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Peru Rainbow Mountain Hike the BEST new Trek

The Rainbow Mountain Hike, or Vinicunca, is a mountain in Cusco that has become one of the most visited tourist attractions in recent years. Its colors stand out in the landscape, resulting from a geological formation accumulated over time by the mixture of marine, lake, and river elements.

The discovery of its colors is due to the melting of the glaciers that used to cover the mountain and that received snow constantly until the beginning of the nineties.

The Vinicunca became a popular destination just five years ago thanks to the people who practiced trekking and mountaineering, who were amazed by its colors when they passed through the area. Thus, numerous photographs went viral on social networks, generating thousands of people planning to visit them.


It is necessary that before climbing the mountain of Colors or Vinicunca, which has an altitude of 5,200 meters, you consider the following recommendations to avoid the dreaded ‘altitude sickness’ that is usually the main complication for many tourists.

1. Avoid carrying excess weight. It is advisable to take a backpack or small bag to bring what you need (water, alcohol, or some candy).

Dress warmly. Do not trust the sun; use sunscreen and something to cover your head, like hats or caps. The shoes should be trekking shoes to avoid falls and don’t forget some gloves so that your hands don’t freeze.

3. Visit the mountain a few days after your arrival in Cusco. It is better to acclimatize before visiting Vinicunca, so your body will be prepared and you will not suffer from soroche.

4. If it is the first time you have visited this mountain, it is better to do it with a tourist agency. This way, you will have a specialized guide who will accompany you on your tour, provide you with information about the place, and, above all, be attentive to help you if you need it.

Most tours cover round-trip transportation, a guide to the mountain, and a breakfast/lunch buffet. Prices vary between 60 and 100 soles. Make sure it is a formal agency with recommendations -on social networks or with friends- and will give you a receipt for their service.

5. If you want to see the mountain completely clear, as it appears in the photos on the internet. It is advisable to visit it in the dry season – around May and September-.

6. There are different routes, the first one used was the one from Pitumarca, which lasted from 6 to 8 hours round trip, but it wasn’t straightforward because it required good physical condition. A couple of years ago, a route that leaves from Cusipata and lasts between 03 and 04 hours round trip was made available, making it the best option to reach the top of the mountain.

7. From Cusco to Cusipata, the trip takes 2 hours and a half. Sometimes, the tours make some stops before arriving to show you some tourist sites.

8. If you want to visit the mountain, but the ascent is too tiring for you, you can use the service of a horse or motorcycle that has an average cost of 50 soles and leaves you very close to the top.

9. Once at the top, you may encounter many tourists. Try to keep the necessary distance and wait to avoid crowds. There are usually some queues in many areas to take pictures. Be patient and wait your turn.

We hope these recommendations will help you if you are planning your next trip to the mountain of colors. Have a good trip!

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