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Inca Trail hiking Prohibitions

Prohibitions to follow

  • The entry of free tourists or service providers without the respective authorization
  • Displacement by rail or unauthorized routes
  • The entry of minors does not list in the annex, and relatives of guides or support staff.
  • Alter or contaminate the natural or cultural landscape and archaeological monuments.
  • Camping or spending the night outside the assigned camp-except in situations of force majeure
  • Enter or use elements that threaten the conservation of natural and cultural heritage and the assets of public use.
  • For making bonfires in the Inca Trail Network, archaeological monuments, or surrounding natural environment areas
  • Climb the walls; make strokes on the floors of earth or scratches on the archaeological monuments.
  • Make any graffiti.
  • Disturb or affect species of flora and fauna.
  • Fly over or use airspace without prior authorization from DDC-CUSCO and JSHM-SERNANP.
  • The food intake inside the archaeological monuments
  • Place political and commercial ads on the Inca Trail Network.
  • Transit and work in an ethyl state or under the effects of other narcotics (drugs, among others).
  • Entry and transit of motor vehicles
  • Make transfers of tourists from one group to another.
  • The abandonment of the group of tourists by the tour guide and Bachelor in tourism
  • Obscene acts are contrary to morality and good manners.

inca trail hiking regulations

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