Condor Sightings Near Cusco

Price from: $ 68.00 USD (See: Price List)

Condor Sightings Near Cusco

Price from: $ 68.00 USD (See: Price List)

Condor sightings near Cusco. Who would think we could find condors in Cusco, precisely in the Apurímac Canyon, the third deepest canyon in Peru? Look at condors from Chonta and between the three viewpoints.

Condor sighting Cusco, Chonta Valley full day ♥

Condor sightings near Cusco – Who would think we could find condors in Cusco? Precisely in the Apurímac Canyon, the third deepest canyon in Peru. Look at condors from Chonta and between the four viewpoints, but in the third, you have the best views and photographic shots of the Vultur Gryphus.

After a 10-minute walk, we reached the first spot where you could see the Apurimac Canyon. The panorama and horizon are incredible. From the first point of view, we will observe some condors flying over the canyon’s cliffs if you are lucky. Bring mosquito repellent and plenty of water. In this part of Cusco city, the sun is shining. We invite all nature observers and vultures to participate in this unique tour near the city of Cusco. The Apurímac Canyon is the third deepest canyon in Peru!


Condor Sightings Near Cusco Overview

Is this trip right for me? AT A GLANCE

  • Start of the tour: At 7:00
  • End of the Tour: At 17:30
  • Cusco – Chonta Van distance: 03 hours
    • Road conditions: 1st-hour paved road in excellent condition, 2nd. Hour dirt road in good condition and the 3rd. Hour dirt road trail in poor condition.
  • Hiking: From Chonta to the viewpoints of the Condor, it takes about 40 minutes.
  • Activity: Condor sighting Cusco “Birding Cusco Peru full-day” & visit Quillarrumiyoc Inca site.
  • Apurimac Canyon Observe Condors difficulty: Moderate to Easy.
  • Best Time to visit April to November.
  • Meal: Box lunch.

Condor Sightings Near Cusco Highlights

Why you will love this experience.

  • Observe Apurimac canyon, a giant flying land bird in South America.
  • Apurímac near Cusco offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape.
  • If you’re seeking a spiritual experience, this is the place where you’re likely to find one.


Itinerary – Condor sightings near Cusco

Spectacular excursion to the third deepest canyon in Peru after Cotahuasi Arequipa. We have the CHONTA canyon near LIMATAMBO CUSCO. The Apurímac Canyon belongs to the Cusco and Apurímac regions. Observing gigantic birds in the Andes is the ideal and most breathtaking sight for the sighting Condors around the Chonta community.

We start the tour at 07:00. We head towards the northwest of the city of Cusco until ascending to the plains of Anta and traveling by car to several typical Andean towns such as Poroy, Izcuchaca, Compone, etc. After approximately 1 hour of travel, we arrive at our first tourist visit, the temple of the moon with the aboriginal name of QUILLARUMIYOC.

Quillarumiyoc is a ceremonial center par excellence that contains several ancestral areas, such as Inca roads that lead to different cardinal points. The highlight of the tourist attraction is the temple of the moon, built by the Incas in a natural stone formation and shaped like a crescent with staggered carvings oriented toward the sunrise. Quillarumiyoc is like a salt clock.

We continue the trip to go to the town of Chonta.

After 02 hours of travel, we arrive at the beginning of the adventure and walk to observe condors through the Apurimac canyon.
The walk takes about 35 minutes to reach the fourth viewpoint “between the second and third viewpoint, you can see several condors flying over the canyon and the Andes mountain range.” Also, we have views of Salkantay and parts of Huantay from the beginning of the hike.

RECOMMENDATION: Wear dark clothes to blend in with nature and thus not scare away the giant flying birds of the world. Also, explorers can bring binoculars for a better view. THERE ARE MOSQUITOES; BRING REPELLENT and excellent sunscreen because the tourist area is arid—minimum water is 03 liters per person.


Condor sightings near Cusco Inclusion

  • English-speaking tour guide
  • Private tourist transport + driver
  • Entrance tickets:
    • Apurimac Canyon of Chonta.
    • Quillarrumiyoc-Inca-Site.
  • Box lunch per client.
  • First aid kit.
  • Local taxes.

Note: The vehicles to use “see the photo in prices.”

Is our Limatambo Valley by Chonta Condor sighting not included?

  • Breakfast and Dinner
  • Water.
  • Tips.

Bring – Condor sighting Cusco full day.

  • Day-pack.
  • Dark color clothes (camouflage for viewing the flight of the Condor)
  • Binoculars 10X42 or Telescope. Camera with extra batteries.
  • Rain Jacket.
  • An excellent sunblock.
  • Essential to bring Mosquito repellent
  • Water bottle 3 liters.
  • Pocket money.

Travel Facts


Cost Condor sighting Cusco full day


PRIVATE SERVICE / Private Guided Tours 🙂

  • Solo travel is $263. “prices reduce if more people are in your group.”
  • 02 persons $159.
  • 03 persons $117.
  • 04 persons $98.
  • 05 persons $91.
  • 06 persons $81.
  • 07 persons $74.
  • 08 persons + $68.

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