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Ayahuasca Retreats Peru Cusco, Safe and Reliable Ceremony Retreats

Knowledge information about Ayahuasca Retreats Peru before encountering the shamanic brew experience

The Ayahuasca we use is a premium quality traditional Inca indigenous remedy of excellent purity, which is crucial to achieving a meaningful process of your experience.

Our local team brought from the Amazon jungle of Peru; the Shamans have elaborated it in its place of origin from freshly cut mature plants with a masterful and traditional formula without adding or subtracting anything. We consider it dangerous to take equivalent plants or added enhancing agents.

The purity and quality of Ayahuasca are fundamental to the experience processes we offer and support. Ayahuasca was discovered by shamans from the Amazon jungle thousands of years ago. It is a liquid decoction that combines two plants made into a tea or syrup with the consistency of honey.

This remedy’s visionary and healing properties have given the plant the teacher’s name because it teaches, demonstrates, and clears. It does also call a power plant because it cleanses, heals, and liberates. For centuries the Amazonian indigenous people have used it to maintain a state of comprehensive health and prevent diseases; they take it every week or 14 days to maintain a state of physical well-being. It also used to have an experience of expanded consciousness that generates a clear understanding of life, nature, and existence that translates into excellent knowledge, learning, wisdom, and what can apply all of this to today’s decisions.

When you undergo physical and emotional cleansing (in most cases, it produces vomiting or diarrhea), the mind clears to allow a deep understanding of many circumstances and situations we usually cannot face because our system is so full of toxins. In addition to this, it has antidepressant qualities and an anti-addictive effect.

It is a health experience at all levels that connect with spirituality, letting go of any religious doctrine or belief that does not help us. Although many people who take it suffer from physical or psychological illnesses, most of those who take it in the world do not do so to heal or cure diseases; they do it to find meaning in their lives and guidance on their path.

It can also raise existential questions and trigger excellent creativity that can support them in their daily work; it does also known as a psychotherapeutic potion used for multiple purposes.

It is a complete remedy on a corporal, emotional, psychological, and spiritual level. It also integrates and enhances other therapies, techniques, or approaches to practice. It is not incompatible with any different process that the person uses or methods.

Inner evolution retreats with the psychotherapeutic use of Ayahuasca Peru

Through new experiences, millions worldwide seek to give more meaning to their lives in the development of levels, seeking an experience that allows them to find what they feel already exists; a deeper connection with themselves and with life itself.

The Inner Evolution Retreats we carry out offer a unique experience in Cusco and Machu Picchu.

A shaman in the Coafan region prepares ayahuasca, Ecuador, 2009. (Photo by Wade Davis/Getty Images)

That is to reach thousands of people in many countries of our home planet (Pachamama world). The resulting activation of expanded awareness, the opening of higher perspectives, and the shining light on inner resources allow participants to find the best solutions to their concerns and discover inspired answers to their problems.

About the use of Ayahuasca is a powerful natural shamanic remedy from the Amazon jungle of Peru, which we use to expand consciousness, along with a psychotherapeutic approach that brings together these retreats in Cusco for people seeking self-improvement growth.

This transformation occurs through the evolution of consciousness, knowing that human development is not sustainable unless it grows and does connect to the roots of its consciousness.

This type of human transformation reaches the depths of your being. It is sustainable and self-sufficient and creates autonomy and confidence in yourself and your ability to find your inner resources. We offer you a space to do your inner work with great intensity and depth.

The shamanic experience has the premise of powerful massive approaches for its adequate resolution in the face of the complexity of our problems. Change direction, overcome resistance, break enslaving patterns, dismantle limiting structures, leave impediments behind, release repressed emotions, untangle knots, let go of attachments and addictions, jump from control to current, using our potential. These are just some of the objectives of this coexistence, during which evolved psychotherapeutic techniques do used to support the transformation process with Ayahuasca Cusco.

Preparation ceremony Ayahuasca Peru

We start at 18:00 and continue until 21:00 or 22:00. First, the participants welcome everyone. The presentation is individual, with a brief interview that you must deliver. The goal of the preparation is to begin to deactivate unconscious mechanisms that can block your ability to access a state of flow and enter Ayahuasca in a relaxed way.

We invite all participants to express their motivation and reflect on it. This experience is a psycho-emotional preparation and encourages the reality of each participant to come to the surface to face the background as it is in their day-to-day.

The session with the Ayahuasca plant

This process lasts between 04 and 06 hours and takes place after the preparation. It consists of a total dose of Ayahuasca taken between 9:00 pm and 10:00 pm. In some cases, to access a complete experience, one or two additional amounts are available an hour and a half after the start of the session.

If a second whole dose is needed, it will be offered three hours after the first dose. Ayahuasca Amazon PERU is shared in these sessions according to the needs of each one. The Andean or Amazon Shaman will determine the amount required.

The Shaman will consider the participants’ information about how much they want to have in mind. On rare occasions, some people who participate in retreats are not given Ayahuasca for specific reasons; the Shaman in charge makes these decisions but does not exclude the individual from the sessions. You can participate without taking or taking a minimal dose. The core of the retreat is not based on taking Ayahuasca but on the transforming process of inner evolution.

Therapeutic integration with Ayahuasca from Peru

Integration is a fundamental aspect of the retreat; the integration occurs in the morning after the Ayahuasca session. Breakfast will occur at approximately 09:00 am, and the therapeutic integration session will begin immediately afterward.

It continues until 12.00 or 13.00. Each participant recounts their experience while the Shaman asks a series of questions that, in turn, will generate a more profound understanding, solutions, and answers to what they can apply on a practical level in the participant’s daily life.

All the themes and situations that manifest within each group provide valuable learning and, as such, are worth mentioning so that each group member can benefit as much as possible. Integrating is not chatting and collecting opinions on each experience, nor is it an opportunity to give a word-for-word account of your experience. It is about relating your understanding of the Ayahuasca session to everyday situations.

In this way, each participant can see how new learning and experiences can work in their daily lives. When this happens, you will be able to face old problems in a new way, making the necessary changes to your responses and behaviors as you incorporate your new understanding.

Who is the Ayahuasca ceremony for?

The participants of these retreats usually want to start, strengthen or complete a process of change, healing, or transformation, understanding that access to Ayahuasca is a process.

Therefore, if you want a complete experience that you can later consolidate during the therapeutic integration, it requires a minimum of 02 days and two nights. Other people want to know about Ayahuasca, explore its effects, experiment with it, and get in touch.

The most common characteristic of the participants in these Andean retreats is the desire to clearly understand their lives or a particular circumstance they have to deal with, which can be challenging to process. Many people come to recover from traumas, get rid of addictions, or have a mystical or spiritual experience such as a cosmic journey.

How we approach it, with an ancestral ceremony of Ayahuasca Peru

The Ayahuasca traditional knowledge of Peru does use for religious, spiritual, recreational, or anthropological purposes. The retreats offered by Ayahuasca are focused on its therapeutic application for internal evolution, growth, and personal development.

A series of psychotherapeutic approaches and dynamics of psycho-emotional exercises are shared to facilitate this objective. All of which serve as preparation and integration of the offered Ayahuasca experiences.

All activities aim at a conscious awakening that allows you to overcome limitations and motivates the transformation of feelings of everything that does reject and perceived as a problem.

Living and sharing encourage personal inner openness, which exposes deep-seated patterns of feeling to be identified and addressed; its true beauty is in the magic that allows the hidden to arise spontaneously.

Amazonian shamans and facilitators

The Amazonians and the facilitators in charge of the retreats are professionals with experience awakening the human being. Ayahuasca ceremonies have therapists and collaborators such as Shamans from the jungle of the Amazon of PERU.

These retreats are guided and supervised by a minimum of two facilitators who have experience with Ayahuasca and handle the situations that arise for the participants.

The ayahuasca ceremony works with human consciousness.

Ayahuasca is the tool par excellence that we use to awaken the consciousness of the human being. Ayahuasca is a biochemical trigger that begins becoming aware but is not the focus of our work.

We also use the spoken word, which can be very beneficial. When done appropriately, it goes intense to guide the participant to become conscious of their limitations and true potential.


They declare the Nation’s Cultural Patrimony to Ayahuasca’s traditional knowledge and uses.

The National Institute of Culture (INC) declared the Nation’s Cultural Patrimony to the knowledge and traditional uses of Ayahuasca practiced by the native Amazonian communities to guarantee cultural continuity.

  • The national directorial resolution No. 836/INC was published in the Bulletin of Legal Norms of the Official Gazette El Peruano.
  • They state that Ayahuasca (banisteriopsis caapi) is a plant species with an extraordinary cultural history due to its psychotropic qualities. It does use in a concoction associated with the plant known as chacruna.
  • The Amazonian indigenous world knows this plant as a wise or teacher plant that teaches and initiates the very foundations of the world and its components.

The effects of its consumption constitute the entrance to the spiritual world and its secrets, which is why traditional Amazonian medicine does structure around the ritual of Ayahuasca, says the resolution.

The rule indicates that the effects produced by Ayahuasca, widely studied in its complexity, are different from those usually produced by hallucinogens.

This difference consists in the ritual that accompanies its consumption, which leads to different effects, but always within a culturally delimited margin and for religious, therapeutic, and cultural affirmation purposes. Resolution number 836 INC indicates the protection of the traditional use of Ayahuasca.

Ayahuasca’s sacred ritual character seeks to differentiate it from western usage.

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