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Cusco Tourist Ticket 2023

Cusco Tourist Ticket: what is it, and how to buy it?

Buying the Cusco Tourist Ticket is one of the best ways to save money when visiting the Inca capital. In this post, I will tell you everything about it, from what it is to how much it costs or where to buy it.

What is the Cusco Tourist Ticket?

The Cusco Tourist Ticket is a pass that allows you to visit 16 archaeological sites and museums to see Cusco and its surroundings. Besides being very convenient, it is the only way to visit all the places it gives access to since you cannot buy tickets for each of them separately.

The places included in the Cusco Tourist Ticket are the following:

Cusco Archaeological Sites:

  • Saqsaywaman
  • Qenqo
  • Puca Pucara
  • Tambomachay

Archaeological sites around Cusco:

Museums and monuments:

  • Qoricancha Site Museum
  • Regional Historical Museum
  • Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Monument to the Inca Pachacuteq
  • Museum of Popular Art
  • Qosqo Native Art Center

Also, it would help if you kept in mind that the entrance to these places is not included in the most typical tours to do in Cusco, such as the visit to the main archaeological sites of the city or the excursion to the Sacred Valley. Therefore, if you are going to do any of these tours, it is better to have bought the Cusco Tourist Ticket in advance to be able to visit everything without problems.

Types of Cusco Tourist Ticket

There are several types of Tourist tickets, depending on the places you want to visit. Each one has a price and duration, and there is a distinction between domestic and foreign tourists, the latter being more expensive. I will tell you the details of each of them below.

Integral Ticket

The integral Cusco Tourist Ticket is the complete pass, allowing you to visit the 16 places included (all those listed in the previous section). It is valid for ten days, so it is perfect for taking your trip to Cusco quickly.

The price for Peruvian tourists is 70 soles, while for foreigners, it is 130 Soles. Students can benefit from a discount and get it for 40 soles (nationals) or 70 soles (foreigners).

Partial ticket – Saqsaywaman

If you plan to stay only in the city of Cusco during your trip, you may be more interested in the partial Tourist Ticket to visit the main archaeological sites of the city.

This ticket includes entrance fees to Saqsaywaman, Qenqo, Puka Pukara, and Tambomachay, which are 4 of the places visited on the most popular Cusco tour. In fact, in this case, it is only valid for 01-day because it allows you to visit these places with the excursion. The price for Peruvians is 40 soles and for foreigners, 70 soles.

Partial ticket – City of Cusco

Within the city of Cusco, there is another Tourist Ticket for museums. It gives you access to the museums and archaeological sites in the southern zone, so you may be interested if you have already visited the other places on a previous trip. This pass is valid for two days.

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