Perolniyoc Waterfall Cusco

Perolniyoc Waterfall Cusco

Perolniyoc or Racaypata is a waterfall of almost 100 meters in height in the farmhouse of Rayan in the only part of a rocky flowering that forms the fall of water.0 Around this attraction can also imply observing the incredible variety of species of flora such as sauco, queuña, Chachacoma, etc. It is worth mentioning the unique beauty of the waterfall due to its height and the existence of an Archaeological complex called Perolniyoc. This beautiful waterfall stands located in the province of Ollantaytambo; on the journey, you can see beautiful landscapes.

The water of the Perolniyoc Waterfall has a drop of approximately one hundred meters. With a very peculiar characteristic, a thin veil is formed in its fall that seems to release flashes in the distance, united with the sun’s rays.

Trails through the Perolniyoc Falls

The Perolniyoc Waterfall is part of trekking tours set to several places in the area, but we can organize a nice trip quickly if you want to visit it. To arrive at Machu Picchu, you start our Kondor Path trip from Cusco to the community of Socma (this route can be done by car or by hiking). Once in Socma, you must make the rest of the trip on foot, for which It does advise that you should ask for directions from residents of the area. This route to the waterfall will last at least half an hour.

Geographic Location

The Perolniyoc waterfall does locate in the district of Ollantaytambo, in the province of Urubamba.

  • Cusco Region.
  • Province Urubamba
  • District Ollantaytambo
  • Latitude -13.3103
  • Longitude -72.2617
  • Altitude 3460 m.


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