Locations of the San Blas Temple in Cusco

The original chapel of San Blas did build in 1562 in the city of Cusco. After the earthquake of March 31, 1650, it became one of the most important temples and was denoted decorated with great works of art.

The neighborhood does locate on the same site as the old Inca neighborhood of T’oqokachi. Its architecture is of corridors shape with a Latin cross plant, a simple facade, and a belfry. It keeps inside a rich pictorial collection where the Cuzco author Fabián Pérez de Medina stands out on the life and miracles of San Blas, bishop martyr.

In this monument, some artistic values, such as a canvas of the resurrection of Lázaro, etc.

Cost of the entrance (Partial, only to this museum):

  • Adult: S / 15 (Nuevos Soles)
  • Student: S / 7.50 (Nuevos Soles)
  • Hours: Monday to Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The Cathedral of San Blas is part of the Archbishop’s Religious Circuit. This circuit shows the visitor the splendor of the vice-royal Cusco and Peruvian world. A privileged exhibition of Cuzco art composed of architecture, painting, sculpture, carving, and music, combining the most diverse styles from the third decade of the sixteenth century, starting from the transition style, then the mannerism to travel through the tenebrism, The baroque, the rococo and ending with the neoclassical.

These magnificent works of art, guarded inside the most important religious monuments of Cusco, were carried out by European, indigenous, and mestizo masters. They reflect the encounter and clash of two cultures, their symbiosis, a fusion of ideas, and a double codification of values.

The museums of the religious circuit are The Cathedral of Cusco, Jesus Company Temple, Religious Art Museum, and San Blas Temple.

The fee to access all the museums that make up the circuit:

  • Adults: S / 50.00 (Nuevos Soles)
  • Student: S / 25.00 (Nuevos Soles)
  • Domicile to buy the ticket: Room of the Holy Inquisition, Plaza de Armas, Cusco.
  • Email: kondorpathtours@gmail.com

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