Machu Picchu Tour 5-Days

Price from: $ 515.00 USD (See: Price List)

Machu Picchu Tour 5-Days

Price from: $ 515.00 USD (See: Price List)

An active itinerary to visit the sacred temples of the Incas, Cusco, Sacsayhuaman, Sacred Valley, Maras, Moray, Machu Picchu, and the famous Rainbow Mountain of Vinicunca in Cusco, The walks vary in each sector, but most are light walks.

Exclusive 5 Day tour package to Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu Tour 5 Days program combines some walks around the Sacred Valley, Machupicchu. The views are lovely with every step we take. Machupicchu was a thousand-year-old university of the great Akashic’s ancient wisdom; 500 people, between students and teachers, lived in Machupicchu. Our Exclusive 5 Day tour package to Machu Picchu is an active itinerary to contact the Inca places knowledge in each place to visit.


Machu Picchu Tour 5 Days / Overview

Day 01:  AM arrival in Cusco / PM Cusco City Tour
Day 02: Sacred Valley – PM Train to Aguas Calientes
Day 03: Machu Picchu
Day 04: Vinicunca Colored Mountain
Day 05: Maras Moray 04 hours

Why choose Kondor Path Tours

  • We are direct operators in this rainbow mountain and maras moray; you will always travel with Kondor Path Tour.
  • We only travel with small groups and exclusively do private service tours.
  • We work with professional tour guides who graduated from the best universities and institutes in the region; we care about your welfare. That of their families, that’s why in our Machupicchu, Maras salt mines, and Rainbow Mountain tour, you will be traveling with professionals happy and happy to give you the best of their knowledge.
  • Our passengers do not travel with other travel agencies.
  • We strictly practice punctuality, respect, and tolerance; you can check our comments on TripAdvisor for more confidence.

Machu Picchu Tour 5 Days Highlights

  • We offer an exclusive 5 Day tour package to Machu Picchu. You will see the highlights of Peru’s most popular destination.
  • Our 5-Day Machu Picchu tour includes transportation, accommodation, meals, entrance fees, guides, and more.


Detailed itinerary of Machu Picchu Tour 5 Days

Day 01: AM Arrival in Cusco and PM Cusco City Tour

Private transport from the airport to the hotel.

Explore: Meeting point at your hotel at 13:00

Cusco overnight.

Day 02: Sacred Valley – Train to Aguas Calientes

Meeting point at your hotel at 7:00


  • Taray viewpoint is “Andes vistas.”
  • Inca Pisaq
  • Ollantaytambo

Box Lunch

Train service info “Outbound Journey.

  • Train Company: PERU RAIL Train
    • Train Class: Expedition 603
    • Departure: 15:37
    • Aguas Calientes arrival: 17:02

Aguas Calientes pueblo overnight.

Day 03: Machu Picchu Guided Tour

  • Visit Machu Picchu at 9:00 am
  • 02 hours guided tour

Train service info “Inbound Journey.”

  • Train Company: PERU RAIL
    • Service: MACHU PICCHU – POROY
    • Class: Expedition 34
    • Departure: 15:20
    • POROY train station arrival: 19:05
    • Cusco arrival by Kondor transport: 19:00

Cusco overnight

Day 04: Vinicunca Rainbow  Mountain

Departing time from Cusco: 6:30 am

  • Start walk: At Llactoc 4,900 m/16,076 feet.
  • Distance: 7 km/ 4.3 miles – The same return mileage.
  • Walking distance: 70 minutes
  • Summit: 5,100 m / 16,732 feet.
  • Meals: Box lunch.

Cusco overnight

Day 05: Maras Moray (04 hours)

The adventure starts at 1:00 pm.


  1. Raqchi Sacred Valley viewpoint.
  2. Moray Inca site
  3. Salineras of Maras
  4. Andean textiles of Chinchero

End of Machu Picchu Trip 5 Days, thanks for coming to explore the Cusco region, Peru.


Machu Picchu Tour 5 Days Inclusion

  • Itinerary with English-speaking tour guides.
  • Ground transportation.
  • Box lunch on days 02 & 04.
  • Entrance tickets to attractions!
    • Comprehensive ticket for Cusco and Sacred Valley
    • Machupicchu entrance fees at 9:00 am
    • Vinicunca Rainbow Mt.
  • Trains: Ollantaytambo – Machupicchu – Cusco
  • All local taxes.

🙂 Optional: For service upgrades, go to the pricing button and click on it. 

Machu Picchu Trip 5 Days Not Included:

  • Hotels, Hostels, Airbnb, or Lodges for stays in CUSCO AND AGUAS CALIENTES
  • Airfare.
  • Other meals.
  • Airport taxes.
  • Tips.

Travel facts

Travel Facts Machupicchu Trip 5 Days

What is the lost city of Machu Picchu?

Machu Picchu was probably built around 1450, during the glory years of the Inca Empire. In this period, the Empire was ruled by the Incas Pachacutec Yupanqui (1438-1471) and Tupac Yupanqui (1472-1493).

This citadel has impressive cultural and natural attractions and a well-preserved ecological environment, which is why the Peruvian state declared it a Protected Natural Area in 1981.

Also, UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site. In this sanctuary, it is possible to find up to 350 birds, 200 species of orchids, ten different ecological zones (from glacial peaks to tropical zones), a network of Inca trails, and several archeological sites. And last but not least, the legendary city of Machu Picchu.

Where is Machu Picchu located?

Machu Picchu is located 80 km (50 miles) northwest of Cusco (Peru) at an altitude of 2,430 meters, 450 meters from the Urubamba River. It is about 112 kilometers from Cusco by train. This Inca site is surrounded by impressive and steep mountain ranges, separated by narrow valleys and deep ravines. Machu Picchu National Park is necessary for its archaeological value and various ecosystems.

Travel to Machu Picchu

No trip to Peru is complete without visiting Machu Picchu (“Old Mountain” in Quechua). Because the Spaniards failed to find Machu Picchu, it was impossible to tour it.

this city remained well preserved, was not destroyed, and was only at the hands of the “Pachamama.” In a worldwide Internet poll in 2007, Machu Picchu was voted one of the World’s New Seven Wonders.

Archaeologists say that the Incas probably abandoned the city of Machu Picchu because the invasion of the Spanish conquistadors caused the death of most of the Incas while others went into hiding.

Machu Picchu Entrance Schedule

The ruins of Machu Picchu open at 6 am and are open until 6 pm.

Luggage is allowed on Machu Picchu.

It is not allowed to bring large backpacks to the archaeological site. The maximum size allowed is 25 liters. You can leave your luggage in the storage room of your hotel.

To enter the Inca city, you are not allowed to bring food, only drinks; it does forbid using tripods, drones, or selfie sticks.

Toilets in Machu Picchu

There is a restroom at the entrance of Machu Picchu, be sure to visit the bathrooms before entering. There are no restrooms inside the Inca city. The cost is approx. 0.75 USD.

How to get to Machu Picchu?

The best-known ways to get to Machu Picchu are:

By Train: The most economical way is to use the transports you can find in the “Calle Pavitos,” this transport will take you to Ollantaytambo station, from where you can board your train to Machu Picchu. If you hire our travel agency, “Kondor Path Tours,” you will not have to worry about anything since our transport will accompany you, and our assistants will take care of everything. You can get a train to Machu Picchu Pueblo, the closest point to the ruins, and from there, you can take a bus that will take you to the ruins. If you choose this option, you will also find beautiful views.

Hiking Tour to Machu Picchu: We can offer you the Inca Trail 04 Days and Inca Trail 02 Days if you are an adventure seeker. These two routes through the mountains are an enjoyable and popular experience. Only a certain number of people can start this trek daily, so booking in advance is very important.

How to make the hike to Machu Picchu

If you are in good physical condition, you can challenge the slopes of Machu Picchu mountain (where the Inca site does locate). This short hike will take you to the top ascent of 600 meters. It would be best if you took care to acclimatize to the altitude, wear special footwear, and hydrate properly.

This splendid hike gives you breathtaking Andes views of the entire valley, Urubamba River, and surrounding mountains. Hiking up does not represent much difficulty; children can do it without problems. Don’t rush and arrive at your own pace; remember that you will be more than 3,000 meters above sea level!

Appreciating the hike to Huayna Picchu Mountain

In Quechua, Huayna Picchu means Young Mountain, and although it has a little-known name, this is the mountain that appears in all the best-known photos. Its exploration is less popular, but it is the most attractive for the most adventurous visitors of the Machu Picchu Historical Sanctuary.

Making the ascent is medium-difficult; on the climb, you will find narrow paths with stunning views. It is a one-way road, so the descent is on the other side, and you can appreciate both sides of the mountain—a unique and impressive tour.


Cost Machu Picchu Tour 5 Days | PRICES PER PERSON [USD] 2023

PRIVATE SERVICE TOUR, private tours are available and priced based on group size.

  • Solo travel is $1,255. “prices reduce if more people are in your group.”
  • 02 participants $865.
  • 03 participants $725.
  • 04 participants $640.
  • 05 participants $605.
  • 06 participants $565.
  • 07 participants $540.
  • 08 participants + $515.

🙂 Additional Items for Machu Picchu Tour 5 Days

Travelers can add more items to their tours.

CUSCO HOTELS (Peru – South America)

The best hotels are around the main square of Cusco, so you can walk around on foot, discover cafes and restaurants, explore the city, etc.


Casa Andina Standard Cusco Catedral
+$100. Traditional DWB/MWB

Casa Andina Standard Cusco Plaza
+$120. Traditional DWB/MWB | +$130 Trad. with view | +$150 Junior Suite

Antigua Casona San Blas
+$130. Superior DBL | +$150 Colonial Sup. Deluxe DBL | +$175 Señorial Suite DBL

El Mercado Cusco by Mountain Lodge
+$230. Superior Dbl/Matri. | +$260 Junior Suite Dbl/Matrimonial

Inkaterra La Casona
+$400. Patio | +$510 Balcón | +$610 Plaza

Costa del Sol Wyndham Cusco
+$135. Standard | +$170 Superior | +$195 Colonial | +$230 Deluxe | +$250 Suite Sup. | +$280Colonial Suite

Casa Cartagena Hotel
+$350. LP Suite | +$520 LP Master Suite | +$1,050 LP Presidential Suite | +$1,500 LP Royal Suite


The most suitable hotels in Aguas Calientes, Peru; there are options to upgrade to a premium hotel! At Kondor Path Tours, we try to make it easier by searching and focusing on our experience and travelers’ experiences.


Gringo Bill’s Machupicchu
+$100. DBL/MATRIMONIAL | +$145 Suite

Inti Punku Machupicchu
+$100. Standard | +$118. Superior | +$130. Junior Suite | +$175. Senior Suite

Casa Andina Standard Machu Picchu
+$125. Traditional | +$135. Superior | +$155. Suite

Taypikala Boutique Machupicchu
+$122. Standard SGL/DBL | +$225 Suite

Jaya Suite Machupicchu

El MaPi ByInkaterra
+$199. Superior Deluxe SGL or DBL | +$240. Suite SGL o DBL

Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel
+$470. Superior | +$500. Superior Deluxe |+$525. Junior Suite | +$695. Junior Suite Deluxe | +$895. Suite | +$999. Inkaterra Suite

Upgrade for a 5-Day Trip to Machu Picchu


By PeruRail / PER PERSON

+ $35 Vistadome train (one way: OLLANTAYTAMBO – MACHUPICCHU) Outbound Journey
+ $55.00 Vistadome train (round trip: OLLANTAYTAMBO – MACHUPICCHU – POROY)
+ $65.00 Vistadome train (back and forth: OLLANTAYTAMBO – MACHUPICCHU – OLLANTAYTAMBO) + Transfer to Cusco from Ollantaytambo
+ $445.00 Hiram Bingham train (Train MACHUPICCHU – POROY) Inbound Journey

Machu Picchu Tour 5 Days EXTRA TICKETS

+$75 Huayna Picchu
+$75 Montaña

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