Inca Trail, Items Not Allowed

Published on: 21 de June de 2018 -

It is vital to contribute to the protection of Inca Trails established by the Peruvian government, “Inca road of 7, 6, 5, 4, 2 days” to preserve it for future generations who visit it, in which it is essential to follow these requirements for their preservation. Regulation of the Inca Trail Network of the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu (HSM), recognized by the “UNESCO” as Cultural and Natural World Heritage. It includes the whole Inca Trail Network and its organized and authorized existing hiking trails.

The following elements are not allowed:

  • Fire or air guns, bows and arrows, hunting and fishing implements, axes, machetes, mountain knives whose steel blade exceeds 7 cm in length, spikes, shovels, or other tools.
  • Any trap for the capture or collection of specimens of wild fauna and flora
  • Fossil fuels like petroleum, diesel, and gasoline
  • Alcoholic beverages, stimulants, psychotropics, narcotics, and other drugs
  • Beverages and products with glass containers
  • Sound equipment and other annoying noise generators (musical instruments)
  • Domestic and exotic animals.
  • Hiking poles with metal tips that do not have a rubber protector and wooden rods of native species
  • Transport vehicles such as bicycles, tricycles, or others.
  • Drones or any smaller craft and professional filming equipment for unauthorized commercial purposes

inca trail items regulations

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