Tour Inti Raymi 2023, Festival of the Sun Festival of the Sun

Price from: $ 239.00 USD (See: Price List)

Tour Inti Raymi 2023, Festival of the Sun Festival of the Sun

Price from: $ 239.00 USD (See: Price List)

Inti Raymi, in the time of the Incas, was a religious ceremony, nowadays, a theatrical representation. They represent the most lavish tribute and worship of the sun. Celebrations all around involve music and dance.

Inti Raymi Peru 2023, Cusco Sun Festival Join us on the historical tour of the Inti Raymi Music Festival on Cusco Day!

We are happy to share this vital day with Cusco. June 24 is an important day for everyone in Cusco. It happens in Cusco, Main square. At that time, the most influential people attended this event. According to reliable sources of Cusco’s history, all the people of the Inca Empire performed some rituals. The ceremony participants are the Inca, the nobles, and the Inca army. In the Temple of the Sun, a priest lit a flame. All these ceremonies are with dances, shells, and the sound of musical instruments. The grandstand seats on the Sacsayhuaman stage are the best for watching Inti Raymi. The quality of these seats is first-come, first served.


Inti Raymi 2023 Overview

  • 5:00 a.m. The Kondor Path Tours will come to your hotel with transportation and the tour guide to begin your tour.
  • STARTS: 09:00 a.m. | Temple of the Qoricancha (El Sol Avenue).
  • CEREMONY: 10:30 a.m. | Hawqaypata Square (Main Square of Cusco). Celebrations all around involve music and dances.
  • CENTRAL CEREMONY: 01:45 p.m. | Chukipampa Esplanade – Sacsayhuaman.
  • DURATION: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


  • This Inca fest first appeared in the Pachacutec of the Incas around 1430.
  • Today, it’s organized and produced by the municipality of Cuzco.
  • Inti Raymi 2023 is the biggest Inca music festival essential for the Inca Empire celebrations.
  • A ceremony is an all-day event, lasting approximately 05 to 06 hours.
  • People from all over the world have witnessed the spectacular tribute to the sun.
  • Peru’s essential celebrations. Its celebrations include dances, performances, typical costumes, and a series of efficient activities for tourism.


Detailed Itinerary of Cusco Inti Raymi Peru

Kondor Path Tours allows you to appreciate Inti Raymi from a privileged point of view.

  • The contemporary ceremony repeats the Incan rites in even the smallest detail.
  • Here representatives of the four regions report to the emperor about the state of the realm and reaffirm their allegiance. The priests of Inti Raymi would bless the people, and the procession would return to Cusco.
  • Every June, the city of Cusco prepares for the festival over nine days. The two most coveted roles are the Main Inca and his consort Mama Ocllo. After the performers have gathered, the ceremony begins at Qoricancha, where the Inca ruler addresses the rising sun.
    • The festivities took place in the gardens on the outskirts of Qoricancha along Cusco Avenue. Sol. Locals arrive early morning to enjoy the best sights.
    • The Inti Raymi 2023 begins in the morning at the large open court in front of the Sun Inca Temple “Koricancha.”
    • On the main days of celebrating the sun, people will gather in Huacaypata.
  • The Incas meet in the imperial city every winter to greet the sun god.


Cusco Inti Raymi 2023 Peru Includes:

  • Entrance tickets to the VIP tribune (Orange).
  • Official tour guide English “Qoricancha, Cusco main square, and Sacsayhuaman.”
  • Box lunch “customers and tour guide.”
  • Private transport with a professional chauffeur “Authorized to go to Sacsayhuaman and use the Inti Raymi road.”
  • Transfers according to the itinerary of the sun party “Inti Raymi.”

Does not include:

  • Others do not specify in the Program.




  • Solo travel is $451. “prices reduce if there are more people in your group.”
  • 02 participants $333.
  • 03 participants $296.
  • 04 participants $273
  • 05 participants $261.
  • 06 participants $250.
  • 07 participants $244.
  • 08 participants + $239.

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