Humantay Lake Full Day Tour

Price from: $ 103.00 USD (See: Price List)

Humantay Lake Full Day Tour

Price from: $ 103.00 USD (See: Price List)

This Humantay lake tour is a full-day trip from Soraypampa in Cusco to the stunning lagoon with its turquoise waters. Enjoy this trek of the Salkantay route. Peru Humantay does locate in the Vilcabamba mountain range.

Humantay Lake Full-Day Tour

Humantay Lake is one of the hidden gems in the Peruvian highlands. We invite you to take an entire journey to this new destination in Cusco, Peru. We explore stunning landscapes that will inspire adventurous travelers to take care of this lagoon. The emerald green waters and magnificent glaciers blend perfectly, bringing you a truly incredible sight.

Where is Humantay Lake? It does locate about 75 miles northwest of Cusco, just south of Machu Picchu. From Soraypampa, you will hike to the lake, take a break and enjoy the scenery. On our trip to Humantay Lake, you will experience one of the best sights in the Andes. In the circuit, we will also observe the snowy Salkantay, the Blanco river valley, the traditional towns of Mollepata, and much more; we are waiting for you in this next one-day adventure.


Humantay Full Day – Overview

Is this trip right for me? AT A GLANCE

  • We will pick you up from your hotel at 5:30
  • Travel distance: CUSCO – Mollepata – Soraypampa – 3 hours van trip.
  • Starting Point for hiking Humantay lake: Corralpata 3,923 m/12,870 feet.
  • Walking distance + Horseback riding: 3 km/ 1.8 miles (30 minutes) – “The rest of the way will be walking.”
  • Hiking duration: This hiking takes 20 minutes “trek upwards” |45 minutes walk down the mountain.
    • Altitude: 4,283 meters / 14,051 feet.
    • Humantay lake tour difficulty: Challenging – Moderate!
    • To preserve box lunch, we use coolers.

Humantay Full Day Tour

Humantay Highlights

Why you will love the hike to Humantay Lake Tour

  • This tourist destination became a favorite of many adventurous hikers.
  • Enjoy Lake Humantay over the Andes.
  • Take a look – The diversity of flora with the grasslands that reign everywhere.


Humantay Full Day Tour– Detailed Itinerary

Getting The Humantay Lake Tour: The difficulty level of this activity is moderate.

This incredible hike package starts in the city of Cusco. The Humantay 1-Day tour is through the plains of Anta. “Izcuchaca is the capital of the province of Anta.” At Limatambo, we begin to ascend towards Mollepata. Humantay Lake is part of an alternative trekking route from Cusco to Soraypampa. Fortunately, you can even see Salkantay Mountain.

Sites to explore: The turquoise lagoon is one of the best tourist attractions in Cusco.

  1. Humantay Lake Peru.
  2. Marcahuasi Inca wall from Cusco.


Humantay Lake Full day Included

  • Tour guide “the entire trip to Laguna Humantay hiking.”
  • Private tourist transport with fuel + professional driver.
  • Humantay Lake Soraypampa entrance fee.
  • Meals: One Box Lunch per hiker + guide.
  • One horse with Andes saddles to ride per person “one way – uphill.”
  • Oxygen tank.
  • First aid kit.

Note: The vehicles to use “see the photo in prices.”

Our Tour in Humantay Lake Peru NOT INCLUDED

  • Hotel or Airbnb.
  • Breakfast.
  • Travel /Health / Emergency insurance.
  • Tips

What to bring to our Humantay Lake

  1. A good daypack
  2. Lighter trekking boots with good ankle support!
  3. One pair of hiking pants.
  4. One rain jacket or poncho.
  5. One warm/winter jacket/gloves, scarf, cap cold.
  6. Bring some meds!
  7. Iron tablets and pills for altitude sickness.
  8. Sun protection cream (SPF 45 or higher recommended).
  9. Re-usable plastic or metal water container
  10. Bandages or moleskin
  11. Extra money for souvenirs and drinks.

Travel Facts

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Humantay Full Day Tour

Humantay Full Day Tour



PRIVATE SERVICE / Private Guided Tours 🙂

  • Solo travel $309. “prices reduce if more people are in your group.”
  • 02 persons $190.
  • 03 persons $159.
  • 04 persons $135.
  • 05 persons $126.
  • 06 persons $116.
  • 07 persons $110.
  • 08 persons + $103.

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