Information of the Valley of Lares Cusco

Published on: 21 de June de 2018 -

Lares is the name of a small village in the north of Cusco, starting in the Sacred Valley (in Huarán), where you will see thatched stone houses surrounded by alpacas, communities, where you can appreciate the art and textiles that do preserve in these places.

The road in the Lares trek to Machu Picchu is moderate compared to the Inca Trail. You have breathtaking panoramic views of different snow-capped mountains and beautiful lagoons, small waterfalls, and later an original Inca stone path.

When you reach the Pachacuteq pass at 4500 m, you will have beautiful views of the snowy peaks of Pitusiray (5750m.) And Chicon (5500m.).

This Lares Valley does highly recommended. You will see beautiful landscapes and meet people typical of the area who still maintain their customs and have a final destination, the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu.

When you go to the Lares Valley, you are impressed because this trip is fantastic for the eyes. Its mountains, landscape, ravines, spectacular sky, people, and clothes, particularly one, are astounded.

The Lares Valley does locate in the Sacred Valley; on the way to Machu Picchu, making a detour in the town of Calca, in Calca, one can stop to buy supplies. You can also taste a delicious breakfast in the primary market of the village of Calca, and it is advisable to leave early.

Lares has allowed maintaining the hue of its Andean people. However, it is not too far from the Sacred Valley; If you do the Lares trek, it is usually four days, including Machupicchu.

The thermal baths of Lares are medicinal and relaxing, characterized by their yellowish color, it does not know precisely where the thermal waters come from, but they ARE very hygienic. The pools are built of stones to maintain cleanliness at the height of the visitor.

Hot Springs in Lares

The district of Lares does locate in the province of Calca in the department of Cusco, a small town that still retains its traditions and customs.

The Hot Springs of Lares is located about 300 meters from the village of Lares in a northerly direction, can be accessed by paved tracks, by tourist bus, minibus, taxi, horse, etc.

The thermal baths do locate at 3250 altitudes, a tourist attraction very visited by foreign tourists, people of the locality, and national and regional.

There are 06 (six) spacious pools at different temperatures between 36º and 44ºC that you can choose to relax peacefully.

The Lares road allows, in addition to experiential tourism and archaeological remains, access to thermo-medicinal waters and beautiful photographic shoots of the fertile valley. Who can do the Lares trek in Cusco at any time of the year? However, it does recommend avoiding the months from November to April, when there is a rainy season and may even snow; If hiking does do during this time, the degree of difficulty of the route increases considerably.

  • Activity: Walk.
  • City: Calca.
  • Region: Cusco.
  • Province: Calca.
  • District: Lares.

Activities in the Thermal Baths

The activities you can do in the surroundings of the thermal baths are:

  • Camping
  • Excursions
  • Taking pictures and filming nature (flora)
  • Hiking – Trekking


  • Topic
  • Lodging House – Tents can also denote assembled
  • Food / Beverage Kiosks – Snacks
  • Sanitary facilities

We recommend Bring:

  • Original passport for the respective controls
  • Carry your Student Card (if you are a student)
  • Swimsuit, to enter the swimming pools
  • Sleeping bag
  • Purifying tablets for water.
  • Walking shoes.
  • Personal grooming tools.
  • Photographic camera.
  • Batteries for the camera.
  • Sunblock and repellents.
  • Hat or cap.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Plastic poncho.
  • 01 liter of water for the first day.
  • Extra money for unforeseen expenses.
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