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Information About Sacred Valley

Information About The Sacred Valley

The Sacred Valley, with Cusco, was the center of the Inca universe; its climate, excellent lands, Urubamba River that crosses it for 100 km, different altitudes, and ecological floors created the conditions for this valley to be the food from the pantry. And the resting place of the Inca court.

Pleasant climate; we are between 2700 and 2900 meters above sea level. The landscape is flat; there are different ecological levels, from the sacred snow to the valleys surrounded by vegetation and corn. Here the famous giant white corn of the Urubamba (Paraqay) grows.


The Sacred Valley is the largest concentration of archaeological sites in Peru; there are more than 350 places, some monumental and less known as the cave paintings of Chahuaytire, at the heights of Pisac. Along the Vilcanota River banks or Urubamba banks, as it does call from Pisaq, you can find towns founded by Spaniards who seem detained in time and numerous Inca buildings such as temples and forts, palaces, religious centers, terraces, and urban. Centers and aqueduct systems are easily accessible since only a short walk does need to access them, while others require, due to the distance, to walk for a few hours on the trails that leave the mountains.

The best of the valley can imply seen walking along the Inca Trail, which for days traverses hills, valleys, and forests to reach the Puerta del Sol and observe, from there, one of the unique ecosystems in the world, the habitat of the rocks and the spectacled bear. The forest of clouds holds between its trees and mosses the Citadel of Machu Picchu.

The impressive mountain range on both sides of the river intertwines the region’s fertile valleys at 43 kilometers.

The Sacred Valley of the Incas is one of the main tourist attractions of the Andean region due to its impressive landscape. Its exceptional snow, pleasant climate, fertile lands with abundant water, megalithic cultural evidence, and diverse possibilities for the practice of the adventure trip. It is accessed from the city of Cusco by road or rail.


Among the main places to visit is Pisaq, its colorful fair, and Calca, with its thermal waters. Yucay with its Inca palace. Urubamba with its natural beauty and adventure sports; Ollantaytambo with its majestic fortress; Chinchero with its market in which barter is still practiced; Maras with its famous salt or salt mines; Moray with its admirable system of concentric andenerías; etc.

The Sacred Valley is one of the leading destinations for outdoor experiences. You will find Maras and Moray the best routes for mountain biking; you can also cross them walking or riding. The Vilcanota River allows the practice of canoeing from the Chuquicahuana canyon to Ollantaytambo.

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