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Where The Lares Trekking Takes Place

The Trail Adventure to Lares

The Lares trail is one of the least known options for adventure sportspeople since, in Cusco, the Inca Trail is the most visited. Lares will allow us to walk the “Trail of the Weavers” and return to the time of the Incas and their traditions.

The Trekking of the Valley of Lares, popularly known as the “Circuit of the Weavers,” is an unforgettable trip due to the high Andean landscapes and the traditional villages.

The trail adventure to Lares offers experiential tourism, discovering archaeological remains, enjoying medicinal waters, and living the experience of trekking in this Peru destination.

The Lares Valley Trek begins on the trail in Lares, Peru, crossing the Andean valley, surrounded by a mountain range where the snow-capped mountains of Veronica, Sawasiray Pitusiray, and Chicon do found. Here live small communities of Quechua-speaking farmers who maintain their customs of grazing Wanakos, llamas, Vicuñas, and alpacas, cultivating tubers, and producing textiles. In general, the citadel of Machu Picchu does destined.



The route to travel to the Valley of Lares is known as the “Route of the weavers” since you can see the high Andean landscape and visit villages where life was like centuries ago, in a very traditional way.

Huaran – Cancha Cancha

Everything starts from the sacred valley of the Incas, Huaran, 2,700 meters / 9,108 feet, a small town in Urubamba east of Pisac. We begin our trip by climbing the narrow part; we will see stone houses with thatched roofs, herds of llamas, and alpacas. And guinea pigs, after walking for approximately 5 hours, will arrive at Cancha Cancha, 3,700 meters / 12,210 feet; in this place, we can camp.

Cancha Cancha – Quisuarani

Over the valley, we cross the Pachacutec Pass, 4,400 meters or 14,000 feet. Here, we will be able to appreciate Pachacutec Lake and Pitusiray Nevado after the trek. We will reach Quisuarani at 3,700 meters or 12,000 feet. Here you can also camp.

Quisuarani – Hot Springs of Lares

Here we will go through the second pass of Huillquijasa, 4,200 meters or 13,440 feet, arriving at the community of Quisuarani there for specific hours. We will continue walking through the beautiful landscapes with seven lagoons until we reach the community of Cuncani, 3,750 meters or 12,000 feet. Descend from the Lares river to the thermal baths.

Lares – Cusco

After enjoying the thermal baths, we return to Cusco.

Level of Difficulty

  • It is trekking at a moderate level, with a climb of 4550 meters; it does also required to have an excellent physical condition.

The weather on Lares Trail

  • The adventure does completed in days and four nights.

Season to Travel

  • The best season for this trek is between May to October since the area has a sunny climate with temperatures between 5 ° C and 21 ° C.


  • Make this adventure by hiring a tourism agency to provide this service; completing the trek to Machu Picchu is also recommended.

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