Qeswachaka Full Day Tour

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Visit the last Inca bridge near Cusco. This great Qeswachaka tour full day takes you from Cuzco to Q’eswachaka to live the experience with the Andean people. Qeswachaka Tour Last Rope Bridge – a tradition that resists modernity in Peru.

Qeswachaka Inca bridge – Full day tour

Q’eswachaka Bridge Tour: The last Inca suspension bridge is about 28 meters long and 1.20 meters wide, build with wild straw today. This bridge is part of the Inca Trail system and has a history of about 500 years. Q’eswachaka bridge in the Inca period crossed the rugged geographical environment of the Andes; UNESCO recognized this ancient ceremony as the intangible cultural heritage of humanity in 2013. We can find the most magical places through non-traditional routes and enjoy different experiences. Our tour guide describes the customs, traditions, and functionality of the tourist attraction. Locals gathered on the banks of the Apurimac River to renovate the bridge.


Qeswachaka Full Day – Overview

Is this trip right for me? AT A GLANCE

  • We pick you up from your hotel at 6:00 a.m.
  • Travel distance: CUSCO – Combapata – Yanaoca – Qeswachaka Inca bridge 3 hours and a half.
  • Inca Bridge trek distance: 4 km/ 2.4 miles “One Way.”
  • Altitude of Inca Bridge: 3,644 meters / 11,955 feet.
  • Difficulty walking Qeswachaka: Easy-Moderate!

Sites to explore:

  1. Pitumarca.
  2. Observe the lagoon of Pomacanchis.
  3. Visit the miniature volcano of Pabellones.
  4. Caves of Qarañawi.
  5. The Inca bridge of Qeswachaka Peru.

Qeswachaka tour Highlights

Why you will love this experience

  • Enjoy a special visit to the Q’eswachaka Inca suspension bridge of 550 years of ancestral knowledge.
  • Travel with a local private travel service expert.


Qeswachaka Tour – Detailed Itinerary

Did you know that only women are responsible for weaving the first rope? Do you want to be part of this bridge process and excursion? The trip in a tourist vehicle is a journey from Cusco to Qeswachaka Bridge, passing through some peasant villages.

THE CELEBRATION OF THE INCA BRIDGE OF QESWACHACA IN CUSCO. Several travelers described the Inca work of the hanging bridge of straw with enthusiasm. For the peasants of the four communities that work in the bridge’s construction, the Qeswachaka has a sacred character.

The small volcano in Pabellones, Yanaoca.

It measures the 4-meter diameter volcano located in the pavilions of the Tungasuca district. It attracts the attention of visitors for its unique size, considered the smallest in the world.


Qeswachaka Tour Included

  • Tourist guide “the entire day tour to Qeswachaka Inca Site.”
  • Private tourist transport with fuel + professional driver.
  • Qeswachaka Inca bridge entrance fee.
  • 01 Box lunch.
  • Oxygen tank.
  • First aid kit.

Note: The vehicles to use “see the photo in prices.”

Our Qeswachaka Inca Bridge – NOT INCLUDED

  • Hotel or Airbnb.
  •  Meals:
    • Breakfast at your hotel.
  • Water and Snacks.

What to bring our Qeswachaka full-day tour

  • A good daypack
  • Lighter trekking boots.
  • 01 pair of hiking pants.
  • Rain jacket or poncho.
  • A warm/winter jacket/gloves, scarf, cap cold.
  • Sun protection cream.
  • Re-usable water container

Travel Facts

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Qeswachaka Tour 1-DAY

PRICES PER PERSON [USD] 2021 – 2022 | We run this trip only as a private service.

  • Solo travel $276. “prices reduce if there are more people in your group.”
  • Two clients $172.
  • Three people $130.
  • Four tourists $109.
  • Five visitors $101.
  • Six travelers $92.
  • Seven explorers + $85.

* Kondor Path Tours operates the Qeswachaka Inca bridge full-day tour.

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Qeswachaka Full day tour

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