Pallay Punchu in Layo, All you need to know hike 2023

Pallay Puncho, New Rainbow Mountain

The Pallay Punchu Mountain or Pallay Poncho in Layo, or Apu T’akllo Apacheta, located in the Layo district in Cusco, is the new tourist attraction of Cusco as of 2020. Cusco would add its third mountain of colors, an Unmissable place you should know.

Location and altitude of Pallay Poncho

Pallay Punchu mountain does locate in the Layo district, Canas Province, Cusco, at about 4,700 m.a.s.l. The arrival time is approximately 03 hours, leaving from the city of Cusco.

Weather in Pallay Poncho

The climate, as in the entire Andes, is quite variable. The atmosphere is quite similar to that of Rainbow Mountain  (Vinicunca). You may experience a lot of cold and strong winds.

During the day it is very sunny and in the afternoons a lot of cold wind, a wind that burns and a single one that does not seem to heat anything.

Best time to go to the Pallay Poncho

The best time to go and get to know this place is in the dry season of Cusco. Between May to October

Why is the Pallay Poncho Mountain a new tourist attraction in Cusco?

Also known as Pallay Punchu del Apu Tákllo Apacheta differs from Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain because it has sharper mountains; you can also appreciate the largest lagoon in Cusco (Langui), which makes it a unique and incredible place.

How to get to Pallay Poncho Mountain?

Like any destination in Cusco, this is far from the city, a few hours away; the best way to get there is on our Pallay Poncho tour. From Canas town: The distance is 5.3 km, and from there, it is a walk of 02 hours to about 04 hours, depending on your physical condition.

Since it is a new tourist destination, there is not much influx of travelers, so it is better to hire our corresponding tour.

Recommendations for the hike

  • Acclimatization 02 to 03 days in the city of Cusco
  • Good physical condition to reach the top of the mountain of Pallay Punchu.
  • Trekking pole.
  • Bring and wear sunglasses with UV protection, a hat or cap, and strong sunscreen.
  • Wear hiking shoes.
  • Light warm clothing, such as gloves, scarves, chullos, etc
  • Carry water and drink constantly; you need to be hydrated.

For whom is this tour recommended?

It is ideal for hikers, adventurers, and lovers of nature and landscapes. The recommended age is from 12 years to 50.

Photo Gallery Pallay Poncho

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