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Visit Cusco and be amazed by all the culture, nature, and history it keeps for you!

It is always a good time to get to know the beauties of Cusco Peru. Therefore, if you are looking for a tour in Machu Picchu, Inca Trail, Kondor Path Tours has the best tourist circuits to escape a few days from the routine and come to know this ancient destination that enchants everyone.

About Kondor Path Tours

We design our vacations to give you the most fantastic choice in vacation types, from Tours & Treks and everything in between, including wilderness vacations for active outdoor-minded travelers.

Many places in our world are truly inspiring. South America is one of the great destinations; visit it with Kondor Path; let us show you!

Fernando L. Santa Cruz, after over 12 years of guiding and managing small and large tour groups, we decided to open Kondor Path Tours; in 2012 (fully licensed by the Peruvian government to operate tours on our own in Cuzco and Machupicchu).

Why travel with Kondor Path Tours?

For over ten years, we have delivered unforgettable and authentic tour trips, treks, biking, and Mystical journeys. Our unique expertise means we can show you. We are constantly refining the right mix of experiences and immersion for our clients. There are places in this world that are truly inspiring, and some of those places are Machu Picchu & Enigmas; explore them with Kondor Path Group.

Kondor Path Tours Core Values?

Friendly and respectful with Visitors

We respect and protect the World heritage (Kondor Path Tours focuses on seriously taking care of and preserving our environment, making sure to cause a low impact on the Pachamama where it operates.

We protect the environment, Green areas, and we promote sustainable use of resources and tourist attractions

Respect the existing tax regulations. (19% IGV or consumption tax) on all services contributing to Peru's country’s growth & development.

We offer a personalized service to our clients.

Punctuality, responsibility, patience, and a lot of tolerance

Thank you very much for choosing the loca travel company

Kondor Path Tours

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