Preparation for the Inca Trail Trek

We are happy that you have decided to fulfill one of your dreams that few hikers worldwide achieve: to make that legendary journey, walk the Inca Trail for four days to the Inca citadel of Machu-Picchu.

Kondor Path tours offer you these 05 tips before doing the Inca Trail, thinking it should be an unforgettable experience for all the good things you will live. Therefore, we want to leave you here with these simple and practical tips so that nothing interferes with your goal.

Book in advance

Once you have decided, do not let yourself be with the reservations: flights, accommodation, or group outings to do the Camino Inca. Thousands of people around the world seek this route. There is usually a lot of demand at almost any time.

Inca Trail Availability

Acclimatization for the Inca Trail

For several days you will be at a high altitude above sea level. Your body needs to acclimatize slowly to avoid annoying altitude sickness.

It is advisable to stay in the city of Cusco for at least 02 days before the trek to acclimatize properly. You can not change the date of the Inca Trail, and the absence is not refundable, so you must take precautions to be in the place indicated on the start date.

Appropriate clothing and footwear for the Inca Trail

The weather in the Andean zone can suffer abrupt changes. The sun can be pretty intense, but the temperature can drop once it hides behind a cloud. It is essential to bring a coat for the night as the cold can be harmful.

It is vital to wear the shoes you will use for the hike, covering your ankles to maintain better stability. It is necessary because your shoes must withstand 8 hours a day of walking, and the terrain is often tricky and slippery. Another essential tip is not to use new shoes, which can cause injuries to the foot because they do not adapt to their owner; after a few days of use, these will be better adapted to your foot.

Carry walking sticks

Walking poles will help you a lot during the whole Inca Trail. If you do not have practice with them, you will soon become friends with your walking sticks. They will help you advance safely and comfortably, unloading part of your weight and giving you stability. You can also buy them in Ollantaytambo.

Inca Trail regulations

Essential items to bring on the Inca Trail

Drinking the water from the springs, as you will see during the Inca Trail, is not advisable. Bring your thermos or canteen mineral water, which you can buy in the towns.

Be sure to bring insect repellent, a flashlight, sunscreen, and extra batteries for your devices. And, just in case, check all the necessary international vaccinations.

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