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Urubamba and Yucay Inca Sites

Serene, beautiful Urubamba is still one of the lesser-known Sacred Valley cities, but that is very likely to change soon. Many young, hip professionals looking to escape the noise and traffic of places like Cuzco and Lima have flocked to the area and are investing in hotels, country lodges, spas, and restaurants attracting internationally trained chefs.

There are few sites to make the stop worthwhile if you are not staying here. If you have the money to spend on some of the many outdoor activities offered, need the relaxation of a country spa, or need a break from the hustle and bustle of your travels, then Urubamba is the place.


There are few attractions other than the charm of the valley itself in Urubamba. The Plaza de Armas is quaint and quiet but is scenic, flanked by a church and colonial buildings filled with restaurants, Internet cafés, small shops, and Pisonay trees. The central fountain features a giant ear of maize.


Yucay is more of an extension of Urubamba than its town. It is just a few km away and home to several excellent lodging options. The Colonial church of Santiago Apostol has several oil paintings and alters of interest. You can sometimes find monks selling dairy products, ham, and eggs from nearby farms. All tourist facilities do locate in Urubamba.

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