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The archetype of Solar Origin is one of the oldest languages in the world. The Quechua language of the Inca Empire today is still spoken in South America: Peru, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Colombia (in the Andes).


Are the ethnic groups that crossed the passing of years the Andes settling in North Peru (Chavin to 20,000 BC), in the Central Peru Guitarreros man 7000 years BC) in Callejon de Huaylas, penetrated the coast forming the Paracas (700 BC), Nazca culture (AD 200 years) in Ica (Pre-Incas Cultures), in the Southern Highlands: The Markawaylla (1000 years BC in Cusco.) human settlements Chawaytiri, Qhorqa (5000 BC), Qotakalli (400 years AD) Chanapata (AD 600 years), K’illi (700 AD) and Lucre (year 900 AD).

The Proto-Quechua language correlates with the real Quechua, both linguistically and grammatically; dialect is proximity.

Proto-Quechua, the most important were: Huayhuash, Huampuy, and Yungay in the North Coast and Sierra; Chinchay in the Central Coast and the Proto-Quechua Cusqueño in the Southern Highlands.


In Willkamayu and Watanay valley Cusco (the Sacred Valley of the Incas), were established the real Quechuan people (a person who spoke the Inca language) before the Incas arrival were the ethical groups: Ayamarka, Lares, Poqes, and Wallas, Sawasiras, Kopalimaytas, and others, for the years 1100 BC to 900 AD.


The Inkas came with the Quechuan people (same family): Maskas, Maras, and Chikes Tanpus from the Watanay Valley (Cusco’s valley), and they founded Qosqo (Spiritual Capital of the Incas) by the year 1,100 AD, they brought the Quechua Language but merged with the Cusqueñian Quechua, then born Quechua called: Qhapaq Simi; language from the high scientific and literary quality that drove the ruling elite, simultaneously Quechua did call: Runa Simi that is was used to masses. These two varieties, also called Cusqueñian Quechua Inca Civilizing, were out to conquer the Andean world and came to constitute the great empire of Tawantinsuyu (the four regions of the Sun).

Inkas Empire Expansion

During five hundred years, the Incas and all ethnic groups merged to form the great Sun Empire; within five hundred years. One hundred years were glory thanks to the unifying expansion of the great Inca ruler Pachacuteq (Ninth Inca), coming to expand the most extreme points of the Andes. In all those places was established Yachay wasi (house of knowledge with great scientific language teachers Runa Simi).


Until 1532 it was the official language of the Tawantinsuyu. On December 31, 1958, with Law 13059, the Peruvian Academy of the Quechua Language did create based in Cusco – Peru, a decree issued by Manuel Prado, President. On May 27, 1975, Law 21156 was formalized at the same level as the Castilian (Spanish Language) by the revolutionary government of General. Juan Velasco Alvarado. On June 19, what was created in 1990, Law 25260, The Major Academy of the Quechua Language based on Law 13059 located in Cusco, was signed by the current president Alan Garcia Pérez.

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