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Type of Trains to Machu Picchu

Type Trains Machu Picchu

To know the Inca city of Machupicchu, one must be at least one day before departure from the town of Cusco to 1200 km located southeast of Lima (Peru). The most common way to travel to Machu Picchu is by train, which is an unforgettable experience. The companies that operate the routes are Peru Rail and Inca Rail; Both use Poroy stations, 25 minutes from Cusco, and Ollantaytambo station, 1 hour and a half from Cusco; They offer different types of service depending on the train. The travel time to the final station of Aguas Calientes (or Machu Picchu Pueblo) is around 4 hours from the Poroy station and 1 hour and a half from the Ollantaytambo station.

Type Trains Machu Picchu

TYPES OF TRAIN TO MACHUPICCHU: Peru Rail and Inca Rail are two companies performing this service.
– Peru Rail: Expedition, Vistadome and Hiram Bingham
– Inca Rail: The Voyager, The 360 ​​°, The FirstClass, and The Private.



Our train to Machu Picchu PeruRail Vistadome offers a different way to travel to the citadel. The carriages have panoramic windows on the walls and ceilings, allowing you to connect with the outside world. The PeruRail Vistadome train approaches the landscapes of the route to Machu Picchu uniquely, making passengers feel part of the nature surrounding them.

One-way trip: While you enjoy the beauty on our train to Machu Picchu, the background music will surround you so that the journey is pleasant and sensory. In addition, explanatory audio will describe the most relevant places on the route to the citadel.

Return trip: On the return route from Machu Picchu to Cusco, you will experience the Andean culture up close through the music and beautiful dance of the region and a fashion show on board that will show you an exclusive collection of clothing for baby alpacas. With the latest trends that you can buy if you want.

The trip includes a snack based on Andean ingredients to live the PERU experience on the way to or from Machu Picchu.


If you want to live the adventure of your trip from Cusco to Machu Picchu at a lower cost, the PeruRail Expedition train is ideal for what you are looking for. This tourist service has all the comforts on board and a decoration inspired by the Inca culture.

In addition, you will have a highly trained staff who will assist you during the trip. In addition, you can enjoy the On-Board Sales service, where you will find a wide variety of top-quality products.


Have you ever dreamed of traveling through the Peruvian Andes on a train inspired by the exclusive Pullman wagons of the 1920s? The Belmond Hiram Bingham train makes it possible. It turns a magical trip into an unforgettable experience with a personalized service that takes care of even the smallest detail of the trip.

Travel to Machu Picchu on the exclusive and luxurious Belmond Hiram Bingham train and enjoy the sophisticated dining car, the bar car, and the observatory car, from where you can enjoy the outdoors, the excellent route, in the company of a Peruvian cocktail, and shows. Live music venues.

Start your experience with a welcome cocktail. Once the tour begins, the maitre d ‘will invite you to enjoy a gourmet lunch with Peruvian cuisine. And if your trip is round, you will enjoy a gastronomic dinner. In both cases, you can accompany it with hot and cold drinks and an excellent selection of wines.

To the rhythm of the Peruvian Cajon and tambourines, and throughout the tour, a unique show will accompany you with typical and international music, framing what will be an unforgettable trip to the citadel of Machu Picchu – Aguas Calientes.



This service is for those passengers looking for comfort and relaxation in mind. The cars have 42 people and have comfortable seats with tables in front and panoramic windows that allow them to enjoy the incredible landscape throughout the journey.

During the journey, passengers will enjoy relaxing background music. They will choose from delicious hot and cold drinks with exotic flavors and Andean ingredients.


Experience a unique way to travel to Machu Picchu, exploring the Andean landscape like never before with taller and wider panoramic windows and an outdoor self-observatory, including a bar. The only train in Peru with an on-board- entertainment application will allow you to learn more about the train journey of the Inca civilization.

Enjoy our delicious selection of hot and cold drinks, prepared with Andean fruit and herb juices, and our organic gourmet delicacies made with products from the Sacred Valley, surrounding uniquely.

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