Tours Puno

  • Taquile Island Tour & Uros (by speedboat)

    Lake Titicaca is one of the highest navigable lakes. People from the Aymara Inca culture decided to take possession thousands of years ago; today, they preserve their culture through dances.

  • Uros Islands Tour

    The floating island of the Uros is an excursion that lasts approximately 3 hours. From the port of Puno by boat, it takes about 18 minutes to step onto the islands. The families offer souvenirs made of Totora reed.

  • Chucuito Inca Uyo Tour, The temple of fertility

    Chucuito is located 18 kilometers from the city of Puno; in Chucuito, we find the phallus temple representing male fertility. In the square, observe the church with an imposing altiplano phallus.

  • Sillustani Tour 03 hours and a half

    Venture on a Half-day Sillustani Tour of Peru through time and explore the enigmatic ruins near Puno. Sillustani: Each shows the art and wisdom of a group of scientific architects.

  • Tiwanaku Tour Bolivia From Puno

    Tiwanaku Tour Full day is an epic journey to explore the enigmatic ruins of the ancient temple built by the ancestral humanity of this part of the planet. Travel one day to the temples, and analyze them.

  • Cutimbo Inca ruins tour

    The Chullpa of Cutimbo has located 18 km from the city of Puno. The funerary towers are square, built on top of a hill that dominates the highlands. To reach the top, we walk about 20 minutes.

  • Aramu Muru Portal “Gate of the Gods”

    In Aramu Muru Portal, a 3hrs tour, we have a magical place where we feel the positive energy of Ajayu Marca’s doorway located in Puno. This site has magnificent symmetries built by wise spiritual masters.

  • Amantani Island Tour, Two Days (by speedboat)

    This Uros & Amantani Island Tour is a trip through Lake Titicaca and the Andes of Puno; on this epic journey, we head towards the floating Island in Puno. Pachatata and Pachamama are located, in Amantani.

  • Cusco to Puno by Car

    Travel by vehicle from the city of Cusco to Puno, a site where the highest navigable lake in the world is called Titicaca. On this fascinating journey, we explore the Sistine Church of America, the temple of Raqchi, and La Raya Pucará.

  • Lake Titicaca Extension 4 Days

    Lake Titicaca Tours 4 Days Overview Private Lake Titicaca Extension from Cusco DAY 01: A car trip from Cusco to Puno City. Optional: rainbow mountain short extension “additional cost.” DAY 02: Sillustani & Aramu Muru. DAY 03: Uros & Taquile Island. DAY 04: Puno Out (Transfer Puno to Juliaca airport). Lake Titicaca Tours Travel Highlights […]

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