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Ideal for travelers seeking to know the culture of Cusco, at the Qosqo Native Art Center, founded in 1924, different musical and folk dance performances are held every day of the week from other districts and communities of Cusco.

In the different shows, the spectator will appreciate the typical costumes of Cusco and the musical instruments, which do also exposed in the museum.

The Qosqo Center for Native Art is the first group of music and folk dances in Peru, declared by the provincial municipality of Cusco as a Cultural Heritage of Cusco. This non-profit civil association comprises 70 artists, 50 hops, and a hundred local musicians.

The different dances can be appreciated as carnival, ritual, agricultural, warrior, etc. Examples: Checamarka Dance, Catcca Carnival, Ink Carnival, Sonconacuy, Cusqueño Carnival, and others.

The Qosqo Native Art Center is located in Cusco and has participated in national and international festivals, participating in Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, the United States, Canada, and France.

In Cusco, the citizen manifests his patriotic and religious feelings through music, dances, clothes, colors, meals, etc. At the Qosqo Native Art Center, students from different universities and colleges exhibit their art, viewed yearly by hundreds of spectators.

Presentations: From Monday to Monday from 19.00 to 20.30hs.

Phone: +51 84 227901.

Mail: centroqosqo@hotmail.com

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