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Things You Can not Do in Cusco

About the city of Cusco, we will show you the best information. In both our supplement and our website, you will read the routes we traveled and the advice we will gladly give you, but for now, while you are planning your next trip, we present you with a list of what NOT to do.

When you travel to Peru, many tourist possibilities open up for you. You will find history, culture, adventure, landscape richness, exquisite gastronomy, and unique craftsmanship; these are just some of the possibilities offered by our land. Here are some suggestions, or we could say the main ones:

Cusco is known as the historical capital of Peru (the present prosperity is the city of Lima) and does declare in its constitution.

Cusco, Cusco (as they call it the Peruvians), or Qosqo (southern Quechua), struggles as a sign of national identity and dissociation from the Spanish colonizing past.

The Spaniards adorned the ancient capital of the Inca empire with palaces, squares, and churches to turn it into the central tourist city of Peru. This number of monuments has led it to be known as the “Rome of America,” and perhaps, for this reason, it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1983.

Take note. Cusco waits for you.

1. Things You Can not Do in Cusco  – You should not sleep early

Things You Can not Do in Cusco.- You have come to the capital of the country’s nightlife, so be prepared to enjoy it until dawn. There are options for all tastes. If you prefer bars, the Pisco Museum, the Republic of Pisco, the Cholos Craft Beers, or the Norton Rat’s Tavern are for you (especially for your previous ones). Then we suggest you go to Ukukus to see a local music show (hopefully there will be huaynos for zapatees) or Fallen Angel if you like electronic music.

2. Do not miss a charge

Things You Can not Do in Cusco.- Peru has more than three thousand religious festivals, and Cusco is home to many. There are some festivals during most of the year, although the most visited are Corpus Christi (June) and the Virgen del Carmen de Paucartambo (in July). The popular positions realize celebrations through devotion, much food and beer, and a butler-like host. Music never fails because the orchestras (so-called ‘caperos’) always play.

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3. Do not avoid the local food

Things You Can not Do in Cusco.-  Although the local gastronomy is not as abundant as, for example, Arequipeña, there are flavors very typical of the city. First: the corn tamale that has been selling the family of Mrs. Josefina Ramírez for 80 years in the Portal de Brees de la Plaza de Armas. Or the bread kicks (some people call it pizza because of their vast size) you can buy at the San Pedro Market. In the picanterías, you will find the key to the oven, the fried ribs, the qapchi of mushrooms, and the frutillada and chicha de jora.

peruvian Traditional Food

Peruvian Traditional Food

4. Do not put aside new flavors

Things You Can not Do in Cusco.-  It also takes to give your palate around the world. In Cusco, there is food (like people) from everywhere. The wood-fired pizzas are great from South Korea, Turkey, and Italy (the wood-fired pizzas are great). You will also see restaurants with modern gastronomic proposals, such as Kion, a recently opened chifa, Baco, or the chain Cusco Restaurants.

5. Do not stay alone in the city

Things You Can not Do in Cusco.-  That your trip is not only a weekend or a few days. Make long routes and, preferably, trekking. The paths to Machu Picchu (the Inca Trail), Choquequirao, and Salkantay are the most surprising and challenging. Not only will you learn from history, and you will challenge yourself, but you will also connect profoundly with nature.

Can do in Cusco - Machu Picchu Tours

Can do in Cusco – Machu Picchu Tours

6. Do not carry much luggage

Things You Can not Do in Cusco.-  Although the climate changes are constant (there is sunshine and then rain, especially at this time), you don’t need to wear so many garments. A thick coat and a raincoat are enough. Going light will give you the freedom to take new directions when you are there. For example, from the city, you can go for one day to the Sacred Valley (from Písac to Ollantaytambo) or the South Valley (from Tipón to Andahuaylillas).

Can do in Cusco

I can do it in Cusco

7. Do not come back without a craft

Things You Can not Do in Cusco.-  You have to go home with something that shows the local culture. Písac’s fabrics or clothes are very colorful, although there are also markets in the same city (the largest one does locate on Tullumayu street). And you also have as an option the teachers of the neighborhood of San Blas. The Mendívil and Mérida families keep their art in the area. Another alternative is the Tater Vera shop-shop.

8. Do not always stay in hotels

Things You Can not Do in Cusco.-  Cusco hostels are not just places to sleep. They always have activities, and the best thing is that you can meet people from different parts of the world.

What would be your contribution to this list?

Located in the heart of the Andes, this city became under the government of the Inca Pachacutec in a complex urban center with differentiated religious and administrative functions. Its surrounding area did divide into areas delimited for agricultural, artisanal, and manufacturing production. The conquistadors retained their structure but built churches and palaces on the ruins of the temples and monuments of the Inca city.

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