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About Kondor Path Tours

We design our vacations, to give you, the greatest choice in vacation types from Tours & Treks, and everything in between, including wilderness vacations for active outdoor minded travelers by offering not only a combination of fun, challenge and excitement but also inspiring adventures designed to rejuvenate your body and spirit.

There are many places in our world, which are truly inspiring. South America is one of the great destinations, visit it, with Kondor Path; let us show you! The Inca Andean world with a spiritual touch, and cultural awakening, our goal is to provide you an experience which we will enrich your life, for next years to come.

We are proud, that we created our authentic vacations to offer as much as we can, sometimes, you might want to do something a little different than the usual expeditions. Please just call our dedicated Kondor team of travel specialists, and we can arrange for you to combine a tour and treks, add 2 tours together or add an extension to the start, and End your tour or even add on optional excursion packages in Peru.

Fernando L. Santa Cruz, over 12 years guiding and managing small and large tour groups; we took the decision to open Kondor Path Tours; since 2012 (fully licensed by Peruvian government to operate tours by own in Cuzco and Machupicchu).

Why travel with Kondor Path Tours?

For over 4 years, we have been delivering unforgettable and authentic tour trips, treks, and Mystical journeys. Our unique expertise means we can show you; how to experience Incas world’s most iconic places with the Inca Master Path, of how to visit real and great locations in PERU. Kondor Path guides know native ancestral Inca culture, that’s why our endless knowledge provides great insights, and you can add a personal magical touch. We are constantly refining the right mix of experiences and immersion for our clients. There are places in this world that are truly inspiring, and some of those places are Machu Picchu & Enigmas; explore it with Kondor Path Group.

Kondor Path Tours Core Values?

  • Friendly and respectful with Visitors
  • We respect, protect the World heritage (Kondor Path Tours focus on seriously taking care of and preserving our environment; making sure to cause a low impact on the Pachamama where it operates; all trash produced during the hike returns to Cuzco.
  • We protect the environment, Green areas, and we promote sustainable use of resources and tourist attractions.
  • Respect the existing tax regulations. (19% IGV or consumption tax) on all services contributing with Peru country’s growth & development; further to this we pay a 30% tax on all earnings (SUNAT tax regulations of Peru). There are many tour operators who do not pay taxes and do not declare neither their sales nor most of their earnings or declare them with a lower value giving them the possibility of lowering their prices causing unfair, illegal competition.
  • Defogging our functions to highest standards of quality, our clients are extremely satisfied with
  • We offer a personalized service to our clients.
  • Punctuality, responsibility, patience and a lot of tolerance

Why the name, Kondor Path Tours?

The Kondor means: A divinity, which it has connections with the Uku Pacha, Kay Pacha, Hanan Pacha – the three Inca worlds. A Kondor is the most grandiose fowl of the American Andes Mountains, and it is also called “Apu Kuntur”. We decided to put this name because the Kondor has a divine Power with their children; the Inca culture is surrounded by images of the Kondor, Sacred Inca altar and sites where it was created the Kondor imagine “like Machu Picchu has a Kondor shape all the Inca city”. Our intention is to show you the INKA MASTER PATH and the true of the Incas for publicizing the strength, knowledge of this ancient bird, mixed in the tour circuit to visit; however, when you experience the beauty, and the energy of the Andes nature and around combined with professionalism in your Kondor tours, for your best holidays in Inka Land.

Thanks so much.

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