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Tips for Traveling to Peru Pregnant

Being pregnant does not impede enjoying travel to Peru. Still, you must know a series of tips and recommendations to travel, this way, you will not endanger your health or your future baby, and you can travel pregnant without a significant problem.


Yes, you can travel while pregnant. The best time is in the second trimester, between week 12 and week 28, always depending on the particular situation of each woman and what your gynecologist considers.

Traveling from the 34th week of pregnancy is not recommended since, during that period, you need to rest a lot and move less; however, your doctor should consider whether you can finally travel.

It is vital that if you travel pregnant from the seventh month, you carry all the documentation on the evolution of the pregnancy.


If you are a pregnant traveler, these general tips may be handy:

  • Wear comfortable clothing throughout the trip.
  • Place the seat belt below the belly.
  • Drink lots of fluids, especially if you travel to warm areas.
  • Avoid carrying luggage or heavy objects.
  • Get up and walk for a few minutes or move your legs during the trip.
  • Try to travel accompanied.
  • But above all, consult your doctor before traveling and ask for a travel permit.
  • Depending on the means of transport you will travel with the pregnant, you should consider some recommendations or others.

Tips for Traveling to Peru Pregnant

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