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Most people in the contemporary world love to travel. Visiting tourist sites to see nature, including animals, plants or vegetation, valleys, rivers, and other bodies of water as well as hills and mountains, is one of the best experiences. However, this activity needs to be supported by professionals, and for that very reason, we have our experienced tour guides.

Our guides have extensive knowledge of how to deal with animals and the general appearance of the place. They have considerable knowledge of the cultural heritage of the area being visited and know how to make you have an unforgettable trip, besides being amazing photographers. They know the best places to get the best photo at the best time.

Kondor Path Tours guides are 100% local. They are from different towns and communities in the Cusco Region. They have been in the profession for a good number of years which means they know everything about the site. Therefore, our client can learn a lot throughout the walking excursion or travel tour with the help of an experienced guide.

Our tour guides have graduated in Tourism and have passed tests to guide along the treks like the classic Inca Trail, Salkantay trek, Ausangate Trek, and Lares Trek, to mention a few.

All of them will guide your group from start to finish. The whole trip will be together with your guides. Each group has a guide, and if there are more than eight people, there will be two tour guides. They are in charge of the group from hotel pick up to drop off.

They speak both English and Spanish and are there to respond to your needs on the spot. Quechua is their primary language, and they will be happy to help translate your words to the porters and teach you some of our ancient languages.

Odon Perez Quispe

Adventure, Hiking, Atvs and Traditional Guide

Alfredo Loayza Santa Cruz

Adventure, Traditional, Bike & Jungle Guide

Boneth Carrion Miranda

Day Tours & Day Hikes Guide

Genrri Salazar

Adventure Hiking Trail Guide

Joyce Cervantes Ayma

Adventure Hiking Trails and Traditional Guide

Huber Huillca D

Adventure, Traditional & photographic tours Guide

Heberth Choquehuanca Jara

Adventure, Traditional, Biking, & Inca Hidden Tours Guide

Edgar Huaman Dominguez

Machu Picchu Resident Tour Guide

Yaneth Perez Muñoz

Machu Picchu Resident Tour Guide

Mary Isabel

Machu Picchu & Cusco Resident Tour Guide

Leonardo Aviles

Cook for the Inca Trail & Alternatives Hiking Trails

Andres Huaman

Cook for the Inca Trail & Alternatives Hiking Trail

Juan DE Dios Huaraka Pacco

Cook for the Inca Trail & Alternatives Hiking Trails

Amaru Gustavo Cornejo C

The spiritual master of mystical ceremonies & Ayahuasca & Wachuma

Raul Artemio Soto Torres

Resident guide of Lake Titicaca, Tiwanaku & Colca Canyon Arequipa

Demetrio Serrano Velasque

Local muleteer from Cachora for treks to Choquequirao

Hermenegildo Laime Condori

Tour guide for short and long walks & bike tours.

Jimi Frank Estrada Farfan

Adventure, Biking, & Motorized Motorcycle Tours Guide

Jorge Sanchez

Tour guide of the Inca Trail, Alternative treks & archaeological tours

Simon Puma

Tour guide of the Inca Trail, Alternative treks & archaeological tours

Jersino Vera Ccollatupa

Machu Resident Tour Guide

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