Peru
  • Tour type: Half Day Tour in Cusco – private and personalized enhanced tour
  • Tour duration: 4 hours
  • The departure time of the tourist excursion: During the morning at noon or the afternoon, we also adapt to the most convenient time for the group of travelers
  • Do you need to book in advance? Yes.
  • Pick-up location: At the client’s Hotel’s reception or directly from the Cusco airport, etc., write to us.
  • Physical Category: There are easy to moderate short walks involved.
    • Tourist circuit designed for all ages (children, adolescents, adults)
  • End of the Tour: We drop you off at your Hotel or others.
  • Customizable: Yes! There are custom and private plugins available. Add Cusco City Tour Half Day before any tour or trek to Machu Picchu to acclimatize. This is a MUST-do half-day tour in Cusco, NOT to be missed!


Pick-up time and the start of the tour: 09:30 – Less congested excursion; if the group of visitors requires another schedule, write to us.

  1. Tambomachay ruins the fountain dedicated to the Inca princess and the water of eternal youth.
  2. Puca Pucara ruins: Puca Pucara was part of the defense of Cusco.
  3. Qenqo ruins: Inca semicircular amphitheater and underground altar temple of Pachamama.
  4. Sacsayhuaman ruins Inca megalithic construction; each stone weighs between half and 170 tons.

Kondor Path Tours, a 100% local tour operator based in Cusco, officially operates this trip.

Private Cusco City Tour Highlights

Half-Day Highlights of Historic Cusco – See it All on A City Tour

  • Uncover Peru’s capital city’s history, culture, and beauty in a fun and informative Cusco City Tour Half Day in Peru. Don’t miss out!
  • Witness the Peruvian mix of Inca and colonial architecture in the capital of the Incas! An incredible, cosmopolitan, beautiful city of Cuzco, explore the charm of Cusco.
  • Experience the beauty and culture of Cusco on the ultimate Half Day City Tour Cusco! Our knowledgeable local guides will show you around this stunning ancient Inca capital and all it offers.


Cusco Half Day City Tour Itinerary

At 09:30, our tour guide and driver of the Kondor Path Tours vehicle go to the Hotel of the travelers’ group to start the trip visiting the four spectacular ruins of Cusco located to the northwest and on the city’s outskirts. We have incredible panoramic views of the Andes Mountains and its inter-Andean valleys throughout the tourist circuit.

In the first instance, marvel at the excellent construction of the Sacsayhuaman temple with its unique megalithic structures in all of Peru. Continue exploring the Qenqo ruins by walking through the underground royal mausoleum and amphitheater plaza.

Finish the guided tours of the Cusco City Tour Half Day with the ruins of Puca Pucara and Tambomachay! The two archaeological sites have a visual connection as ritual sources. Return to Cusco, but before that, we stop at one of the most spectacular viewpoints in the city of Cusco, either the Cristo Blanco or the San Cristóbal viewpoint.

EXPLORE Cusco Inca ruins:

Ready for an unforgettable experience exploring one of the oldest cities on Earth? Join this half-day city tour in Cusco for an overwhelmingly unique experience in Peru!

  1. Sacsayhuaman ruins have a combination of extraordinary Inca architecture, being the most prominent. It consists of three overlapping platforms with an average length of 360 meters. In its structure, you can see stones up to 9 meters high! You can enjoy the magnificent view of Cusco city and the beautiful scenery formed by the surrounding mountains.
  2. Qenqo ruins are 1 km from Sacsayhuaman; this complex is a worship center for Inca rituals. The most notable feature of this complex is an open-air theater. Looking back, we have 19 trapezoidal niches. Today, you can see fascinating buildings, fountains, aqueducts, and several Incan walls.
  3. Puca Pucara ruins. From here, the Inca soldiers were looking at the west Inca trail. On top of the Inca building, we have a 360-degree view of the Andes area.
  4. Tambomachay ruins: Explore the beautiful fountain of Tambomachay; the Incas worshiped the spring water. Our flexible travel allows our visitors to create and enjoy unforgettable experiences.

NOTE: The tour guide in charge may modify the order of the places you visit to avoid overcrowding.

Private Cusco City Tour Useful Information

Maximum altitude: Tambomachay ruins 12,588 feet (3,837 meters)
Minimum altitude: Sacsayhuaman ruins 11,820 feet (3,603 meters)


Cusco Half Day City Tour INCLUSION

  • Active itinerary with unique cultural features.
  • Excellent English-speaking tour guide
  • Private tourist transport.
    • The vehicle size varies according to the group size; We have vans, minibusses, and buses.
    • All our vehicles have a first aid kit and a medium tank of portable medicated oxygen for any eventuality.
    • Transfer service to and from the Hotel
  • All local Peruvian taxes

Note: The vehicles to use “see the photo in prices.”

Private Cusco City Tour NO INCLUSION

  • Cusco Hotel or Airbnb.
  • CUSCO TOURIST TICKET BTG. This ticket allows entrance to many sites in and around Cusco and costs 130 Peruvian Soles (approx US$45). The entrance ticket is valid for ten days to carry out the tourist circuit of Cusco, Sacred Valley, South Valley, and Moray.
    • PARTIAL TICKETS. Cost S/ 70 Peruvian Soles (approx US$25). You can buy separate tickets if you don’t have the time or inclination to visit all the attractions on the “General Ticket” listed above.
  • Pachamanca: A traditional Peruvian dish baked with the aid of hot stones.
  • Items of a personal nature.
  • Tipping – an entirely personal gesture (Tour Guide and Driver)

Items to Bring to Cusco Half Day Tour

  • Tennis Shoes
  • Rain poncho (Rainy Season December to March)
  • Windbreaker
  • T-shirts / Sunhat
  • Sun protection cream (SPF 45 or higher recommended)
  • Water
  • Camera/film
  • Cash in local currency to purchase items.

Travel Guide

Faqs about Cusco Half Day City Tour

Join us as we explore one of the most beautiful cities in South America: Cusco Half Day Tour! On our guided tour, visit all its must-see landmarks, plus learn about its unique culture & history.

The capital  is Cusco.

Cusco is located in the central and southern part of Peru, approximately 1,494 km from Lima.

The altitude is 3,399 meters above sea level.

The climate in Cusco is cold and dry, with an average annual temperature of 11°C. The rainy season is from November to April.

Cusco has an area of 71,892 km2.

Because it was the political and territorial center of the Inca Empire and is believed to be the navel of the world.

Cusco has a legacy from the Inca Empire, known for its impressive engineering feats using stone as the main tool.

Cusco was inhabited by primitive settlers about three thousand years ago. According to legend, Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo emerged from Lake Titicaca in the 12th century to found a new kingdom and improve the conditions of life for the people. They founded the city of Cusco, also called Qosqo or Cuzco, which means “the navel of the world.”

On March 23, 1534, and built a Spanish city on the Inca foundations.

The most important rebellion against Spanish rule in Cusco during the colonial period was led by José Gabriel Condorcanqui (Túpac Amaru II) in 1781. There were also rebellions led by the Angulo brothers and Mateo Pumacahua in 1814.

Cusco became a republic in 1825.

Machu Picchu, was discovered by Hiran Bighman in 1910, is of great significance to Cusco as it is a well-preserved Inca site.

Cusco is known for being an Andean city located in the mountains that provides travelers with access to the majestic Andes, famous Inca archaeological sites, and of course, the famous Machu Picchu archaeological park. It is also the gateway to the Sacred Valley, Inca Trail, and the Manu and Tambopata reserves.

The Plaza de Armas is the main square in Cusco, surrounded by a beautiful cathedral and two churches, the Church of Triumph and the Church of Jesus Maria. It is an excellent starting point for exploring the ancient Inca city.

San Blas is a neighborhood in Cusco located on a small hill just a few minutes from the city center. It is characterized by its narrow cobblestone streets, where you can find shops and cozy restaurants for breakfast, coffee, or traditional pizza cooked in clay ovens.

The Pachacuteq Ovalo viewpoint in Cusco offers spectacular views of the city from the statue of the Inca leader “Pachacuteq,” which stands tall on top of the hill. If climbing the stairs of this viewpoint is not enough for you, take on the challenge of hiking to the giant white Christ statue located on top of the city, which dominates the valley of Cusco.

Qorikancha is an Inca archaeological monument that once functioned as one of the most important Inca temples in Cusco.

Sacsayhuaman is a large Inca walled complex located outside the city of Cusco.

Cusco offers a variety of outdoor activities such as rafting, mountain biking, horseback riding, paragliding, and ziplining. Visitors can also relax in the hot springs of Lares, Santa Teresa, and Aguas Calientes.

The main reason people visit Cusco is to access the famous Machu Picchu archaeological site, which is located nearby.


Cusco Half Day City Tour COST

We run this tour only as a PRIVATE SERVICE

  • Solo travel is $100. “prices reduce if there are more people in your group.”
  • 02 persons $68.
  • 03 persons $54.
  • 04 persons $43.
  • 05 persons $37.
  • 06 persons $34.
  • 07 persons $30.
  • 08 persons + $28.

Private Cusco city tour price
*We do not add other people to your group.

As we explore some of Cusco’s most iconic sites on an epic Private Cusco City Tour half day, take a journey through time. Get close to ancient ruins, uncover vibrant Inca and colonial squares, and more!



Cusco Half Day City Tour – Make the most of your stay in Cusco with a half day city tour! Learn about its history, culture, and customs. Get an unforgettable experience!

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    Cusco Half Day Tour

    Cusco Half Day Tour

    Kristi V
    Kristi V
    Alittle bit of everything We had a last minute change of plans when it came to our tour. We were supposed to visit the rainbow mountain but with the recent protesting we called to see if we could change last minute and they were very accommodating. Odon and Fernando were amazing! They took us to see multiple attractions and made us feel very at home. And kudos to Renee for the amazing driving. I would highly recommend using this company for a tour. We will definitely use them if we ever come back!
    Anthony O
    Anthony O
    Atv Tour Odin and Fernando were great as well as our driver Rene. Very informative about the city of Cusco. Enjoyed our tour with this company and these individuals who took us around. Great time! Highly recommend!!!
    Family vacation Kondor path tours arranged a couple of private tours on our last vacation in Peru. Our first tour was the Rainbow Mountains and the next day we did the sacred Valley Tour.The administrative services were excellent, we met at our hotel the day before our tours and our head guide, Fredy, explained everything perfectly, including what to wear and bring for each tour. On the tour days, our guides (Fredy and Juan Carlos) and driver (Juan Carlos) were great! very knowledgeable, considerate about our party, always helpful and ready to answer questions and meet the expectations (completely different expectations because we had different ages in our party (from 11 to 69 years)) of each party member.The rainbow mountain is awesome and is is really helpful to go with a guide that knows about the area, but also about hiking!!!
    Excellent guide who stays with you for the entire day The Vinicunca one-day horse tour was fantastic. The friendly and informative Freddy guided us for the entire bus ride and mountain trek. He knew where to stand to get the best photos and made everything fun and accommodating. The horse ride up made it much easier to enjoy the final hike. Lunch was large and tasty. Door to door service.
    Awesome Service and Tours Fernando and Patricia were SUPER responsive - usually responded to emails within 10 minutes!!. The arrangements they made for Cusco, Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley, and surrounding areas were awesome.They were waiting for us at the airport and did everything we asked them. Our guide for the four days was Herberth and driver was Juan Carlos. Both were SUPER SUPER great. Juan Carlos was such an amazingly pleasant driver with cute stories. He also was a very safe driver. Herberth was very knowledgable and helpful. Took us all over the places with details about the history and details. We had friends who were not able to climb much and they accommodated us all.On the day we had planned to do rainbow mountain we did not feel great and emailed Fernando at 5am and he responded within 5 minutes with other options for us to do that day. Overall, if you are going to Peru and want to visit the historic sites, you SHOULD go with these people. They are SUPERB!!
    Great memories for our family We went for a tour to the rainbow mountain, service was excellent and then we decided to go for another tour on the next day to the sacred valley, it was also excellent. Our guide was Fredy and our driver was Juan Carlos, two excellent people, honest and respectful. I recommend them. Gracias por todo, lo pasamos increíble.
    Rainbow Trek and Horseback Riding A group of 7 of us did a One Day Rainbow Trek and Horseback Riding. Freddy was our guide and he was prompt and with us every moment of the journey. They were so accommodating to move the debrief meeting the night before because we had a food tour that evening. Freddy had so much energy, knowledge, and excitement to share with us about his native homeland. In addition, he made sure that we were well taken care of when one of us was actually sick from the altitude. It was such an amazing experience and Freddy made sure we got the best of it. Thank you! Highly recommend Kondor Path Tours.
    Ido I
    Ido I
    MachuPicchu trek We had an amazing experience with the one day trek and the day after visit to the MachuPicchu site with Hober Guia, this guide is very knowledgeable of the history and culture, patient and kind and took care of all of our needs. The tour was arranged perfectly taking care of all small details. Very much recommend!
    Maras Moray hike We recently did this hike with Bonnet. She was a highly experienced guide. V good English. Judged our ability well and made for a great day out.
    MachuPicchu and Rainbow Moutain We worked with Kondor Path for two tours, of Machu Picchu and Rainbow Mountain. Everything they did was well organized, well documented, well communicated. The two guides and the driver were great, very friendly and knowledgeable. All were bilingual (English and Spanish). At Rainbow Mountain we rode horses to the base of the really steep part of the mountain (this saved some 7 km of hiking). But that last part was quite difficult! I'm glad I had prepared and gotten conditioned.

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