The Viewpoint of Taray & Town Information

Published on: 20 de June de 2018 -

Taray is a district of the province of Calca in Cusco. This district was created in 1964 when it was in charge of the presidency, Fernando Belaunde Terry. Taray is an attractive district for the visitor because of the beautiful countryside and a chain of hills that make the stage an Eden on earth.

Among the tourist attractions that the visitor can find in the district of Taray are recognized places like the South American Camelids Theme Park, also called Awanakancha. Awanakancha park, as its name indicates, exposes its territory to species of Camelidae such as vicunas, llamas, and alpacas; Concerning these animals, the said plant also promotes the manufacture of textile products made from the wool of these specimens. The space covered by the Theme Park also offers the traveler the opportunity to know and observe different terraces built in the territory.

In addition to natural spaces such as the previous one, in the district of Taray, the traveler will also find specific archaeological sites, as is the Maukataray Archaeological Group. Maukataray is an Inca legacy located on the road that connects this district with Pisac; The predominance of rectangular structures characterizes the constructions of Maukataray. In the same way, they form part of the whole, systems of andenerías.

And if the traveler wants to get a great view from the Taray district, you can approach the Mirador Pisac or towards Mirador de Taray. The Pisac is lower than the other and allows travelers to have a great view of the Vilcanota River and the surrounding area. The Taray, on the other hand, gives the visitor the possibility of observing part of the Sacred Valley as well as the archaeological Group of Pisac and the so-called “Ñusta de Pisac.”

Suppose the visitor goes to Taray to know the religious structures that are in it. In that case, it is possible to visit the Temple of Santa María Magdalena de Taray, a design that dates from century XVIII. An essential collection of Colonial religious paintings and sculptures. Because of its historical value and the collection of religious art it owns, this temple is today part of the Nation’s Cultural Patrimony. What grated this quality in 2005.

The district of Taray is an exciting place to know; moreover, if you are inclined to experiential tourism. Those people can go to Taray on important dates, where they will be able to share with the people of this district the enthusiasm and the heat that characterizes them, mainly in their celebrations patronales. The festival does celebrate in honor of the Virgin of the Rosary (between the 7th and 9th of October). Other important dates for the district are celebrating the carnival and Christmas, where the Child’s Adoration does celebrate.

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