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The Inca Trail covers 39 kilometers in 4 days to Machu Picchu. The tour already includes what is necessary to support the weight of the trekking days. However, the tourist must bring extra luggage to ease the importance of the route, such as personal items, batteries, rehydrating water, a sleeping bag, a camera, and more.

Our tents

Our spacious tents are 4-season tents for three people. Each tent does use for two people. This adventure tent has plenty of room to spread out comfortably and store your backpacks; they also include a vestibule in the front, giving you extra outdoor space to store your shoes and trekking poles.

Dining Tents

  • The dining tents are spacious, with enough room to set up a table to eat your meals in comfort and warmth.
  • The tent’s height, exceptional ventilation, and mosquito nets are more than 1.80 meters high.

Tables and Chairs

  1. Comfortable and sturdy folding tables and benches are brought to the campsites and assembled in the dining tent.
  2. We use the dining tent as our dining room, allowing us to sit, relax and chat before and after our meals. Because it is round in shape, it keeps the heat inside, so on a cold day, you will be warm.

Our mattresses

We provide comfortable foam mattresses to separate and insulate you from the floor. We used to have the air mattress, but sometimes it deflates, and you will sleep in the group. After walking for 8 hours, you need a good rest.

Our sleeping bag

We provide you with mountain sleeping bags that are usable at -15° C / 5° F.

Kitchen Tent

Properly equipped tent for hygienic food preparation, spacious and ventilated

Our trekking poles

  • We provide you with Black diamond trekking poles. They will help you a lot when going downhill, especially on day 3 of the Inca Trail.
  • What will return the Inca Trail camping equipment to Cusco on day 4? Yes.
  • Camping (double tent) provided on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd nights.
  • The Inca Trail trek does include extra porterage. Our porters will carry your clothes, sleeping (5 kg per person). You will need to take only your backpack: camera, water bottle, snacks, cold weather, and a poncho in case of rain (unlikely in the dry season from May to October), but as a precaution.


  • It is vital to take EXTRA MONEY. You need to carry at least 200-300 soles of emergency money:
  • The local people built small markets on the route, and you can find water, snacks, chocolate, etc.
  • Your first breakfast and the last lunch do not include.
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