Recommendations for the Salkantay Trail

Published on: 21 de June de 2018 -

If you are thinking of traveling to Salkantay, here are some recommendations that you need to know.

When would you travel to Salkantay?

The best time to do this Salkantay is in the dry season, that is, between May and October. The most recommended month is May, as everything is still green after the rains. On the other hand, the coldest month is June.

What to take to the Inca Trail Salkantay?

The clothes should be suitable for trekking in a mountainous climate, with heat during the day and very cold at night. To keep the clothes, bring three bags to keep clean clothes separate from dirty. Do not forget the toiletries for four days of trekking, such as towels, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, toilet paper, etc. Bring any medicines you need for a headache or altitude sickness, as well as bandages for wounds or blisters. It is essential to have a flashlight with batteries, especially for the last day, because we will wake up at 4:00 am. If you want to visit some communities, it would be a nice gesture to bring pencils, colors, pens, notebooks, or books that you would like to donate. Be sure to get a good camera with the charged battery and sunglasses, a cap, and sunscreen.

How to avoid altitude sickness?

Before starting the Salkantay, it is vital to acclimatize, arriving in Cusco 2 or 3 days in advance. The pills for soroche or altitude sickness also help and are very used by tourists. It is necessary to take enough water to hydrate the body, especially with a mate of coca. It is important to eat light the foods that are easy to digest, such as soups, vegetables, and carbohydrates that do not fry. Sleep as much as you can, and you will feel much better. Keep your body warm, and do not forget to eat before you feel hungry, drink before you feel thirsty, shelter yourself before you feel cold, and rest before you feel exhausted.

Throughout the journey, you will travel with experienced guides and trained to assist you in any situation. Ask all the questions you need to ask to be prepared and have the best trekking experience in Salkantay!

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