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Rainbow Mountains in Cusco Weather

Nature has inexplicable quirks. On a few occasions, he strives to show us beauty and almost artistic sensibility. And when this happens, places like Rainbow Mountain appear, and the colors of geology create a masterpiece.

The best time to make the rainbow mountain trek full day is from April to December, the dry season. In August, there is snow on some days of the month. The period from January to March is quite rainy; not only is it unpleasant to walk on a path that turns into mud, but also because of the slipperiness of the path.

Synthesis of the weather forecast in the rainbow mountain

  • Mid-April: there is some drizzle.
  • May, June, and July: the best time of the year for the presence of the sun almost every day.
  • August: gusts of wind and snow on some days of the month.
  • September: Sunny and cloudy days.
  • October to November: Andean summer, sunny days.
  • December: There are sunny days, but there are some rainy days.
  • January: the rains officially begin in the Andes.
  • February-March: Rainiest season.

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